Angry Birds Update and More

With the Thorpe Shark Hotel opening and construction progress on the new Angry Birds Land it’s been a busy week at the resort - here’s a roundup of all the latest news!

Angry Birds Land

Work has continued on the new Angry Birds land, the painting of the buildings in their new colours is almost complete with parts of theming starting to be applied to them. Work on the future Dodgems site has not seen much change although the old Water Balloon hut has been painted and a new fence has been erected around the old Bashing Beam game

Thorpe Shark Hotel

Construction work on the Thorpe Shark Hotel has progressed over the last week since its opening on Friday 4th April. The Shark feature is starting to take shape and further theming has been added to the reception. With the majority of the nights being sell outs it seems to be a hit with the general public – Check out what we thought here!

New Brand Rollout Continues

The resorts all new branding continues to be rolled out across the theme park. The Hideaway has appeared replacing the old Showcase in Ranger County. New signage has also gone up across the park inviting guests to leave feedback on their day and adverts for the parks new event known as “The Big Easter”.

Nemesis Inferno Effects Repaired

Nemesis Inferno has seen its volcano mist and lighting effects fully repaired over the past week. Over the past few years the notoriously unreliable effects have been on and off over the seasons. It looks like some serious work has gone into getting them back operational and they are looking just as good as they did back when the ride opened in 2003!

Amity Fish and Chips Complete and new Hydration Stations

The new Amity Fish and Chips unit replacing the Stealth Diner has now been completed with theming to help it fit in with its surroundings and is looking much better. New Hydration Stations for capsule cleaning and refilling have also opened near Rush and Tidal wave.


Unfortunately Slammer is yet to open – although it has been regularly testing over the past week with weighted water dummies. 

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Entrance Improvement Plans

Today, Thorpe Park have submitted plans for a new LED board and large vinyl posters to be placed above the turnstiles when entering the park.

The large LED board, which will be provided ADI, who also provide such boards for large football clubs like Cardiff City, will be placed where the current 'Welcome' sign is. It will show a mixture of adverts about the park's attractions, special events and so forth. Measuring at 6.5m long and 3.6m high, it will be big! The vinyl posters will display upcoming park events and will likely change on a monthly basis.

It is hoped that this will help to improve the experience when entering / waiting to enter the park, as well as further advertise upcoming events and attractions coming to the park soon.

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Thorpe Shark Hotel Opens

Thorpe Park Resorts all new Thorpe Shark Hotel has now opened its doors to the general public. The hotel, which will have up to 90 rooms upon its completion is a follow on from The Crash Pad, which was operated by Snooze-Box in the 2013 Season.

Thorpe Shark Hotel is now totally operated by the park, meaning they were able to make a number of improvements both in the rooms and the general running of the hotel.

We were lucky enough to try out the hotel on its first night open to the public – Check out our full review here.

Prices start from £39.99 per person, for more information check out

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Construction Updates

The park has been a busy place over the past few days, with the lead up to Thorpe Shark Hotel and Angry Bird’s land work continuing we have a round up of all the news from the park  over the past few days. 

Thorpe Shark Hotel

Work has progressed on the hotel, more rooms being installed over the week. Work on the Shark Feature has continued and Signage has been installed in preparation for its opening on Friday 4th April. Staff previews have taken place over the past few nights to ensure all runs smoothly for the first guests on Friday, this has given us a chance to get a sneak peak of the new rooms. They look much the same as the Crash Pad rooms but now include a huge feature wall with the “Island like no other” concept art keeping in with the Shark Theme.



Amity Fish and Chips

After opening not quite finished last week work has been carried out on the new Amity Fish and Chips food unit at Amity Speedway, both the interior and exterior have had theming adding to help it fit in with its Stealthy surroundings!

Angry Birds land

The painting of the buildings around the new Angry Birds Land has  continued over the last few days and looks almost complete. Work on the new Bumper Cars site has progressed in preparation for their arrival and work has been continuing in the 4D cinema

Slammer Update

We have many questions regarding Slammers reopening – unfortunately whilst we have no update on when Slammer will reopen, we can report it has been undergoing many tests over the past few days with the load of Water dummy’s, we will update you when we have more on when it will reopen to the public. 

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Shark Feature Planning Application

Today, Thorpe Park have submitted plans to the local council for the construction of the 'shark feature' of the Thorpe Shark Hotel, which will serve as an entrance to the hotel itself.

The Shark will have 'roller coaster track'-shaped ribs. Also, the shark will look like it's been made from scrap metal, which could possibly look like signs from the park itself. This hopefully means that the Shark will look like the original concept art planned, which was first seen on the park's official Facebook page.

The shark has been designed with Scruffy Dog Ltd, who were also the company responsible for My Bloody Valentine's theming last Fright Nights. The structure itself is going to be a big marketing push as well as a fantastic photo opportunity for guests!

The Shark Hotel opens on Friday (4th April) and the shark feature is due to be completed in May.

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Shark Hotel Construction Update

Progress has been made on the all new Thorpe Shark Hotel – Due to open its doors this Friday 4th for its first guests. The second row of ground floor rooms have been installed over the last few days, with the second story to be added in due course.

The frame work for the main Shark Feature is also taking shape, due to be complete in May, The Shark will provide a unique entrance experience to the hotel. The Reception building has been themed and signage has been added.

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Stealth to be part of Angry Birds Land

April fools 2014: We are pleased to confirm that Stealth – Thorpe Park Resorts signature attraction is set to receive a re-theme for the 2015 season. Stealth which is currently themed to “Amity Cove” is set to become part of the all new Angry Bird’s land, in response to enthusiast feedback that the ride will be cut off from the rest of Amity Cove, when the all new Angry Birds land opens in May 2014.  

The ride will be known as “Chuck's Speedy Getaway” Themed around the games yellow bird known for its ability to speed through objects at ease.

We expect the ride to operate as normal for the rest of the 2014 and reopen with its new theme for March 2015.

A spokesman from Thorpe Park Resort commented “Thorpe Park are excited to be continuing the exciting Angry Birds theme across the park to more of our attractions, Stealth being themed to the Yellow Bird known as Chuck is a no-brainer and we are excited of the theming possibility’s this could bring”

Don't worry! It was just an April fools! There are no plans for Stealth to be Re-Themed, not that we know about anyway!

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Weekly Roundup

The 2014 season is now well under-way but that don’t mean the park hasn’t been a busy place with plenty going on, here’s a recap of the latest news from the resort over the last week.

New Units open

Both the all new Amity Fish and Chips and Stealth’s new ride exit shop located at the Stealth Plaza have now opened, the Stealth Shop has been fully themed to fit in with its surroundings selling a range of Stealth branded merchandise.  Amity Fish and Chips which has moved to the Stealth area for this year is also now open, whilst the building’s exterior don’t look quite finished the inside has been finished well and even has its own radio station WTPR Radio to  fit in with its new surroundings! An all new Coffee shop has also opened replacing the former Calypso Pancakes.

Work Continues on Thorpe Shark Hotel

Work has continued on the new Thorpe Shark Hotel, although the Shark Feature  is not due to be installed until May. The hotel, which opens next week, has seen much progress on its construction, with a number of new rooms being installed. The new reception has been themed and the frame for the Shark feature has been installed.  Check back once the hotel has opened for our full review!

Park Host Wardley Event

The park has held an event hosted by John Wardley, the man behind some of Thorpe Parks, Alton Towers and Chessingtons most famous attractions. The event gave enthusiasts a chance to not only to meet the man his self but also have all their questions answered giving a real insight to not only Thorpe Park, but the entire industry as a whole.  A group from Thorpe Park Mania attended would like to thank the park for arranging a fantastic event!  Check back soon for a recap of what was said and a video from the event. 

Slammer Testing

Slammer, which has been closed since July of last year has been testing over the last few days and now has water dummy’s in its seats to perform tests with the weight of passengers, whilst there is no news on when it will reopen,  its continued testing can only be a good sign. 

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The Big Easter

As the excitement begins to grow for the all new Angry Birds land set to open at the resort in May 2014, Thorpe Park have today announced plans for an all new Easter event this year "THE BIG EASTER"

Carrying on with the Angry Birds theme guests will have the opportunity to solve the clues and track down the Angry Birds Characters hiding across the resort to win one of 20,000 Easter Eggs and a selection of other great prizes including Annual Passes and front row seats to the firs showing of the new Angry Birds 4D experience opening in May this year.

If that’s not enough, Brainiac Live! Will be on park with explosive performances daring to brave the things you really shouldn’t try at home!

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2014 Preview Days Underway

Thorpe Park has given us a glimpse of what’s coming up for 2014 along with a sneak preview of the work so far on the all new Angry Birds land set to open in May 2014.

 All the buildings around the future Angry Birds land have been given a lick of paint in a fresh and bright color scheme, boards have been erected around both the old Pirates 4D building soon to be Angry Birds – The 4D Experience and the new site for the Dodgems.  The large concrete base, which will house the Dodgems, is now down and set ready for their installation. Detonator ‘s sign has also been replaced in preparation for its Re-Theme when the area opens.

 Across the park there are a number of noticeable changes, Theming on both Nemesis Inferno and Saw – The Ride have been worked on and repaired. X has also had work carried out on it over the winter period following its re-theme last year, with a all new lighting show and music on the ride, Desperado’s Mexican Cantina has had a new extension and work is being carried out on the new Amity Fish and Chips which has replaced the Stealth Diner.

Reserve n Ride – Thorpe Parks new virtual queuing system was also under test once again with a new look fitting in with the parks new brand, this was running on both Stealth and Nemesis Inferno. 

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New Brand Unveiled

As winter draws to an end and the days start to get longer its not long until the Closed Season is over. The THORPE PARK Resort, as it will now be branded, will be opening their gates this coming weekend for an exclusive Annual Pass Preview Event giving us a sneak peak at what is to come for the season ahead.

Alongside their work on the upcoming Angry Birds Land, which is planned to open in May 2014, and the "Thorpe Shark Hotel" the park have been busy totally rebuilding their brand and image. Gone are the much despised "Fat Heads" and in is a new, more professional and premium brand which hopes to position the park with the often more affluent family audience.

We can see the return of the popular Ministry of Sound events (Rides and Vibes) with currently 6 nights already in the pipeline. Alongside this for music lovers is an extensive line-up of musical acts, planned to take place every Saturday throughout the summer with plenty of emerging talent playing live at the park. We also see the return of other popular events including Fright Nights in October and late night openings on selected "Summer Nights".

Annual Passes are heavily promoted on both in-park and other marketing materials to support a new pricing structure encouraging visitors to upgrade to a years entry to the park. This strategy has been used and proven popular at other US theme parks, but will it prove attractive to the UK audience? We guess only time will tell.

Check out more of the images (including the back of the map) in our gallery below. We will keep you up to date on what is going on at the park as the season progresses, also don't forget to check back for more updates over the weekend.

Love the new map? Hate the new map? Head over to the forums to have your say!

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THORPE PARK have today announced their all new hotel opening in April 2014, "THORPE SHARK Hotel". Following the success of last seasons Crash Pad, THORPE SHARK Hotel will feature an additional 40 rooms taking the total to 90.

In addition to their new Shark theme, the rooms will now also feature a new TV Entertainment package including an Angry Birds app and On-Demand Movie service with the change to enjoy some legendary shark themed movies. The rooms come fully equipped with Air-Con, WiFi and changeable mood lighting.

Construction is well underway with most of the rooms now in place we expect to see the theming elements of the Shark to start taking place soon. 

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Angry Birds Fly into THORPE PARK

Thorpe Park have today announced plans for a newly re-themed area opening in 2014. The new area is set to be themed around the popular smartphone game "Angry Birds" and will include 2 rides including bumper cars ride and an all-new Angry Birds 4D movie in the old Time Voyagers theatre.

The new land is due to open in May 2014 

Press Release from THORPE PARK:

“An amazing new Angry Birds themed land is preparing to nest this Spring at THORPE PARK Resort, promising a world first must see experience for families, and fans of all ages of the feathered flocks and piggy characters made famous by Rovio Entertainment Ltd, creators of one of the world’s most exciting and iconic digital games’ franchises. 


Bringing the Angry Birds world alive, THORPE PARK Resort will premiere the world’s first Angry Birds 4D animation experience. This will form the unique centerpiece of a totally new fully themed land at the Surrey based theme park and only 10 miles from Greater London.  The new land also features the much loved Angry Birds characters coming home to roost on Detonator – the Resort’s 100ft rapid drop tower ride - while ‘Red Bird’ and the ‘Bad Piggies’ go bump to bump on a brand new dodgems attraction, alongside themed retail and catering outlets.  


The all-new 10 minute animated film Angry Birds 4D experience – jointly developed by Rovio and top 4D animators 3DBA - will be a fully immersive attraction, capturing the fun, colourful and delightful world of the birds and pigs incorporating high impact special effects in movie theatre surroundings.


Jason Wills, THORPE PARK Resort Marketing Director, commented, “We are hugely excited about bringing Angry Birds to THORPE PARK Resort.  It has fast established itself as a modern day icon of our times, and we can’t wait to see the reaction of families up and down the country. We hope this new collaboration will surprise and delight our visitors as much as any of our world-class coasters.”


