News 8/07/2016

Derren Brown's Ghost Train Officialy Opens

Posted By Josh

After years of planning and construction, months of testing and weeks of rehersals, Derren Brown's Ghost Train is now fully open at Thorpe Park!

 For the past few days, the attraction had been open for 'Technical Rehersals' to the public, whereby the park opened the doors of the Ghost Train, but weren't able to guarantee for how long, and had the right to close the attraction at any time.  During these rehersals, the journies on the train were largely well received by guests and enthusiasts alike, and the screams of guests were lefting echoing in the giant, custom-made warehouse that holds the train.  Today was the first time the attraction opened fully to the public, and at one point was stating a 200 minute queue - once again proving that the Ghost Train is creating a big buzz amongst all Thorpe-goers.

Derren Brown's Ghost Train blends together virtual reality, live action, grand illusion, 4D special effects and a physical transit to blur the lines between reality and fiction.  How exactly it does this we will not reveal, as Derren does ask us to keep everything a secret.  However, we suggest you keep an eye out for our (spoiler-free!) review coming very soon...

Derren comments:  

“I’m thrilled that the ghost train is finally launching to the public and everyone will be able to experience what I’ve been working on behind the scenes over the last three years. 

 “This has been one of the biggest challenges I’ve undertaken, but without doubt the most enjoyable. I can’t wait to see the public’s reaction after unleashing this wonderfully twisted experience for the world to enjoy.    

“From training the actors to shovelling coal under the suspended Ghost Train, this experience with the team at Merlin Magic Making and Thorpe Park has been a perpetual delight. 

Until then, all aboard...and mind the gap!


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