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2019 Fright Nights - Full Look

Posted By Josh

Following today's earlier announcement of this year's new maze, Thorpe Park finished off announcing the rest of this year's new attractions, giving us a full look at this year's Fright Nights event. We take a look at these attractions in a bit more detail..



Creek Freak Massacre

Promising to be the park's most extreme maze, Creek Freak Massacre takes place in Loggers Leap's old station and undercover queue line area. This repurposes a space which currently isn't being used, and already has a good story to spin from: we discover an old sawmill, closed down many years ago due to a series of brutal murders. However, a deranged family of lumberjacks lie in wait, and they can't wait to meet (or rather, meat!) us. Expect lots of chainsaws!

What else do we know?

The queue line for the maze will be the rest of Loggers Leap's queue, which previously was used by Platform 15. We expect Platform's queue line will be use temporary fencing around the Old Town area.


Terror at Amity High - High School Sucks

Terror at Amity High was an experience last year: vampires roamed around the Stealth plaza area. But these vampires were teenagers, who had just graduated high school and were celebrating. A weird mash of scary and funny that worked well with the American styling. This year, the vampires are back, but this time with a show in the same area that will be performed every 20 minutes. Details of the show are unknown at the moment.

And returning this year:


Platform 15, Blair Witch and Containment

Platform 15 and Blair, two of the resort's predominantly outdoor experiences, are back this year. Platform 15 struggled in it's first year, but felt completely transformed in its second year following the addition of the village section half way through. And Blair Witch certainly provides a creepy atmosphere. Also, Containment returns for its 5th season!

What else do we know?

Work is currently taking place around the exit of Platform 15 suggesting that a reinvented ending is going to take place this year. Keep an eye on our social media channels for photos!

We believe that, this year, Blair Witch will be returning to having its full route - starting in Old Town and finishing by Nemesis Inferno's exit. Last year, the maze was about half its original length, with the first half being used by Dead Creek Woods.


The Walking Dead

And, of course, The Walking Dead is still invading the island. Both Living Nightmare and Do or Die return; the former is a 'greatest hits' of the show; showcasing different scenes from Seasons 1-7 of the show, whilst Do or Die takes inspiration from the highly popular Terminus arc of the series, where we're chased both by zombies and cannibals! 

What else do we know?

AMC sign off on every Walking Dead experience before it opens. This means that both mazes have to get their seal of approve before opening, which means that high standard have to be kept at all times!


And the rest...

Fright Nights also sees the return of the Screamplexx Cinema experience, and we expect there will be a few actors roaming the park ready to surprise us! Not returning this year are: Vulcan Peak, Dead Creek Woods, The Big Top: Showtime and Saw Alive. We definitely think that last year's event suffered from 'quantity over quality' syndrome, so hopefully the reduced numbers can lead to an increase in quality. However, it is a shame to see Saw Alive, a staple attraction of Fright Nights for 9 seasons, finally make way.


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