Rovio’s Director of Location Based Entertainment Dan Mitchell said, “It’s great to be teaming up with THORPE PARK Resort, and we hope this will be just the first of many projects together.  We are continuously looking to create amazing experiences for our fans by finding new ways to bring our characters from the digital world to the physical world.  Having the game jump out of the screen and come to life around you is going to be incredible and we’re confident that this partnership will bring that amazing experience to life.”


With over 25 rides and attractions to enjoy, families and friends can also laugh louder, scream longer and experience THORPE PARK Resort’s world-class coasters* including THE SWARM, the UK’s first winged rollercoaster, which guests can now brave backwards, Stealth, one of Europe’s fastest and tallest rollercoasters, Colossus, a ten loop rollercoaster and Nemesis Inferno, a feet-free, legs-dangling coaster experience, as well as SAW – The Ride.”

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2014 Season Information

Already a month into the Closed Season, we are pleased to reveal some of the plans which the park has for the 2014 season.

The Crash Pad will be leaving the park and in its place there will be a new waterfront hotel planned to open in April  2014. The rooms will similar to the Crash Pad but with small differences, some of which we covered earlier in the year here. Bookings are set to open very soon.

The popular Ministry of Sound Club Nights will also return with 6 dates confirmed – 12th April, 10th May, 7th June, 5th July, 27th September and the final one on the 8th November.

Summer Nights are also set to return with an improved line up of dates – planned for every Friday and Saturday night from the 11th July to the 30th August. Summer Nights proved popular among enthusiasts with the park being much quieter than usual giving a chance to get those ride counts up!

Tickets for both the park and events are set to go on sale online from next week.

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Park Confirm Slammer Return

Thorpe Park have confirmed over the past few days on the Thorpe Park Mania forums and various social media channels that Slammer will reopen to the public  for the 2014 Season. After another prolonged closure during the 2013 season there was much speculation as to when or even if Slammer would reopen. 

Slammer is now the only S&S SkySwat in the world following Six Flags New England removing theirs at the start of 2013.

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Closed Season November 2013

We are only 2 weeks into the long closed season but Thorpe Parks engineering team have been hard at work getting the rides ready for the 2014 season. Each winter all the parks rides are fully stripped down as part of their extensive winter maintenance program to ensure they run both reliably and safely throughout the year.

Below you can see some of this extensive work in progress seeing some of the rides as you've never seen them before!

Thanks to Thorpe Park for the update!

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New VIP Packages

Thorpe Park have recently announced their brand new VIP packages on offer for the ultimate thrillseeker. If you've ever wanted to climb up a ride's lift hill, or discover what happens behind the scenes at a Theme Park then this is certainly for you. There are a wide range of packages on offer to guests, ranging from lift hill walks to a butler service at any of the food outlets at the park.

Two of the most intriguing experiences on offer are the Lift Hill Walk and the Backstage Tour. You can choose between Nemesis Inferno, Colossus or The Swarm's lift hill to climb up and observe the view. They may not be Mt Everest, but the panorama view of the park will be fantastic, (you may even see Wembley Arch and Windsor Castle in the background!). The Backstage Tour allows you to go behind the scenes at the park and have a tour of what happens behind closed doors at the park.

As the official fansite, Thorpe Park Mania are delighted to be able to offer our members a special 2 for 1 offer on the Lift Hill Walk and Backstage Tour. Check the forums for further details!

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Park Closes for 2013

Thorpe Park has now closed after what has been a very exciting 2013 season. It all started a little backwards on Swarm where guests were dared to 'Brave it Backwards' on the new for 2012 coaster: The Swarm! Thorpe Park reversed the back 2 rows of the ride to give it a refreshing experience. X:/ No Way Out got quite the opposite treatment, as all it's cars were turned forwards. X:/No Way Out had been given a new lease of life with the 'ride it on a wave of light and sound' tagline. The cars had all been turned forward, lasers and a special light-show were used along with smoke machines and a pulsating soundtrack to make X a cult ride between some guests!

Other areas of the parks had been improved, including their lineup of events on offer. The Ministry of Sound nights where a massive success this year with the majority of them selling out. Each night had it's own theme from 90s to Ibiza anthems, mixed with a selection of rides available; this was an event not to be missed. Other events had been brought back such as SunScream. New for 2013 was the Summer Nights events which enabled guests to stay at the park afterhours to ride a selection of rides late into the night. This proved a massive success and was enjoyed by a lot of guests. It all ended with Fright Nights this year with a twist from the masters of horror: Lionsgate. Only Asylum was kept from previous years and added to it was a number of mazes with horror film themes. Thorpe Park also offered some more extreme experiences such as the Brave It Alone experience in the mazes as well as the Blair Witch overnight stay. Thorpe Park proved that the UK can hold extreme horror events succcesfully and you don't have to go to America for the top events!

Well what a year it's been for Thorpe Park and we cannot wait to get back to visit next year. A big round of applause is due for Thorpe Park from us as we have all had such an excellent year with them.

Thorpe Park opens it's gates on March 20th next year, see you there!

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Thorpe Park Make Asylum Statement

Over the past few days Thorpe Park has been the target of much criticism regarding its Asylum Fright Night maze, with Mental Health Campaigners calling for the maze to be closed down and claim it stigmatizes mental illness.

Thorpe Park have been quick to respond in defense of the attraction with the following statement:

“We have listened to the feedback and respect the opinions of everyone who has been in touch. 

However, these comments are not universally representative either of many of our guests who have given us very positive feedback, or of others working within the mental health sector.

This is primarily a matter of context. Unlike the other examples given (Tesco and Asda), the maze is not something you might happen upon when out shopping. It is set within a single closed environment and is a very small element of an event aimed at adult visitors – all of whom chose to visit, and have paid for entry to the overall event.

This maze is also in its 8th year of operation and is an obviously extreme and simulated experience which draws on classic horror film content. It is not intended, nor is it deemed to be by those who have actually experienced it, to be in any way offensive or to be a realistic portrayal of a mental health or indeed any other institution."

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Merlin Plan Floatation

Merlin Entertainments, the operator of Thorpe Park, has officially announced its plans of floating on the London Stock Exchange, planned to go ahead from next month. An email signed from Nick Varney, Merlins Chief Executive Officer was sent to Merlin Annual Pass holders yesterday stating the following:

“We are writing to you as a Merlin Annual Passholder and valued customer to let you know of some exciting news about Merlin Entertainments.”

“Today we have announced that Merlin Entertainments is proposing to float on the London Stock Exchange.”

“The proposed change in the Group's status from a private company to a publicly listed company will not affect your rights as a holder of a Merlin Annual Pass. You will still be able to visit all of Merlin Entertainments' iconic UK attractions with your current pass. “

“If you would like to obtain more information and potentially buy shares in the flotation you should contact your stockbroker or share dealing provider or, if you do not have one, further information can be found at”

“We hope that you'll agree that these are exciting times for Merlin Entertainments and we believe that this development will help us to provide even more memorable experiences and attractions for our customers. “

Those interested in investing must pledge at least £1,000, In return you will get 30% off your Merlin Annual pass. 

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Fright Nights 2013 Underway

This week end marks the start of what’s dubbed “The UK’s Premier Halloween event” as Thorpe Park launch their biggest FRIGHT NIGHT event to date! Teaming up with Lionsgate, Thorpe Park have launched 3 all new horror attractions including Cabin In the Woods, My Bloody Valentine and The Blair Witch Project walk through.  The Asylum also returns with small changes throughout the attraction improving the experience!


Check back soon for a full review of the event with pictures from across the park! 

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Thorpe Park 2013 App

Today Thorpe Park released their new mobile phone up for iOS users, with Android users expecting to see the arrival within the next couple of days. The new app contains new features to help guest’s co-ordinate their day better. 


The Features:

  • Exhilarating Ride descriptions with photos, restrictions + more
  • GPS co-ordination mapping lets you have a 'sat-nav' like experience to your next ride or even shop!
  • Updated  Q-Time feature to stay one step ahead of the crowds
  • Keep up to date with offers around the park
  • Information on food, drink and more,
  • Keep up to date with all the upcoming events at the park,
  • Tickets have never been so easy to purchase with a direct link from the app.

Not only that, you can take part in the THORPE PARK Challenge, the ultimate challenge for you and your mates. Just simply tick a ride off when you've completed and challenge your friends!

The app is available free of charge from the ITunes App Store, and will be available from Play Store for Android users in due course.

Here's a link to the ITunes App Store for the THORPE PARK app:

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Brave It Alone

It's Friday the 13th! That must mean some exciting news from THORPE PARK, Thorpe Park Mania can exclusively announce 'Brave It Alone'. An exciting new addition to 2013's top horror event!

Guests will be able to test their wits and take fear to the next level with this exciting development, for just £15* you can experience one of the most terrifying attractions brought to the UK alone. Yes, that's right, completely alone. Nobody, but you, to brave the darkness and make it to the end...

Alongside this, you will have a VIP champagne** reception party afterwards. The 'Brave It Alone' experience will be after park hours adding to the eerie silences of the light-less corridors, from 10pm-10:30pm.

*Earlybird special, prices will inflate after a certain period of times. Limited spaces available. This is a first come first serve basis.

** Champagne for 18 years and older only. T&C's apply.

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Fright Nights 2013 Teasers

With less than a month to go until the UK's most gruesome event to date takes place, THORPE PARK have begun revealing more about the mazes identities. Starting this evening with The Cabin In The Woods, we know that a new element of fear will be subjected to victims by forcing them to decide their fate. 

With multiple routes they could take, guests must make a brave decision to guarentee their well-being. The darkness will play tricks on your mind, ''You find The Cabin Woods control rool, but who's in charge?' is another teasing hint towards one of the possible outcomes. But choose wisely...

Whilst THORPE PARK are realeasing individual information each day, they have left us with a secret ending, a 6th slot to fill the line up, but what will be inside? Stay Tuned.


We will bring you information about the individual maze when it comes! For now, keep up to date at

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Fright Nights 2013 Annual Pass Preview

The Merlin Annual Pass team officially annouced a Fright Nights preview evening for all the Annual Pass holders.You can experience some of the most terrifying attractions brought to you by the twisted minds of Lionsgate before anyone else! If you are an Annual Pass holder you can attend this preview night on Friday 4th October from 6:30 - 10pm. 

The event, sheduled before the opening night on the 5th of October, is strictly pre-book only, with a limited amount of spaces. In order for you to guarentee your spot, you must pre-book your ticket online in accordance with the T&C's of Annual Pass holders. You will be able to pre-book your exclusive ticket from EventBrite from 6:30pm on Friday 13th September. Please note, this is a first come first serve basis, so make sure you book your tickets as soon as possible!


Book your tickets here: 

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THORPE PARK and LIONSGATE UK Presents Fright Night


After many months of speculation, THORPE PARK have finally announced their exciting plans for Fright Nights 2013 with the event having its biggest overhaul since its launch back in 2002!

Teaming up with Lionsgate UK, THORPE PARK will bring all new immersive live action horror attracions based on You're Next, the up coming must see summer horror movie, The Blair Witch Project, My Bloody Valentine and The Cabin in the Woods, not forgetting SAW, which opened back in 2010 just a year after SAW - THE RIDE.

Press release:

The Nation’s Thrill Capital, THORPE PARK has unveiled plans for its premier Halloween event, Fright Nights, which, for the first time, will be presented with Lionsgate UK – one of the world’s leading global entertainment companies.

The chilling and thrilling event, which will take place over selected weekends in October/November, and across October Half Term, will be the Park’s biggest in 12 years of scaring, and will present terrifyingly entertaining scare experiences based on some of Lionsgate UK’s most iconic and award-winning horror films.

Visitors will be able to experience immersive, live-action horror attractions based on You’re Next, the upcoming must see summer horror movie, being released in cinemas on 30 August 2013; cult classic The Blair Witch Project; the dark My Bloody Valentine 3D, the twisted The Cabin in the Woods and not forgetting the menacing SAW, already the inspiration for the world’s most terrifying rollercoaster and live action horror maze at the Park.

Jason Wills, THORPE PARK Marketing Director, commented, “We are hugely excited about this partnership with Lionsgate. Fright Nights promises to be horrifically immersive, yet entertaining. A team of specially-trained scare actors is being recruited to deliver what will undoubtedly be the UK’s premier Halloween event – near London, without the need to go to Florida”

Guy Avshalom, COO, Lionsgate UK, “We are delighted to be partnering with THORPE PARK particularly following the success of our collaboration on the world’s first horror movie themed rollercoaster SAW – The Ride and live action horror maze, SAW Alive. The mix of the Park’s world-class rollercoasters and our acclaimed horror films will be a surefire win with thrill seekers and horror fans alike”.

In addition to the live action horror attractions, visitors will be able to experience some of Europe’s most exhilarating rollercoasters in the dark. Visitors to Fright Nights will be able to face rides in the dark including THE SWARM, the UK’s first winged rollercoaster, which guests can now brave backwards, Stealth, one of Europe’s fastest and tallest rollercoasters, Colossus, a ten loop rollercoaster and Nemesis Inferno, a feet-free, legs-dangling coaster experience, as well as SAW – The Ride, all in the dead of night and all included, at no extra charge in the Park entry price.

