News 23/02/2020

Closed Season February 2020 Update

Posted By Marc

The 2020 season is rapidly approaching with the start of the season being just over 4 weeks away now, this means there’s plenty of activity going on across the resort as it prepares to welcome guests for the year. We took a trip to the resort to look around to see if we could spot any works going on.

Over at Rumba Rapids the boats are all lined up along the back of the park whist the ride receives its closed season maintenance, on the Rumba Rapids control booth new speakers are in place, carrying on from the work at the back end of the 2019 season to improve the audio around the ride.


A bit further up over at Nemesis Inferno there’s plenty of work taking place, the exit path seems to be receiving lots of work with scaffolding surrounding most of path out the back and down out of the station. A couple of the Inferno supports have also been painted where last year there was evidence of the paint flaking away.


Over in Old Town, Creek Freak Massacre and its signage all remains in place, The Rocky Express has been de-constructed and parts are scattered around the area awaiting its re-construction over the next few weeks. Further round towards the front of the park, the entrance bridge has scaffolding around one of its arches. We could also see over the lake the Tidal Wave Drop has received lots of work, possibly with the wood which forms the drop being replaced.


We didn’t spot any sign of works in the Car Park just yet which is set to receive an upgrade soon with ANPR being installed to improve the exit process.


Make sure to check back soon for more news as we get closer to the 2020 season!


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