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Thorpe Park have released their updated ticket prices for the 2015 season. For the first time in a number of seasons the resort now offers peak and off-peak saving, enabling guests to receive discounts for visiting during quieter periods of the season.    Peak entry (Holidays and weekends) to the resort on the day is now priced at £59.99, although can be purchased at half that price online for £29.99, Off-Peak entry is priced at £49.99, with online prices from &pou...

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Tue 3rd Mar


Wed 4th Mar


Thu 5th Mar


Fri 6th Mar


Sat 7th Mar


10:00 - 16:00

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£30 is still quite expensive for a day at a theme park of thorpe's standard - good value if it's quiet, but on a busy day i wouldn't be happy with paying that, and it is definitely too much for half price.   whilst i see what they are trying...
February Half Term 2015
They didn't have enough staff for 2 trains. They would have needed another staff member to be on offloading. I don't think they really needed a 2nd train on. After all as thorpe once told me not running the second trains saves the environment. 
Nemesis Inferno
It's about continuity of a theme or a brand. Trust me, far more people notice than you realise. Because you've got sod all to do in a queue rather than notice these details. And it's the lack of details and care which instantly affects the vfm fee...
Summer Nights
Would bet money it's union j, again. Thorpe seem to have a bit of a fixation with them, they've played there more than once if i'm right? And visit a lot. And aren't very popular. Union j have been doing gigs at westfield the last couple of years,...
The Swarm
the swarm area does still look good for what it is, but for an area that has been jet washed, the station chewing gum and graffiti is still something to be desired. Yeah i noticed this as well, chewing gum in the restraints and the trains were f...
Park Music
30+ new songs   i demand a playlist...
Jobs At Thorpe Park!
Just been offered a position in the rides department! So happy anyone else who applied and was successful got an induction day and training day next week?
Opening Times
At the risk of being battered here, i agree with tpjames, and would suggest that during summer nights, they could probably have a foam party or similar on neptune's beach. I also think they should re-invent the rangers/park mascots as that alone w...

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