Plus for the first time, guests will be able to ‘stay and scream’, in THORPE PARK’s new onsite accommodation, The Crash Pad, which opened this Spring.


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Reserve And Ride Trials

Imagine never having to wait in a queue line for a coaster at Thorpe Park again... Well this dream may soon become reality with Reserve n Ride, a all new system which The Swarm - Thorpe Parks B&M WingRider coaster is taking part in an exciting trail aimed to reduce the time spent in queue lines.... Well physical ones anyway! 

During this weeks trial, guests can simply use their smart phone, head to the the "Reserve n Ride" web app - select the time they would like to ride and join the virtual queue. Then your free to enjoy the rest of the park and when the countdown hits zero, head over to The Swarm and it's your turn! You may experience these trials starting today (19th August 2013) until the 25thAugust 2013 (excluding August 21st).

Don't worry, if you don't have a smart phone paper tickets are available from The Swarms plaza!

In a statement written by Thorpe Park:

"We're trialing a brand new system that allows our guests to book ride time for THE SWARM straight from their smartphones - meaning they're free to enjoy the rest of the Park instead of standing in a queue.  Running until this Sunday 25 August, these are early stage trials for the Park.  Registering through your Smartphone is the quickest way to ride but if you don't have one then fear not, just head to THE SWARM and we'll get you reserved the old skool way. For more info head to But, one day in the future we're hoping to turn THORPE PARK into a No Queue themepark.  How exciting is that!"


For more information including dates of trials, click the below link!

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Fright Nights 2013 Logo

As we start to learn more about THORPE PARKS 2013 Fright Night event, we are pleased to give you the first look at the new logo for the event!

As the park goes for a new look and feel for the event, the logo has been completely redesigned!

Thorpe Park have kindly requested you do not repost the logo on social media for now!

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Further Fright Night Details

As the nights start to slowly draw in we are get closer to THORPE PARKS highly anticipated 2013 Fright Night event we are excited to be able to reveal some exclusive new details regarding the event! 
Thorpe Park have exclusively confirmed to Thorpe Park Mania they plan to hold an exclusive annual pass holder event in early October exclusivly giving pass holders an opportunity to experience the parks frightening Fright Night before the event officially starts later in October, along with that the park will soon announce a selection of new dates extending the event further.
In some more welcome news from the park, in 2013 the mazes across the park will once again remain open till 22:00, rides will close between 21:00 and 22:00 depending on the demand.
Excited? We are! Let us know what you think on our forums and keep your eye on the site for more news as we get it!

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Summer Nights Return

THORPE PARK have exclusively confirmed to Thorpe Park Mania that Summer Nights, the new late night event for 2013 is set to be extended by a further 4 dates, currently the 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st August.

Summer Nights is an all new event for 2013 giving visitors a chance to experience the parks top coasters late into the night, ticket numbers are strictly limited which means there is little to no queuing on the parks top coasters!

Tickets are due to go on sale over the next few days.

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August Hours Extended

Thorpe Park have announced that opening hours during the month of August* are to be extended. The park is set to remain open till 9PM giving guests a chance to beat the traffic and chill in the sunshine in the beach, along with this a selection of rides will also remain open in what is being billed as the UK’s most epic beer garden!

Thorpe Park have informed us that the rides open will be the rides within close vicinity of Port Atlantis such as Vortex, Depth Charge and The Beach, as always rides are subject to availability.

There is no last entry time and Annual Pass holders are welcome to join in on the fun too!

*This excludes Summer Nights on Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd August and Ministry of Sound Club Night on Saturday 17th August.

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Fright Nights 2013 Hints

Thorpe Park have recently started their recruitment process for actors who perform in the parks Fright Night mazes over the Halloween period and have hinted there will be more than one new maze for this year’s event.

Could SAW - Alive be the only returning maze?

The advert calling for scare maze actors reads “From subjecting guests to total torture in SAW Alive to giving bone chilling frights in our all new terrifying mazes for 2013  – you’ll be making this Halloween one nightmare that our guests won’t want to wake up from.”

This suggests SAW Alive may be the only maze returning in its current form this year, and that we can expect to see new mazes on offer.

The park have revealed very little regarding Fright Nights 2013 but have already suggested a major shake up of the event in press releases stating “Forget everything you thought you knew about Fright Nights as a new age of live action entertainment is unveiled at the Nation’s Thrill Capital, THORPE PARK.”

 Of course we will keep you updated on any news as we get it from the park!

Why not head over to our forums and discuss what you would like to see for this year’s event Here!

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Ice Cream Showers at THORPE PARK

There is some strange weather forecast for the THORPE PARK this weekend as the park are set to make it SNOW, not only that the snow will be Edible Ice Cream! Located over at Stealth it looks set to snow over the summer weekend.

 What’s more Thorpe Park Mania were on park early yesterday morning riding Stealth during one of the showers!


Press Release:

This Summer THORPE PARK, is celebrating the unpredictable British climate with some very weird weather activity – edible ice cream showers. Over its Ice-Scream Weekend on Friday July 26 and Saturday July 27 it will literally snow delicious strawberry and vanilla ice cream and visitors can lap up as much as they want.

A Miss Cakehead concept, working with ice cream scientists from Creighton's, the Nation’s Thrill Capital will be serving up the world’s first edible ice cream snow which will rain down from the heavens at regular ntervals.

“The bonkers weather has been one of the biggest news stories of the year switching from the soggiest June in a hundred years to one of the hottest Wimbledon Final days,” commented Divisional Director Mike Vallis.  “We decided we’d mix it up even further by making it snow in summer – but not just any  snow, edible ice cream snow! If we can’t change our changeable weather we thought we may as well embrace it and give our guests a unique, totally off the wall experience.  Some serious science has gone into developing this crazy world first culinary treat and we can't wait to make it snow!”

Showers will be localised a stone’s throw away from the awesome 0-80 mph Stealth and guests will be alerted to an imminent flurry courtesy of a distinctive ice cream van jingle broadcast across the Park. In contrast to the rollercoaster’s rapid fire speed, gentle snow will descend slowly as guests grab a spoon or take shelter under giant waffle umbrellas.

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Summer Kicks Off

The sun is out and THORPE PARK are kicking off their Summer Advertising campaign TODAY! In an all new advert the park shows off a selection of its wettest family rides, perfect for the summer temperatures, and for those feeling a bit more daring the advert gives a glimpse of the parks more thrilling line up, Stealth and THE SWARM! 

The advert shows a clear change in the parks marketing strategy, with a much stronger focus on advertising the park to the much broader family market, rather than exclusively at thrill seekers as has been the case in the past few years.

Check out the new advert below and let us know what you think on our Forums!

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Summer Nights

Following a recent poll on Thorpe Park's official Facebook page asking if people would pay a small fee for late night rides on the park's top coasters, the park have now released details of a new event - "Summer Nights". The first of these exclusive events kicks off later this month on Friday 26th July!


Tickets start from just £16 if you're an Annual Pass holder, £18 for early bird and £20 is the standard price. Tickets are limited to ensure the rides will be quieter than normal giving you a chance to get your rides on the parks top coasters! The park will open its gates from 7:30 till 10:30pm and will open its 7 coasters: The Swarm, Stealth, Colossus, Nemesis Inferno, Saw The Ride, X and The Flying Fish.


The event will run on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th July and then again on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd August.

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Crash Pad v2

Thorpe Park have submitted plans to the local council to extend The Crash Pad's stay.

The original plans stated the park were going to keep The Crash Pad, supplied by the Snoozebox company, until the beginning of the 2016 season, by which time the Thorpe Park Hotel (which recently had its plans re-submitted with modified construction) was planned to be open. However, following troubles with the hotel's planning permission, construction suitability and finances, the new Hotel may not be ready until 2020 at the earliest. So, in response, the park has decided to extend The Crash Pad's stay until 2024, and add 50 new rooms - including some 2 and 3-bed rooms. Also, following independent troubles with Snoozebox themselves, the park will develop their own 'shipping container hotel', cutting all ties with Snoozebox as a company. The new Crash Pad will be built and themed by Thorpe themselves, which will hopefully help with revenue by cutting expenses to external companies.

 It is expected that the current Crash Pad, supplied by Snoozebox, will stay for the rest of the season, with 56 new rooms opening soon or for the 2014 season. The new Crash Pad supplied by Thorpe will open in 2014 for a 10 year period, or until the Thorpe Park Hotel planned for the CEMEX site is ready.

 The plans also state that the park's next roller coaster, the "2015 coaster" planned to open in either 2015 or 2016, is "unlikely" to be ready by the time the current MTDP ends (I.e. 2016), meaning the park's next roller coaster may not open until 2017.

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HB Leisure Accused of Rigging Games

THORPE PARK has started an investigation into HB Leisure Ltd, a third party company that deals with the sideshow games at the park.

Recently the TV show "Your Money Their Tricks" went undercover in THORPE PARK investigating the operations of sideshow stalls and games at the park.  They found that staff were encouraged to have made a certain amount of money before handing out prizes, wax bricks and surfaces making them harder to knock over, and give certain customers a different ball to use to increase the difficulty.  It also emerged that an HB Leisure senior manager was caught on camera admitting that employees were "increasing the difficulty level" for some customers.

THORPE PARK responded to the allegations by saying "We would never condone any activity on the park which was proven to mislead or in any way disadvantage our guests." as well as, "Given these games are operated by third party suppliers - as the programme makes clear - as soon as we were made aware of the allegations... we contacted them and began our own extensive investigation... This investigation is ongoing but if we find any evidence of malpractice we will take swift and appropriate action against both any individuals concerned and the supplier company."

HB Leisure Ltd also operate stalls at the other UK Merlin theme parks Alton Towers, Chessington, and Legoland.

A spokesperson for HB Leisure Ltd stated, "It is totally untrue to say that games are manipulated to make people lose."  

More responses can be read in the original article below.

The TV show 'Your Money Their Tricks' will be shown tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

Read the full article here.

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Hints at Longer Summer Hours

THORPE PARK have hinted on their official facebook page that they are considering extending their hours during the summer.

The question posted is "Picture this…the gates close for the day, but we’re not done yet! If THORPE PARK reopened exclusively for late night summer riding on our top six coasters for a strictly limited number of guests at a bargain price…would you come?" The overwhelming response from fans is a clear "YES! Sounds amazing!" which can only be good for the chances of extended hours. 

The park often extends open hours on the day depending on how busy the park is, they also host late night ride sessons on their popular Ministry of Sound nights with the parks main coasters being open from 9pm till 11pm. Back in 2006 the park opened between the hours of 10:00 - 22:00 throughout the summer, but popularity of the hours were limited and the park often died down in the early evening, Fright nights have also seen hours reduced from 22:00 to 21:00. 

Would you pay a small fee for some late night rides on the parks top coasters? Discuss on our forum here!

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Merlin Launch Membership

Merlin Entertainments have launched a new scheme named "Merlin Membership" giving more flexibility to those purchasing an annual pass enabling them to pay a flat monthly fee rather than paying for the pass upfront. 

Prices for a standard adult membership are £12.99 and premium £15.99 per month. When signing up you agree to a 1 year contract, after the initial year the membership can be cancelled at any time.

For more information head to:

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Hotel Application Resubmitted

Thorpe Park have again submitted plans to the local council to gain planning permission to build a 250 bedromm waterside hotel.

Thorpe Park have had plans for a hotel for a number of years, with planning permission first going in back in 2006, since the plans have been modified to gain permission to build the hotel in 2 phases depending on demand, the first to consist of 150 bedrooms.

The park opened its all new tempoary accomadation "The Crash Pad" for the 2013 season, consisting of 56 rooms built from shipping containers which is planned to run for 3 years. Thorpe Park have reported that The Crash Pad has been a popular addition with guests and a permanent hotel is still in the parks plans.

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New Events Announced

Thorpe Park have announced a line-up of new events heading to the park during the Summer months. Since last year Thorpe Park have slowly been evolving their events offering guests more to do on park than just the rides. This has been stepped up a gear for the 2013 season with The Crash Pad opening to guests, the park is now a 24 hr operation, and a new line up of events have been announced to keep guests saying on park overnight entertained.

District 3 Gig – 11th May 2013

Performers on last years X Factor, District 3 will be on park for an exclusive evening gig, plus a chance for fans to meet and greet the trio. If that don’t do it for you, THE SWARM will run exclusively for guests between 6:30 and 7:30 and there will be a Live DJ performing till 11pm. Early bird tickets available from £5.

Roller Disco Nights – 24th – 28th May

A line up of roller disco nights will be hosted in the dome between the 24th and 25th of May. From 8pm till 11PM the dome will be transitioned  into a huge roller disco, with a line up which includes:
24th May – School Disco
25th May – Club Floor Fillers        
26th May – Back to the 80’s
27th and 28th May – Retro Nights
There will be live DJ’s and prizes for the best fancy dress! Early bird tickets available from £5.

Comedy Night – 8th June 2013

In June THORPE PARK will open its doors to some of the UK’s newest comedy talent, with a night of comedy gold from the likes of Mat Ricardo, who you might recognise from The Jonathan Ross Show, Barbara Nice and the award-winning Incredible Hula Boy!

Along with this the hugely successful Ministry club nights return for 2013, with events running each month. Be sure to snap up your ticket as they do sell out!

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Wi-Fi Now Available

Thorpe Park is now able to offer guests Free Wi-Fi powered by The Cloud. Since the beginning of the season work has been taking place across the park installing the small Wi-Fi access points and over the past week these have been switched on and guests can now connect to the free high speed internet for free.

Whilst mobile signal is usually quite reliable at Thorpe Park, this is a welcome move and will certainly help during the parks busier times when the mobile networks struggle.

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District 3 Comes To Thorpe Park

District 3, known from one of the top UK television shows, The X Factor are starring in a live gig at THORPE PARK. The famous trio will be performing  on May 11th 2013. With early bird tickets just £5. Playing in the dome at 8PM you have the day to enjoy of Europes most thrilling rides. Book early to secure your position at the live gig as well as massive savings on te tickets.

Why not stay the night at The Crash Pad and extend your visit to two days, with prices starting from just £28.9PP*. 

*T&C apply, visit for more information. 

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New Queue Boards Installed

Over the past couple of weeks Thorpe Park have been in the process of replacing its Park information boards across the park. Every ride has had its Queue board replaced, and the Park Information boards have been replaced with larger colour versions.

The system is still being tweaked and will be finished soon. It’s thought the new system will better integrate with the new Mobile Apps due out soon.

The park is also due to install park wide Wi-Fi soon.

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Mash Up 2013 Begins

Mash Up - in association with Ministry of Sound Tours returns to Thorpe Park taking over the park for the next 4 days this Easter half term.

Ministry of Sound Tours will take control of the park wide sound system over by Stealth to create a "clubbing atmosphere" but thats not all, The Arena will host a stunt show presented by Animal Action Tours.


"Animal Action Sports Tour are mashing up the incredible skill, control and balance of World Champion Trials rider, Martyn Ashton, with the spectacular aerial style of one of the world’s most exciting jump riders, Blake Samson. And mixing it up, parkour gymnast, Luke ‘Mad-Gun’ Madigan, will wow the crowds with his freerunning stunts."

Along with this, THE SWARM'S queue line will be transformed this Easter into a Silent Disco, so dont forget to collect your headphones at the entrance and tune into the live DJs  playing a choice of Cool Contemporary songs or The Ultimate Cheesy Mash-Up.

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Cold Weather Continues

Cold weather is continuing to affect operations at Thorpe Park during this Easter half term. Rides at the park, particularly the coasters are affected by the cold conditions resulting some either opening late or not able to open at all.

Thorpe Park are currently running a Beat The Weather offer, offering guests a free ticket to return if their trip was affected by the weather. Click Here for more information.

For the latest on the weather and how it may affect your day we recommend you keep an eye on the parks official Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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X Opens

X has now reopened following its re-development for the 2013 season. The ride cars which were sent to Vekoma over the closed season are now back fully refreshed and turned around to now travel forwards, they now also feature individual lapbars, allowing guests at the height of 1m to ride (previously 1.4m). 

The queue line has seen improvements with new lighting and audio throughout. The main improvements are within the ride area its self with a spectacular light show and lazer show being the main feature with the building pumped full of smoke effects. 

Check out our images below.

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Crash Pad Opens

Today marks the opening of The Crash pad at Thorpe Park, billed the ultimate sleep over with some of the UK’s most thrilling rides in your back garden! There’s a selection of evening entertainment available in the dome which is open till midnight each night. The entertainment on offer varies each night so make sure you check at the Entertainment desk in the dome.

The rooms as expected are cosy, but are fitted out nicely and have a good heating system so they are nice and warm this cold Easter. The rooms also come with complementary water and shower gels.

Breakfast is served between 7 and 8 or 8 and 9, The Swarm is set to open for Crash Pad guests from 9am.

Check out the images below of the rooms!

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Crash Pad Preview

Thorpe Park tonight held a preview evening of the Crash Pad opening next week, it gave us a chance to try out some of the entertainment which be on offer to guests staying over. There was a variety on offer from games such as giant jenga, connect 4 and ping pong along with a comedy show on stage.

The dome was done up for the evening with new lighting and sound with inflatable domes holding some of the entertainment. Check out some of our pictures below, we will be back on the 28th (the first night of the Crash Pad) to give you a full report!

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X Changes Announced

After months of speculation about X:\ No Way Out, Thorpe Park have today confirmed the ride will be lease of life when it reopens for the 2013 season known as "X".

From Thorpe Park's Facebook page:

"X has been renamed and is heading in a new direction in 2013 as it challenges adrenaline seekers to face a rollercoaster experience like no other at THORPE PARK. Thrill your senses with a race through light and sound that will plunge you into a mix of intense colour and music. 

Redesigned and reprogrammed around light and sound, the X trains will now speed forwards into tunnels of changing coloured light. And with a new coaster experience, new fans can enjoy the ride when, for the first time, thrill seekers in the making will be able to face the challenge of X."

It is yet to be confirmed when the ride will reopen, but what has been confirmed is the ride will have a new 1.0m height restriction giving younger thrill seekers the chance to ride.  

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Slammer becomes Worlds Only Sky Swat

From 2013 Slammer at Thorpe Park will become the world’s only operating S&S Sky Swat as Six Flags New England confirm the removal of Catapult for the 2013 season.

Slammer opened in 2005 and has been operating since, but thanks to technical issues has seen prolonged downtime over the years and S&S have now discontinued the model. Thanks to the parks persistence in keeping Slammer operating, visitors to Thorpe Park from this year will get the chance to experience a massively unique experience. 

For more information on Catapult's removal Click Here

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2013 Roundup

Over the weekend Thorpe Park has opened its gates for separate preview days on both days, giving the park a chance to prepare for the 2013 season starting this coming Thursday. Thorpe Park Mania have been on park and round up all the changes we've noticed for the 2013 Season!

The Swarm - Brave it Backwards

NEW for 2013, War has evolved and the park have turned the 2 back rows on the Swarm around giving riders a unique opertunity to "Brave it Backwards" and ride the worlds first backwards WingRider! The queue line has been adapted for this and front row queue is no longer available. Unfortunately only one train was available the weekend, which did extend waiting times, but the experience is a unique one and we highly reccoemnd you give it a go! Along with that the new billboard is is giving a great near miss opertinty as the train flies through!


From 2013 X:\ No way out will be simply known as X - Very few other details are available at this time, although it is heavily rumoured the trains will face forwards now. The new park map has confirmed the ride has a new 1.0m height restriction which gives younger guests a great opportunity to ride their first big rollercoaster! When we hear more details on this we will update you!

The Crash Pad

The rooms are here and The Crash Pad is starting to take shape, it is not due to open for another couple of weeks, but from what we can see all the rooms are now in place. The connecting bridge is also almost complete. With the Dome set to host Crash Pad guests we noticed a much improved offering in Bar360 with more food choice and still offering 2 meals for £13.95 offering good value for money!

General Park Improvements

With no new ride for the 2013 season, the park has had chance to look over the rest of the park and make improvments where they are needed. Nemesis Inferno which is 10 years old this year has seen much work, with the mist effects working as well as they ever have with new bright red lights giving the great effect back. The much loved dispatch theme is also back and sounds great! Across the park things have been painted and cleaned and given a new lease of life, Stealth trains are looking great and the launch smoke is once again workng. 

Music across the park has been fixed with rides such as Stealth, Flying Fish, Zodiac and of course Nemesis Inferno all seeing audio improvments. The entrance and Dome also play a new Thorpe Park themed radio station known as "The Noise"!

In other news, Fright Nights is being advertised as being as being revamped for the 2013 season, no mention as of yet on a Fireworks event. Loggers Leap has also seen part of its tunnel which covered the first lift hill and drop being removed. The rest of the tunnel still remains in place. 

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2013 Park Map

Today, THORPE PARK released their 2013 park map which features the brand new Crash Pad opening 2013. The map shows off some changes for the upcoming season including the twisted metal of a devastated billboard.

Here are some of the pointers we found:

  • The Crash Pad is now featured on the map
  • Saw Alive has been removed from the map.
  • X:\No Way Out has been renamed 'X' and is now part of the Thrilling & Fun category.
  • The Dome has been revamped to show a party atmosphere. (The Dome is resident to Ministry of Sound club nights, check out the events page to find out more!) Alongside this the Arena is now shown to be a party Arena suggesting more music events will take place this year.
  • On Ride Photos are no longer on Detonator and Depth Charge.
  • Depth Charge photos has been transformed into a Fastrack sales kiosk.

These are some of the major changes we can see. Upon opening day, we will endeavour to give a full line up of the changed around the park for 2013.

For the downloadable full scale map visit THORPE or click here 

2013 Park Map

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Crash Pad Bridge Works

Work is continuing on work on the new access bridge to the Crash Pad opening for 2013. As you will see in the images below, the bridge is now up and follows the same style as the existing bridge into the park. Today the bridge has been cut to open up access to the new walkway. It is expected that the Crash Pad rooms will arrive on site within the next few weeks.

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2013 Open Hours

Thorpe Park have updated their website with the latest opening times for the 2013 season. The season is set to start on Thursday 14th March running through till Monday 4th November. Open times across the entire year have been increased, notably there are no longer any weekends, which close at 17:00 as per previous years. Fright Nights, running between 11th – 13th, 18th – 20th and 25th – 2nd November, remain open till 9pm.


Throughout the 2012 season the park frequently extended operating hours on the day to meet demand. 

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Swarm To Run Backwards

Thorpe Park have today confirmed that new for 2013, The Swarm, the UK's first WingRider rollercoaster will run its back 2 rows backwards giving the ride a new twist for the 2013 season. Along with that, new theming is to be added including mangled metal of a devastated billboard, which we suspect The Swarm will "Smash through" 

Book your twisted seats now at!

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Club Nights Return

THORPE PARK has confirmed the return of its popular Ministry of Sound Tours club nights for the 2013 season. The events will be held monthly throughout the season, the first one on Saturday 6th April - "Clubbers Guide, With Danny Howards (Radio 1 DJ). Prices for the club nights start from £18 when booked in advance, with ERT on a selection of rides from 9pm till 11pm with the main club hours being 10pm till 3am.

The Ministry Club nights which started last season were highly sucseessfull, with every event selling out its allocation of tickets well in advance, and with the addition of The Crash Pad, will give guests the perfect place to crash out after a night of partying! 

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Crash Pad Progress

Work is continuing on the construction of the Crash Pad, Thorpe Parks new temporary hotel opening for the 2013 season. Access to the facility will be via a bridge connected to the existing bridge which guests cross to enter the park, see below for some images of the construction of this walkway. 

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Closed Season Update

As you all will know we are well into the Closed Season and the park is already well underway in its preparations to open in March for the 2013 season. Thorpe Park have provided us with some images of some of the things going on behind the scenes as the rides are prepared for reopening in March! 

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Crash Pad Bookings Open

Bookings have now opened for The Crash Pad, THORPE PARK's new tempoary hotel opening for the 2013 season. The Crash Pad will enable guests to stay overnight on park for the first time in the parks history, as the park look to further push its late night club nights and out of hours events.

It will consist of 58 small rooms sleeping four, all consisting of an en suite wet room, free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV's and a safe. 

Prices start from £64 per person per night, which includes 2 day park tickets, Annual Pass holders can take advantage of a special rate not including tickets, the Crash Pad is due to open from March 28th 2013.

For booking information Click Here

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2012 Season Ends

Closed season  is officially here as today Thorpe Park closed for the 2012 season! Compared to previous years of fireworks, the park closed on a quieter note giving its die hard fans a chance to brave the cold and get some last rides before the closed season.

2012 being a relatively mixed affair for fans, with the opening of the UK's first B&M wing rider coaster - The Swarm impressing fans with its immersive theming throughout the area. But like other parks in the Merlin group the park saw cuts with Saw Alive becoming a Fright Nights only attraction and the parks fireworks event Blow s#*t up being canceled. 
That said the park continues to improve with many days across the season enjoying extended hours and the launch of the successful music themed events Ministry Club nights, Ride and Rave and Trax.
Next season Thorpe Park will continue to add to it's offering and for the first time in its 30 year history will offer overnight accommodation opening "The Crash Pad", the perfect place for guests to sleep overnight before another action packed day on park. 
Follow us throughout the closed season for updates on the Crash Pad and any other surprises Thorpe Park may have for us! 

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The Passing

Yesterday THORPE PARK released information about the 2012's new Fright Night's horror attraction, which is revealed to be named 'The Passing'. The information given to us shows the attraction will be hitting us harder than ever with new scare techniques which could make it the UK's scariest attraction to date with an accompanying slogan ' It Begins With Death '. Please note that the attraction will be subject to a £3 charge.. Information as follows:

As one of the darkest and twisted criminals to wreak havoc upon society, you are being tried, tested and sentenced to death. And that’s just the beginning of your suffering as the after-life will demand you brave the unknown horrors of The Passing in order to reach your final resting place.

Are you ready for your judgement day? As murderers, arsonists and kidnappers you must be brought to justice and pay for your crimes with your life. No one will escape The Passing and as you struggle for your last breath in this world, your nightmare will begin in the next.

As one of the dead you will be bagged and tagged, ready to face up to your own burial. Experience suffocating terror as you lay trapped in your own body, surrounded by the stench of fear with only your guilt for company.

The echoes of those who you have hurt will ring in your ears as you stumble through the after-life in search of salvation. Will you reach redemption and finally rest in peace or will you be left to rot deep underground for all eternity?

The current location for the attraction is unknown and the park are saying the attraction is not for the faint hearted or for under 12's.

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SnoozeBox Details

Last month THORPE PARK submitted a formal planning application to Runnymede  Borough Council to install a SnoozeBox facility at the park, a SnoozeBox is a temporary hotel constructed of shipping containers which has become a hit at many festivals and sporting throughout the year. We know you all have many questions regarding the installation so we put your questions to THORPE PARK, and have some of the best answered below, along with an official  Press Release from the park.


Q) Will the dome opening hours be extended to facilitate hotel guests?

A) At the moment we are still planning what our entertainments calendar for next year will look like, but we hope to have something to occupy Snoozebox guests every evening.

Q) Will THORPE PARK run the hotel or will it be run by SnoozeBox?

A)  Snoozebox will operate the accommodation on our behalf.

Q) Will there be annual pass discounts if snoozebox run the hotel?

A) Final pricing strategy has not been confirmed yet.

Q) Is there going to be a theme for the hotel and if so what?

A) We're working with Snoozebox on how we can make the accommodation unique to THORPE PARK but nothing has been decided yet.

Q) Will the hotel stay there during the closed season?

A) We would hope to operate the Snoozebox throughout the closed period as we have many successful corporate events in our Lake View marquee especially around Christmas, however this has not been decided yet.

Q) Roughly how much would a room be?

A) We hope rooms will start from £100 for 4 people (just £25 each if 4 people share!), however final pricing strategy has yet to be fully confirmed.

Q) Are these facilities on temporary or permanent lease from Snooze Box UK?

A) The planning permission will grant us use of the Snoozebox for 3 years.

Q) Which clientele demographic are these facilities aimed at?

A) We hope to target thrill seekers and up-for-it families during the season as we know a lot of our guests are already using local hotel accommodation. We also hope to capitalise on the success of our Ministry of Sound club nights and offer rooms to clubbers attending these events. Finally we want to target corporate customers who would like to book events in our Lake View marquee but who are put off by the Park not having accommodation.

Q) What prompted the decision to halt the progress of the 250-room hotel construction outlined on the 2010-2016 MTDP?

A) The permanent hotel is an ongoing project and we are working with the local authorities to ensure it is moving along as quick as possible. We're still very excited about this project.

Q) Why have you chosen to install these facilities as opposed to say, leaving the area unused until such time sufficient funds/interest are available to build the previously planned hotel?

A)There is a demand from our guests for on-site accommodation and the Snoozebox will meet this demand whilst also allowing the Park to compete with other theme parks to ensure a sustainable economic future by testing the market prior to a substantial permanent investment.

Q) Why do you believe these Snooze Boxes to be a valid measure of interest in a permanent hotel, when they don't appear to fit the same criteria nor appeal to the same clientele who might require a larger, fully-equipped hotel facility?

A) While a higher number of the Snoozebox guests will no doubt be teenagers, we are still targeting the accommodation at the same guests as we would a permanent hotel (outlined above). The only additional people we would be targeting with a permanent hotel would be local residents who could use the hotel facilities (which the Snoozebox understandably won't have) and companies who would use conference facilities.

Q) Will there be any Merlin-specific branding on these Snooze Boxes?

A) Any branding would be unique to THORPE PARK and this is in discussion at the moment.

Press Release

Catch some zzz’s at The Crash Pad at THORPE PARK

Planning application submitted for innovative overnight accommodation concept for 2013


As the nation’s Thrill Capital, THORPE PARK has developed significantly over the last decade to become the ‘must do’ destination for thrill seekers in the UK, with a focus on investing in the delivery of world class rides and more recently sell out evening entertainment. And with more now on offer than ever, guests are choosing to extend their visit to the Park over 2 or 3 days. In response to this demand, and to bridge the gap prior to the opening of the approved permanent hotel, THORPE PARK has submitted an application for planning permission for the temporary installation of TheCrash Pad presented by Snoozebox, an innovative and exciting new accommodation concept to open, subject to approval, in spring 2013.    


Working with innovators in transportable, temporary hotel accommodation, Snoozebox, The Crash Pad will provide overnight guests with on-site accommodation for the first time in the Park’s history. Planned for spring 2013, thrill seeking guests who want to stay the night won’t have to go far for their rest. Each of the 117 proposed climate controlled rooms will sleep up to 4 guests in one double bed and 2 bunks and all accommodation includes an en-suite shower room and toilet, flat screen TV, free wi-fi and a safe.


A dedicated reception and on-site housekeeping team will ensure guests are looked after throughout their overnight stay and for those who haven’t had enough thrills on the rides during the day, an evening entertainments calendar, including club nights and music events, will be on offer. And to prepare adrenaline junkies for another day of action on some of Europe’s most extreme rides, a breakfast option will be available in the Park’s Bar 360. Rooms at The Crash Pad will start from £100 per night – just £25 per person if four people share - and all evening entertainment and breakfast will be included in the price.


Mike Vallis, Divisional Director of THORPE PARK, said: ‘THORPE PARK is committed to continued investment to ensure the long-term success of the Park and accommodation is central to this. By both enhancing the experience our day guests receive with new rides such as the UK’s first winged rollercoaster, THE SWARM, and by responding to customer expectations with the inclusion of The Crash Pad, we can transform the Park into a high quality short break tourist destination.’


The tie up with THORPE PARK will be the first time Snoozebox have branched in to the theme park market, having made their name at festivals and sporting events. The portable hotel can be loaded, stacked and transported with ease and can be fully operational and ready to welcome guests within 48 hours of arriving at a site.

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Fireworks Cancelled

Fireworks look to be canceled after returing for just one season in 2011 as "Blow s*it up" after Thorpe Park have updated their opening times and event information on their website.

There was much speculation on the subject after mid-way through the season adverts for the event were taken down across the park and on the official website, but opening times were left unchanged giving fans of the event some hope they would hold a firework event in some shape or form.

The parks official site now advertises Fright Nights running till Sunday 4th November giving us 2 extra days of the haloween event, and the park set to close on Monday 5TH November open from 10:00 till 17:00.

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New Fright Night Attraction

Today the park have put up a new marketing banner at the park's entrance to advertise Fright Nights 2012. On the banner was information that for 2012 the park will be opening a new horror attraction. The current theme & location for the new attraction are currently unknown and will be released at a later stage. This news was following suit after the park posted a status on facebook.

"Morning thrillseekers! Loads of you are asking about Fright Nights - we've got some surprises up our sleeve for you, and we'll be releasing more information soon, so keep an eye out here! And you can already buy your tickets online - just select the dates 12-14 Oct, 19-21 Oct or 26 Oct - 3 Nov and grab yours for amazing discounted prizes!"

The status has sparked many questions which we hope will be answered before too long! We're bursting to find out!


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Snooze Box to Open 2013

Thorpe Park have applied for planning permision to open a temporary hotel known as a "Snooze box" in spring 2013. Back in June 2011 Thorpe Park had planning permission granted to build a 250-bedroom hotel on the former CEMEX site, but due to delays incurred in securing minor ammendments and permanent costs in its development, its expected construction could not start until at least late 2013/early 2014.

During the current economic climate, the park has responded by deciding to test the market demand for such facilities. In place of the original planning permission, which will now see the first construction on the permanent 250-bedroom hotel begin in 2016, the park have turned to Snoozebox. Snoozebox are a company local to the park, based in Weybridge. They have provided accomodation at seveal major venues since their inception. This year alone, they have provided top class accommodation for The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Goodwood Festival of Speed and the 2012 Silverstone Grand Prix.

The temporary hotel is to be built on the land to the right of the main bridge as you enter the park and will include the following:

  • 117 bedrooms (6 DDA Compliant)
  • Two "mother ship" units (Plant Rooms)
  • A Reception Unit
  • A raised broadwalk with low level lighting linking to the main entrance bridge.

Each bedroom will provide a double bed, a set of bunk beds with storage facilities, flat screen TVs, an en-suite wet room, fully-enabled WiFi, and customer-specific key cards that allow personal access, which will help security of the complex.

See images from the official planning documentation below.

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Sun Scream Kicks Off

Summer is here (well it’s meant to be!) and Sun Scream is underway at THORPE PARK! Returning bigger than ever there will be a host of events on park over the next couple of weeks such as Animal Bike Tour & Freestyle Basketball and the Maverick Slackliners performing nail-biting tricks before challenging the crowds to get involved too! A party atmosphere is ensured as DJ’s take over the Park Wide audio!

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Fright Nights Focus Group

Earlier today, THORPE PARK posted about a focus group to get feedback and new exciting ideas for the iconic 2012 event, FRIGHT NIGHTS. The ideology of the focus group is to suite the event more for the guest experience, so the park get a bigger picture of what the guests visiting the park expect.

More information:

Morning Thrill Seekers! Fright Nights is returning this year and we want you guys to get involved and tell us YOUR opinions about the event. 

If you're available between 3pm and 5pm on Monday 23rd July send us an email to with the following info:

-Age* (over 18s only)
-Please answer this question: What does fear mean to you?

Please note: Applications to get involved close tomorrow!

Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity! 

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Ride And Rave

THORPE PARK recently announced an awesome new concert event in August! From awesome rides to epic tunes, this concert is definitely not one to miss out on! Information as follows:

26 August, park admission from 4 pm

Exclusive sets from Pendulum (DJ set), Tinchy Stryder, Rudimental and more!

Don’t miss out on being at this year’s hottest end of summer party as THORPE PARK presents Ride&Rave!

On 26th August brave some of Europe’s most extreme rides including the UK’s first winged rollercoaster, THE SWARM, before experiencing an incredible evening of live music as some of today’s top acts - including Pendulum (DJ set), Tinchy Stryder, and Rudimental - perform live in the Park!


The Line up: Pendulum (DJ set) // Tinchy Stryder // Rudimental // Skepta // The Wideboys // Majestic

Ticket Information:

  • VIP Ticket: £35
  • Early Bird Ticket: £20 (Limited time only!)
  • Standard Ticket: £25

VIP ticket information:

  • Special entrance just for VIPs/li>
  • Access to the “golden circle” (front of stage). You can’t get any closer!
  • PLUS skip the queue: Your VIP wristband will allow you ultimate Fastrack entrance to all rides from 7pm*!

Don't miss out! Grab your tickets now at! Also information such as FAQ's and T&C's can be found online.

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Sun SCREAM Details Released

Event details have now been released for the yearly sumer event, Sun SCREAM. Presented to you by Dr Pepper with the slogan 'What's The Worst That Could Happen?', The park are going all out this year with awesome acts such as a freestyle basketball game in the Arena to queueline silent discos!

Full event details:

''Get hot, wet and sweaty at THORPE PARK this summer as Dr Pepper presents Sun SCREAM between 17th and 26th August 2012. Experience this season's hottest stunts, rides that will get you seriously soaked and festival vibes that will make you sweat, as THORPE PARK ends the summer in style.

Grab your tickets to experience this summer's hottest adrenaline fix. From the high energy slam dunk freestyle basketball show (17th to 19th August 2012) to the return of the jaw-dropping stunts of Animal Bike Tour (20th to 26th August 2012) the rush won't stop.

And that's not all that will get you hot under the collar, the Maverick Slackliners will be performing nail-biting tricks before challenging the crowds to try out the extreme balance sport, thrill seekers will be dancing before they're riding during the silent queue line disco and there will be insane summer sounds pumping out across the Park as DJ's takeover! What's the worst that could happen?''

Event from 17th - 26th August 2012

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New Loggers Leap Boats

Today, THORPE PARK opened Loggers Leap with 2 modified boats. The new modified boats offer a chance for guests 1.1m tall to ride after the previously raised hight restriction to 1.2m. With additional H&S installations, the logs can now help brace smaller thrill seekers whilst riding Loggers Leap.


More modified logs are expected to appear on the circuit in the upcoming weeks.

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Colossus ERT Event

Join Thorpe Park Mania on Wednesday 4th July as we celebrate Colossus, the worlds first 10 looping rollercoaster's 10th birthday with an ERT session!

Along with that the park will give us an indepth talk on the history of Colossus along with some "Exclusive extras", which we are assured you will love!

Click here for more!

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We are pleased to announce the return of a much loved feature over on the Thorpe Park Mania Forums, Questions to THORPE PARK! This gives you an exclusive opportunity to get answers to them questions your dyeing to know the answer to, direct from the park its self!

Check out our forums here to check it out! 

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Happy Birthday THORPE PARK

Today marks the 33rd anniversary birthday for the Nations Thrill Capital, THORPE PARK. Since it's opening in 1974, the park has seen many major changes from company takeovers to opening the worlds first 10 looping roller coaster, Colossus. 

Back in the 1970's the land that now situates THORPE PARK was a mere gravel excavation pit, which then was closed by the owners RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) to pursue a different ambition of a leisure park. The ground was flooded in the late 70's leaving only an island which was to later become the leisure park site, around this time RMC was sold out by CEMEX. On the 24th May 1979 the park was officially opened by Louis Mountbatten, who lent his name to the Mountbatten Pavilion, now more formally known as 'The Dome'. The park opened with a select few educational exhibits including Model World (1979-2004) and the Mountbatten Pavilion which housed a standing aircraft display. And this is where the history began.

For the full timeline, from 1979 to present day THORPE PARK it can be viewed in our past and future section in Features.

Since opening the park has gone from an educational leisure park to the Nations Thrill Capital, home to some of Europe's most exhilarating thrill rides including Stealth, a launch coaster that propels you from 0-80 in 1.9 seconds, Colossus, the worlds first 10 looping roller coaster , The SWARM, A UK's first winged roller coaster which takes you on a death defying flight through apocalyptic devastation.

Happy 33rd Birthday, THORPE PARK!



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Late Night Events Granted

Planning permission has been granted to Thorpe Park for them to host events in the Dome till 3:30 am on Friday's and Saturday's, 1 and a half hours later than previously aloud.

Thorpe Park had applied for the extension earlier in the year, for the hosting of their late night club nights, Ministry, which will kick of on Saturday 30th June. Local resedents were opposed to the idea, with complaints of possible noise late at night from the events, and in turn the number of aloud events to this time has been reduced from 79 to 42.

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Rollercoasters Reduce Stress

Riding rollercoasters can reduce stress and enhance memory, according to a new study by a leading theme par.

Research by Thorpe Park in Surrey among people on its new Swarm ride suggested "astonishing" health benefits.

Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis, who worked on the study, said: "While the immediate euphoric buzz generated by the flood of feelgood chemicals released into the rider's brain and body seem likely to fade fairly rapidly, more subtle effects may well exert their influence for far longer."

Anyone who is suffering from short-term stress could find that rides increased their self-confidence and reduced their levels of anxiety,he said. A couple who ride together may also find that it strengthens their mutual attraction, he added.

Source: The Press Association

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Best Price Guarantee

THORPE PARK have released an awesome new deal which can save you up to 40% off your entrance ticket. If you book your ticket online 7 or more days in advance you will recieve an awesome 40% off, If you miss the 7 day deadline, don't worry! You are still entitled to 20% off your ticket price between 2 and 6 days in advance. Please note you will have to pay full price on the day and full price booking online the day before.

Ticket price at 20% discount - £33.60
Ticket price at 40% discount - £25.20

Rainy Day Guarantee, If your a Thrillseeker who wants to take on Britain's wild weather then this if just for you! When you purchase your tickets to visit between 1st May and 31st May 2012, if it rains for one hour or more, we will guarantee you a 50% off voucher for a return visit between

For all the latest deals and offers, head over to our Offers page under info!

Please Note: Car Parking charge has increased to £4 and is free to Premium Annual Pass Holders only.

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Saw Alive Closes

After the announcement at the start of the season that Saw Alive would only be open during weekends and holidays, Thorpe Park have once again updated Saw Alive's operating calendar, with changes that advertises that the attraction will only be available during the Fright Night season, the park have sent us the following explanation:

After careful consideration, we have made the decision to restrict the 2012 opening days of SAW Alive to just the Fright Nights period. We are sorry for any disappointment that this may cause but we are excited at the prospect of working on the attraction to ensure that when it returns over the Halloween period it will truly live up to it's description as the world's most extreme live action horror maze.

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Colossus the power of 10

Today marks the 10th birthday of Colossus, the worlds first 10 looping rollercoaster, arguably the most important investment in the development of the park which helped put Thorpe Park on the map, and the start of its successful years to come.

In celebration of 10 years of Colossus, we will be very soon launching a feature on the ride, giving you a chance to look back over the history of the ride.

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THE SWARM - A single released by You Me At Six released last week to celebrate the opening of Thorpe Parks new ride, THE SWARM is currently making its way up the UK's charts!

At the time of writing The Swarm sits at number 16 in the iTunes chart and number 1 of the Rock charts!

Click Here to show your support and download THE SWARM now!

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2012 Season Begins

Thorpe Park reopens to the public today after nearly 5 months. 2012 brings them a whole new gut-wrenching ride, THE SWARM, which hurtles you through a devastation scene. Being the tallest winged roller coaster in Europe and having mind blowing inversions, we recommend you ride as soon as possible!

Thorpe Park have done a lot of work over closed season to bring some life back old areas such as Stealth's station being repainted and Tidal Wave supports also being repainted with a rust effect. If your heading to the park today have a great day and remember to tell us all about it over at the ManiaHub Forums!

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TPM7 Out Now

As you will see, we have now released the all new look Thorpe Park Mania! Over the past few months we've been working around the clock to make this happen and hope you enjoy the results.

Extended thanks go to Chris and Ricky without whom this wouldn't be possible!

As with all major works like this, there may well be errors as things are finished off, please do contact us with any bugs / suggestions.

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2012 Map Released

Thorpe Park have released their new map for 2012, the map retains the same style as previous years with THE SWARM added.

The map also confirms the removal of TIME VOYAGERS, with no 4D show set to replace it, The park has also followed other UK Merlin parks and has introduced Smoking Areas across the park.

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Groundwork Underway

The LC12 island is a busy place with ground work for The Swarm well underway!. Huge construction machinery is now on site, along with piles of pre made concrete foundations ready to be sunk into the ground. The ride is to be built by ride construction service, the same company which constructed Stealth.

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Marketing Begins

In the last week LC12, Thorpe Parks new B&M Wingrider rollercoaster due to open in 2012 has been advertised on park for the first time.

Flyers appeared across the park overnight stating "The end is coming. Uncover the truth", there was also an actor on park wearing a billboard, franticly telling guests the world was going to end in 2012 and being promptly escorted away by security... , which we suspect will be the coasters minisite has a countdown, counting down to 01.08.11, no one yet knows what the park has in store for this date.

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Plans Released

Today in an exciting development, Runnymede Council have uploaded the plans submitted by Thorpe Park regarding the new attraction LC12, the parks new rollercoaster scheduled to open in 2012.

From the plans we can now confirm the ride will be a B&M Wing Rider model, similar to one currently under construction at sister park Gardaland, although we can still not confirm rumors as to if the seats will spin or not to add the "4D effect".

The ride will stand at an impressive 126 feet making it making it the 2nd tallest ride on park. From the plans we can see the ride will carry an "apocalyptic" theme where riders "Fly" through a crash scene and experience the full size replica themeing. In keeping with this theme the track will be painted a grey color with the supports being greeny-grey in color.

Being one of the first areas with new development for a reasonable period of time the area also has a series of ancillary buildings including themed toilets, retail outlets and a food and beverage unit. Due to the rides location a new bridge will also be constructed joining "Island C" with the rest of the park.

Head over to our plans page to see them in full detail!

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New Swarm Video

Earlier today THORPE PARK released the very first video of The Swarm running for tests, THORPE PARK have also sent us a video for us to all enjoy of the train flying over the rides station at some speed!

Click here to download the video.

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Swarm Testing Video

Following our exclusive shots of some of the very first test runs of The Swarm over the past weekend, Thorpe Park have uploaded a video to their Swarm developer diary of the ride running.

Click Here to go there now!

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Swarm Testing Starts

Swarm testing has begun and we have managed to snap some pictures taken today. Were unsure when the testing begun.

Images taken from monks walk.

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2012 Open Hours

Thorpe Park have today released the open times for the 2012 season. The park is set to open on Thursday 15th March and will close on Monday 5th November 2012, Fright Nights, will now close an hour earlier at 9:00pm each night, and that Fireworks look set for a return in November.

Key Dates

Open Day: 15/03/2012 - 10:00 - 17:00
Summer: 23/07/2012 - 29/08/2012 - 9:30 - 19:00
Fright Nights: 12th - 14th, 19th - 21st, 26th (October) - 3rd November - 10:00 - 21:00
Fireworks: 4th - 5th November 10:00 - 20:00

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2011 Season Ends

Yesterday, the final day of Thorpe Park Blows It Up marked the end of the 2011 season and the park is now closed for the winter. The park held a huge display on the lake, and blew up a fire engine to promote The Swarm, due to open in Spring 2012. Check back soon for more!

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As we head into the final weekend of the season and prepare for another long and cold winter, Thorpe Park are planning to end the season with a bang with THORPE PARK BLOWS IT UP, an all new Firework's event, which is the first Firework event to be held at the park since 2008.

Promising to be bigger than any Firework event at the park before there will be plenty to keep you entertained on park, not only will the park be open till 8:00 giving you maximum time to enjoy the park for the last time this year, you will get to try out some of the parks most extreme rides in the dark! Thats not all, across the park there will be Fire Performers and the Burning of effigies, leading up to the main display at 7:00pm

Tickets are limited and you are strongly advised to pre book, Standard annual pass holders will need to pre book and pay a £5 event charge, Premium annual pass holders can pre book and guarantee their place for free. Click Here for more details.

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Fright Nights Draw To End

Today marks the end of the 2011 Fright Night event and leads us into the final week of the 2011 season. Celebrating 10 years of Fright Nights this year's event was bigger than ever, new for 2011 was Experiment 10, an all-new horror maze, putting its daring victims in the middle of a government experiment gone wrong. Roaming clowns also roamed the park terrifying those in sight.

The park will remain open 10-5 until Friday, and will then host the all new "Thorpe Park Blows It Up" firework event over the bonfire weekend which will mark the end of the 2011 season.

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CCR Closure Confirmed

Thorpe Park have confirmed that the Canada Creek railway will run for the last time this year, and will be removed for the 2012 season. See below for the press statement from the park.

After 22 years of service, THORPE PARK has made the sad decision to retire the Canada Creek Railway. The ride will operate until Sunday 6th November but will not return for the 2012 season.

The number of guests choosing to experience the Canada Creek Railway has been steadily declining as the number of other new rides and attractions opening at the Park has been increasing, and this decline has been instrumental in us reaching this decision.

We hope this does not cause too much inconvenience and we would like to thank all of our guests who have enjoyed the Canada Creek Railway over the years.

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Fright Nights Preparation

Preparation for this years Fright Night event is well underway, promising to be bigger than ever as Thorpe Park celebrate the events 10th Birthday!

Time Voyagers has closed, earlier than usual in the build up to the event, stating that its closed for Fright Nights, if this means we will see the return of Barry and Stuart or a new show we are not yet sure. The Curse tent has been erected in its usual position, and the other side of the beach has been cleared for what we beleave to be a relocation of Se7en.

Taking Se7en's place in the arena in Thorpe Parks newest maze, whilst not much is known at the moment... but Thorpe Park have told us this.. "A disturbing government test lab's latest project has taken a sinister twist.."

We can also confirm Hellgate and Dead End terror zone will not be returning this year.

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Message from THORPE PARK

As you all know, new for 2012 Thorpe Park are opening The Swarm, within the past week news has come out that Six Flags Great America will also open a new Wing Rider ride with many similar features...

Hi THORPE PARK Mania fans.

We hope you're all excited about the arrival of THE SWARM. We're having great fun building up to its launch and we hope you are too!

We wanted to write a little message to you all following the news that Six Flags Great America will also be launching a winged rollercoaster next year very similar to THE SWARM. Some of you may have noticed that when we say it's going to be very similar, it really is going to be VERY similar. When we set about designing and developing our winged coaster we had to make sure it had the THORPE PARK stamp on it. One of the ways we achieved this was by developing the unique inverted dive at the start of the ride that will be sure to kick-off your awesome apocalyptic flight in adrenaline-fuelled style! As you can imagine then, we were quite surprised to see that the new ride at Six Flags will also adopt the 'THORPE PARK Inversion'!

While we could be bitter about this, we would actually like to wish Six Flags Great America the best of luck with the 'THORPE PARK Inversion' and we hope that this is a start of things to come, that one day the 'THORPE PARK Inversion' will become famous in the rollercoaster world! We aim high!

Thanks again for all your support and we'll see you all at Fright Nights.


So thats THORPE PARK's opinion, whats yours?

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The SWARM Announced

Thorpe Park have unveiled the name of their new rollercoaster opening in Spring 2012 as The Swarm. The ride will be the UK’s first B&M Wing Rider rollercoaster with a staggering investment of £18 Million into its development. Check back soon on Thorpe Park Mania for our new mini site dedicated to The Swarm.

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RELOAD Under 18s Club Night

RELOAD - Under 18's Club Night!

Thorpe Park have released details on their new Club Night event - Reload! This exciting event promises to mix amazing sounds with exhilerating rides to provide you with a night of great entertainment.

Head down to THORPE PARK for the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled Club Night, RELOAD, exclusively for under 18s! With extended ride time and awesome tunes from resident DJ, THORPE PARK is the place to get your weekend started!

Kick off your night with exclusive ride-time available for RELOAD guests only! Brave rides including the world's most terrifying rollercoaster SAW - The Ride and the epic Colossus before the party really kicks off and the music gets pumping back in The Dome for the heart of the Club Night!

So go on, what are you waiting for, grab your mates and book your tickets now! -

Don't forget all you Annual Passholders receive a discount on RELOAD tickets.

Full ride offering until 7pm followed by exclusive ride time on selected rides until 8pm - Colossus, Rush, Quantum, Zodiac, Vortex and SAW – The Ride.

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Saw Alive May Reopening

Thorpe Park have now confirmed on their facebook page that Saw - Alive, their all year round horror maze will reopen in May Half-Term, following essential maintenance after a fire broke out, damaging parts of the maze on the 5th April.

The following was posted on Thorpe Parks official facebook page:
"SAW Alive Update: Further to our announcement on Tuesday, we are extremely pleased to announce that you can Face Your Fears at THORPE PARK's SAW Alive very soon as it will reopen during the May half term!"

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Saw Alive Work Starts

Work to restore Saw Alive, Thorpe parks live action horror maze has commenced after it damaged by a fire overnight last month.

Construction fences have been erected around the attraction along with temporary lighting. 2 skips full of fire damaged material from the attraction sit on the path outside.

Remember to check back on Thorpe park mania for all the latest news!

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LC12 Marketing Begins

In the last week LC12, Thorpe Parks new B&M Wingrider rollercoaster due to open in 2012 has been advertised on park for the first time.

Flyers appeared across the park overnight stating "The end is coming. Uncover the truth", there was also an actor on park wearing a billboard, franticly telling guests the world was going to end in 2012 and being promptly escorted away by security... , which we suspect will be the coasters minisite has a countdown, counting down to 01.08.11, no one yet knows what the park has in store for this date.

Check out the pictures below with thanks to Neilfever

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Saw Alive Fire

On the evening of Tuesday 5th April 2011 a minor fire broke out on board the Saw Alive horror attraction, leaving the attraction closed until further notice, Thorpe Park have released the following press statement.

On Tuesday 5th April 2011 at 7.47pm, after Thorpe Park had closed to guests, a minor fire broke outin the Saw Alive horror maze.

Our well rehearsed emergency procedures were immediately put into operation. The emergency services were called at 7.51pm with two fire vehicles on site within 5 minutes and the fire was brought under control very quickly.

The health and safety of our guests is our primary objective and the Thorpe Park Management Team, in conjunction with the Fire Service, are investigating the cause of the fire. The attraction will remain closed until the investigation is complete and while we assess the extent of the damage. It will re-open when we have brought the maze back to full operating standards and had it passed through the relevant Health and Safety inspections. The rest of the Park remains open for business as usual.

Check back on Thorpe Park Mania for the latest news.

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LC12 Plans Approved

THORPE PARK is delighted to announce that on Wednesday 30th March 2011, the Runnymede Borough Council granted full planning consent for the development of the Park's seventh rollercoaster, with construction due to commence in May 2011.

Considered by many as the 'Rolls Royce' of the rollercoaster industry, Swiss manufacturer, Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) has been commissioned to build the 127ft high coaster that is due to open in spring 2012. The ride, known as a Wing Rider, is a significant overall investment of £20m, and will feature the unique seating arrangement where guests are positioned either side of the track with nothing below or above them, leaving them to feel vulnerable and exposed..heightening the thrill.

Project named LC12, the ride will be located on one of the new islands next to the Park's iconic rollercoaster, Stealth, and will take on a THORPE PARK twist through 4 extreme inversions as riders are dragged on a death-defying flight into apocalyptic devastation.

With some of the theme elements, including crashed aircrafts, having already drawn criticism from the British Airline and Pilot Association (BALPA) who branded it 'tasteless' due to the Park's proximity to Heathrow, Mike Vallis, Divisional Director at THORPE PARK, comments: "We're absolutely ecstatic with the decision as we're incredibly excited about the new ride. It is something that cannot be found anywhere else in the country and the exceptional theme elements will enhance the experience. The whole project has been heavily researched and the results showed unequivocal support for the theme of 'urban devastation'.

This new rollercoaster is the first investment of our Medium Term Development plans that were also granted by the Council yesterday and marks a significant stage in moving THORPE PARK towards a short break destination, and ultimately a resort positioning with a hotel proposal also in development."

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2011 Season is here

Following an eventful Annual Pass preview day Thorpe Park has now fully opened for the 2011 season! Storm Surge has received much attention since Sunday, this includes new theming around the ride / area, pathways around the area now fully compete and the ride now running at its maximum capacity of 10 boats. Storm Surge is not the only ride which has seen changes during the week, the volcano effect on Nemesis Inferno has been fixed, Storm in a Teacup is now sponsored by Tetley Tea and Detonator on-ride photos have opened.

To celebrate the start of the new season, Thorpe Park are holding a special Launch Weekend event, featuring exclusive performances from Beatbullyz, Parade, Rachel Adedeji and many more over the weekend!

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2011 Opening Nears

After Thorpe Parks Annual Pass event yesterday (Sunday 13th March 2011) the countdown is now on till the official open day for the 2011 season, this Thursday where the park will officially open their new ride for 2011, Storm Surge!

Check back on Thursday evening for a full report of the day!

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Official Statement

Thorpe Park held their annual Annual Pass holders preview event yesterday (Sunday 13th March 2011) giving annual pass holders an opportunity to try out the park and its new ride for 2011, Storm Surge before opening to the general public on Thursday 17th.

Unfortunately, due to a huge unexpected demand, the park struggled to cope resulting in large queues for both Rides and Food Units.

In response this morning, Thorpe Park have issued the following statement on their Facebook page:

"We are very sorry to anyone who came to the Park yesterday (Sunday 13th March 2011) and didn't have the day out they were expecting.

Our Annual Pass holders are incredibly important to us and we put the event on as an additional benefit to give exclusive access to the Park before we open up for the full season. This year's event saw unprecedented numbers turn up to experience the new ride and the Park’s first day of the season, so much so, that the final numbers were four times more than that for the Annual Pass event last year.

We are instigating a full investigation and will re-assess how Annual Pass events are held moving forward to ensure we are delivering an enjoyable experience."

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The last..

TEST OF THE NIGHT, i have selected a different image pack just to prove the amazing times are working :O Whilst stealth looks squishyeed, this is due to the news posts on TPM having a differnt size avatar, this is ok as in theory there will not be a image pack which is needed on both sites, this is a long news post, read more dont work yet :(

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test 2

this is a another CWOA mania test, i hope this works, i am happy so far :D

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LC12 Plans Released

Today in an exciting development, Runnymede Council have uploaded the plans submitted by Thorpe Park regarding the new attraction LC12, the parks new rollercoaster scheduled to open in 2012.

From the plans we can now confirm the ride will be a B&M Wing Rider model, similar to one currently under construction at sister park Gardaland, although we can still not confirm rumors as to if the seats will spin or not to add the "4D effect".

The ride will stand at an impressive 126 feet making it making it the 2nd tallest ride on park. From the plans we can see the ride will carry an "apocalyptic" theme where riders "Fly" through a crash scene and experience the full size replica themeing. In keeping with this theme the track will be painted a grey color with the supports being greeny-grey in color.

Being one of the first areas with new development for a reasonable period of time the area also has a series of ancillary buildings including themed toilets, retail outlets and a food and beverage unit. Due to the rides location a new bridge will also be constructed joining "Island C" with the rest of the park.

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Storm Surge Build Update

Thorpe Park have released a new update of images of their new ride 2011 - Storm Surge. The update shows that vertical construction of the ride is now almost complete, and work on the surrounding area such as buildings is now underway.

Click Here to go to see our latest construction images.

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2011 Annual Pass Day

Merlin have today confirmed that once again Thorpe Park will hold an official Annual Pass holders event, opening up the park exclusively to Pass Holders the weekend the park is scheduled to open on Sunday 13th March 2011.

Last years event was a great success with a full ride line up and short queueing times, the event went down a storm both enthusiasts and the general public. Merlin have said they will release further details such as times in the near future.

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Project LC12.. We are pleased to exclusively announce the project name of the new 2012 roller-coaster! In a image sent to us by Thorpe Park (See below) the image carries the slogan "The End Is Coming" with a nuclear explosion in the background hinting at a possible theme for the ride.

The image also hints at a possible location of the ride, with Stealth located to the left, it could well suggest that the ride will be built on the new island located between the old Thorpe Farm and Stealth.

No other details are available, but when they are, we will release them here!

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Let It Snow

Winter is here and the snow is (already!) falling, Thorpe Park have sent us a selection of wintery images from the park today to give us a look at the wintery scenes across the park!

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2010 Season Over

Thorpe Park has closed its gates for the final time in 2010 marking the end of another hugely successful season for the park.

The 2010 season saw many improvements across the park, notably with Ride Reliability being the best its been in years, themeing fixed across the park and looking great once again.

We hope you enjoyed the season as much as we did, and dont forget to stay with TPM for the latest Storm Surge construction, along with more exciting news soon!

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Storm Surge

Today Thorpe Park have revealed the new name, logo and theme of their new water ride due to open in Spring 2011!

"Storm Surge" will open in the Amity Cove area of the park replacing Octopus Garden with construction already well under way. The art work indicates the ride will also feature interactive elements, with water guns around the ride giving guests a chance to soak riders!

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Fright Nights Approach

Fright Nights 2010 are fast approaching and preparations are well underway for the event. This year will boast a bigger than ever line up, with the return of The Asylum, Hellgate, Se7en, The Curse, and new for 2010 - Dead End - an all new Terror Zone where guests will enter a gruesome ride grave yard, who knows what will lurk around the corner!.

Check Back soon for a full review and images from this years event, which starts this Thursday (7th October) with a free preview for standard annual pass holders (Usual price £5)

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Octopus Garden Shut

Octopus Garden's have now closed and work is well under way with the removal of the rides making way for the new 2011 water ride. See our gallery by Clicking Here for the latest images.

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Octopus Garden Closes

Today (Sunday 5th September 2010) marked the final operating day of Octopus Garden, the area is being replaced by a new water ride due to open in 2011.

It is expected construction will commence soon, firstly with the removal of the 6 remaining rides in the area, following Slippery serpent, removed earlier in the year.

See below for images of Octopus Garden in its last moments of operation.

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Coming Up Sun Scream

Sun Scream will once again be returning this summer and promises to be more extreme than ever! Following on from last year's success there are a number of new events taking place across the park this year during the event.

The Dr Pepper Stunt Show Head over to the arena to see the parks most extreme stunt show, there are sure to be plenty of extreme moves to make you wow.

The Pete Box In the Showcase Thorpe Park will be presenting "The Pete Box" ,an incredible human beat boxer who claims he will take you on a journey of real time music production. You will also have the chance to get involved and help orchestrate your very own beatbox songs with the man himself.

Soul Mavericks Head Stealth side and see the Soul Mavericks dance crew, busting their moves to the live Stealth DJ, and that's not all, why not take them on yourself and learn from the boys themselves in a dance stage battle.

And that's not all, right across the park there will be plenty of going on's from cheerleaders to American footballers! And if none of that interests you, don't forget the parks open until 8pm giving you the best chance to take on all the parks most extreme rides. So make sure you don't miss out and head down to Thorpe Park between the 21st and 31st August.

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Adverts up

New adverts have been put up across the park for the new water ride due to open in the 2011 season replacing Octopus Gardens, See our galley page for images.

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2011 Plans Released

Runnymede Borough council have released the plans submitted to them last week with Thorpe Parks latest plan to install a new water attraction at the park, replacing the existing Octopus Garden area to open in 2011. The ride will expand across the entire existing Octopus Garden area at 19m high.

Details on which area the ride will be in or theme are yet to officially confirmed.

See below for the plans which were submitted by Thorpe Park, These may take some time to download over a slow connection.

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New for 2011

Today Thorpe Park have submited further details to the council with their plans to open a new water ride in 2011.

In line with the THORPE PARKs Medium Term Development Plan that was submitted early this month, application for full planning permission for a new water ride opening in 2011 has been submitted to the Runnymede Borough council.

At a height of 19.4metres, the new ride will be located in the area currently occupied by Octopus Garden and will help establish the Park within a very competitive industry, appealing to both our core audience of 16-34 year old thrill seekers and families.

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Slippery Serpent Removal

On the evening of Tuesday 6th July, THORPE PARK started to remove Slippery Serpent from the Octopus Garden area of the Park.

The decision was made to close the attraction due to the fact that for a ride of its nature, Slippery Serpent had unrealistic maintenance costs and the ROI (return on investment) for the business was not viable.

"We are constantly researching and looking to develop our product offering and this removal ensures that we are continuing to develop the Park's overall objective to establish its brand positioning within the very competitive industry, as the nation's Thrill Capital. Any future developments can be found here on Thorpe Park Mania.

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New Thorpe Park App

Thorpe Park have announced this week they have launched their very own dedicated iPhone app. The app named "THORPE PARK Official" is available free of charge from Apples App Store for iPhone and iPod touch users.

Full of features the app will be a valuable tool to anyone visiting the park with live updates on both ride availability and the latest queue times across the park.

Full Press release:

THORPE PARK, the nation's Thrill Capital, is the first European theme park to launch an official, dedicated iPhone App. As of today, THORPE PARK Official is available to download free of charge, from the App Store, for all iPhone and iPod Touch users. This easy-to-use, interactive application is designed to maximise guests' enjoyment on their day out by providing navigational tools, fun interactive games, promotional offers, information on rides and retail units, as well as live queue times - keeping them one step ahead of the crowds.

"This App enables THORPE PARK to take communication and interaction with our guests to a new level" said Vicki Smith, THORPE PARK's Marketing Director. "It's the perfect accompaniment to a visit to the Park providing navigation, information and insane fun at the guests' finger tips, helping them to maximise their enjoyment on a day out."

Sitting within the Entertainment category on the App Store, the application offers a variety of innovative features* to help guests make decisions prior to their visit, as well as keeping them entertained and informed while at the Park.

The App includes:

*Augmented Reality - Point and discover! Point the phone around the Park to see what's close by in regards to rides, restaurants and retail units. Plus check out live queue times digitally overlaid on top of what you see through the camera feature.

*Park Map - Interactive Park map shows guests their exact location in relation to the rides, food and retail units, cash points, toilets and lockers..all via the iPhone's GPS capability.

*Ride Information - Allows guests to see all the extreme thrills awaiting them on their favourite rides, as well as videos and photos to really get the adrenaline pumping in anticipation.

*Offers - With the introduction of Eagle Eye technology at the Park being implemented in the very near future, a later version of the App will provide guests with exclusive discounts and promotions to the Park as well as at the retail and food units.

*Insane Fun - Includes 'Find the Fathead' game, 'THORPE PARK Quiz', random facts, queue line games and more.

*Park Info - Providing information on THORPE PARK, including: opening times, upcoming events and directions to the Park.

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Thorpe Park are backing England this world cup campaign and claim to be flying the country's fastest St Georges Cross, turning Stealth, the parks signature ride into a "Goaler-Coaster"!

Not only that, the park have confirmed that during opening hours all the most important games will be shown live at the park, giving you the chance to enjoy the park without missing the footie!

Full press release:

THORPE PARK, the nation's Thrill Capital, have created the fastest England flag in the country by turning Stealth into an 80mph St George's Cross, preparing England supporters across the country for the World Cup and a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

From Friday 11th June, and for as long as Stevie G and the boys are still competing in the tournament, THORPE PARK are offering patriotic fans half price entry* when wearing official England replica shirts - giving them the chance to ride Stealth, one of Europe's fastest rollercoasters, and the country's fastest national flag.

Vicki Smith, Marketing Director said: 'We know how supporting England can feel like you're on a rollercoaster ride at times, so we're asking fans to substitute it for the real thing at THORPE PARK. Everyone at the Park is going football mad, we've even turned Stealth into our very own 'Goal-ercoaster'!

The team may be thousands of miles away, but supporters will feel every high and low, and with views of Wembley from the top of Stealth, THORPE PARK is a great place for fans to sport their shirts and support their team.'

With Capello's team starting the group stages on Saturday, fans are able to take advantage of half price entry to the Park in a bid to tackle some of Europe's most extreme rollercoasters. Kick off with the ten-looping Colossus, shoot from 0-80mph in under 2 seconds to the height of 205ft on Stealth and finish the hat-trick on Nemesis Inferno, the 4.5 G-Force experience. And if there's any extra time, England fans will be able to face their fears on the world's most terrifying rollercoaster, SAW - The Ride before braving SAW Alive, the world's most extreme live action horror maze.

After all that, the highs and lows of an England match won't seem so bad and with games being shown live at the Park**, there will be plenty of time to experience both the ups and downs of the match and the rollercoasters!

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Car Park Charge

As of this week Thorpe Park will be charging for the use of their Car Parking facilities on park following on from successful tests of the system earlier in the week.

We believe that it will be an initial fee of £2 for cars and similar Alton Towers charge, free for all Annual pass holders.

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Scream If you know the Answer

Filmed on some of Thorpe Park's terrifying rides and hosted by Duncan James Scream If You Know the Answer! is Watch's brand new, hair-raising, adrenaline-fuelled game show.

Imagine experiencing forces of a terrifying 5.5 Gs, whilst trying to hold down your dinner and answering questions all at the same time - is your stomach churning yet?

Each show features two contestants paired with a celebrity to form two teams. They will compete in a series of hilarious challenges all of which take part ON the rides themselves - for a potential prize pot of £5,000.

See the likes of Ben Shephard, Katie Price, Matt Willis and Suzanne Shaw (plus many more) as you've never seen them before - no one can look glamorous when hurtling at 115mph in the air!

Scream if You Know the Answer! will feature a wide selection of extreme games, including: "Retch-A-Sketch", a hilarious drawing game which sees both team members riding together in a bid to win points; "Easier Said than Spun", where contestants describe objects for the celebs to guess while enduring 5Gs on the notorious Samurai or Slammer rides. The tasks are simple - but trying to complete them whilst upside down and moving at high speed is another thing!

It's an adrenalin packed programme with lots of twists and turns - a must see for all thrill seekers.

Starts 7pm, Sunday 2nd May, EXCLUSIVELY on Watch (Sky 109, Virgin Media 124)

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Peter Andre Live

Thorpe Park have announced that Peter Andre will be performing LIVE at Thorpe Park on 23rd May 2010, he will be joined by 'X Factor sensation Lucie Jones' and Flawless will be heading back to the park to show off more of their legendary dance moves!

Tickets are available from £28 on the Thorpe Park Website by Clicking Here, along with seeing your favourite stars perform, ticket holders will get 1 hour ERT (Extended Ride Time) on the parks most thrilling attractions, Saw - The Ride, Stealth, Colossus and Nemesis Inferno!

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Cirque Du Freak

Thorpe Park have announced a new event for Easter 2010, "Cirque Du Freak" which will run between the 2nd and 5th April 2010. The event will feature insane shows throughout the day, from insane aerial shows to twisted contortionists and dark mind readers!

And if that's not enough, Britain's Got Talent stars, "Flawless" will take the stage in the Arena showing off some of their most inspirational dance acts! To make sure you don't miss out on any of the fun Thorpe Park have extended opening hours for these dates, opening at 9:30 and staying open right the way through till 7:00pm giving you plenty of chance to have a fun filled day!

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Park Open for 2010

Thorpe Park has now officially opened its gates for the 2010 season, opening its brand new all year round horror maze Saw Alive, A new horror experience themed around the 6 series of the Saw franchise. Along with this as we reported in our last update a series of other improvements across the park.

Dont forget to let us know what you think on the Mania Hub Forums!

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2010 Starts Here

Thorpe Park opened its gates to Annual Pass holders today to give us all an exclusive peak at the park before opening to the public on Thursday and we were there to bring you an exciting update!

As you already know, for 2010 the park has undergone a huge rebranding, love it or hate it there's no denying the park has clearly spent a lot of money, and it does show with much signage across the entire park being replaced to either fit in with the new brand, or just to neaten things up with gets a big thumbs up from us!

Along with this, from walking around you can tell a lot of time has gone into freshening up the park, the entire park has been "de-gummed" over the closed period, theming, which is often a hot subject between the parks biggest fans has been worked on, replaced and looking nice and fresh again. It's also nice to see many buildings and rides across the park have been repainted, giving the park a real fresh feel as you walk around.

But we don't expect you to take our word for it! Take a look below from photos from the weekend!

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On Park Update

Thorpe Park invited us on park for an exclusive preview of the upcoming 2010 season and we a pleased to bring you a photo update from the day! The most noticeable changes have taken place in the Admissions area of the park, it has been entirely repainted and all signs around the area have been replaced and updated with the new park brand. Saw Alive - Thorpe Parks new live action horror maze is now in place and the area, themed to Saw fits in well with the area and looks like it will be a good addition to the parks line up.

There have also been changes on park, many areas and rides have had a lick of paint or have had some work to improve the presentation, the parks audio system has been worked on and is sounding as good as ever, new theming has also appeared, most notably in the way of a huge shark being erected at Amity Cove KFC!

Click Here to see our closed season archive for all the images from the day!

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Annual Pass Day 2010

Today Thorpe Park confirmed it will be holding an Annual Pass day on Sunday 14th March 2010, this will give annual pass holders an exclusive opportunity to experience Saw Alive, the brand new live horror maze opening on the Thorpe Belle this year.

Thorpe Park have stated on their official facebook page they expect all rides to be in operation, and that annual pass holders have a chance to bring up to 2 friends who are not annual pass holders, for a fee of £15 each. The park will be open from 10:00 - 17:00

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Saw Alive Update

Today Thorpe Park have sent us a photo update on the construction on Saw Alive, The parks new live action horror maze opening in the 2010 season. As you can see from the images, like Saw - The Ride we can look forward to a high standard of theming detail throughout the attraction.

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New Site Out

This week Thorpe Park released phase 1 of their brand new website for the upcoming 2010 season. The site has been redesigned by Semantic, who have a long history building high quality websites for the park in years gone by.

The site features a whole new branding image for the New Year, with a huge concentration on the parks target audience, Thrill Seekers in a nicely designed clean and easy to use layout. The site is due to be updated with more information on the upcoming season in the next couple of months in the run up to the new season!

Take a look for yourself on

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New 2010 Annual Pass

Today Merlin released details of its new annual passes released for the 2010 season. This year we see two types of Annual Passes, a Standard Annual Pass (Priced at £150) and a Premium Annual Pass (Priced at £200).

The Premium Annual Pass offers unlimited and unrestricted access to all attractions, whilst the standard Annual Pass will not gain entry to The London Eye, Madame Tussauds, London Dungeons & the London Aquarium during August & selected dates, plus access to Thorpe Park during Fright Nights will be restricted and will include a £5 entry fee.

This year we see new benefits including unlimited coke capsule refills for only £10 for the entire season at selected attractions & 50% off entry to the International Merlin Attractions.

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Snow 2010

Whilst the snow is causing chaos up and down the country, it's looking very pretty at Thorpe Park and we are pleased to present you with a selection of images taken from within the park this morning under a fresh layer of snow!

In addition, look out for the image of Saw -Alive, the new horror maze opening at Thorpe Park in 2010 which is currently being themed.


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Saw Alive Concept Art

Today Thorpe Park have sent us a new concept art image showing Saw Alive - The new live action horror maze opening in 2010.

The image shows the re-themed Thorpe Belle which will house the attraction along with some general theming around the area, similar to Saw - The Rides.

We look forward to bringing you more exclusive information and images from Saw Alive in the new year!

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Saw Alive Plans

This month Thorpe Park submitted its plans for Saw Alive to Runnymede Borough Council, giving us an insight of just some of what's to come in the new year.

The plans show the completed path to the existing Saw - The Ride island, along with the plans for the horror maze's queue line which also looks to feature some theming to fit in with the Saw theme. The plans also confirm the much speculated location of the maze, which will be on The Thorpe Belle, which has been un-used for over a year since the education centre moving.

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2009 Season Ends

After another successful season, Today, THORPE PARK closed its gates for the last time in 2009, marking the end of the season.

We look forward to 2010 where we see Saw - Alive - An all year round live action horror maze opening in Spring 2010!

Remember to check back on Thorpe Park Mania for all the latest information as we start the countdown to open day 2010!

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SAW Alive Details

Earlier this week Thorpe Park Mania were the first to reveal the news we have all been awaiting, what we will see new for 2010 - SAW Alive, a brand new all year round horror maze, and today THORPE PARK have released further details on the new attraction for 2010.

With the huge success of SAW - The Ride, which launched in March 2009, THORPE PARK has seen visitor numbers increase significantly against 2008, despite the global economic downturn. Today, the nation's Thrill Capital has announced they will launch SAW Alive, a year round live action horror maze, in Spring 2010 to firmly establish themselves as the ultimate theme park experience for thrill seekers.

Based on Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures' SAW movies, the most popular horror film franchise in history, SAW Alive will be the world's most extreme horror attraction and with the latest installment in the series, SAW VI, premiered on Friday 23rd October, THORPE PARK will be inviting visitors to 'Face Your Fears' in their new terrifying attraction next year.

Like the films, SAW Alive will test the nerve of all who dare enter it and visitors will be at the mercy of the series' master manipulator, Jigsaw. THORPE PARK's year round live action horror maze will be the first of its kind at a theme park that does not only focus around the Halloween period, and will feature six iconic scenes from the six films released to date. The attraction will also incorporate a photo opportunity to capture terrified guests as they're subjected to the horror of the maze.

Mike Vallis, Divisional Director of THORPE PARK comments, "THORPE PARK has seen incredible growth year-on-year since the Park was repositioned 5 years ago as the nation's Thrill Capital - through our programme of regular and continued investment in our thrilling rides, attractions and events."

Marketing Director of THORPE PARK Vicki Smith says, "SAW Alive is definitely only for the brave, and coupled with SAW - The Ride, the new attraction will add an extremely thrilling edge to an already adrenaline packed breadth of thrills on offer. We're certain the SAW theme will send heart beats pumping and will satisfy the appetite of those in search of the ultimate live action experience."

"Anybody who has sat through a SAW film terrified beyond belief will have some idea of what's in store for them at THORPE PARK as SAW Alive is going to be shocking and intense to really enhance the experience they will get alongside SAW - The Ride. We have worked closely with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures on this project to ensure total accuracy of the key elements of the SAW films."

Lionsgate UK COO Guy Avshalom added, "As the SAW brand continues to grow we are very happy to be extending our relationship with THORPE PARK with SAW Alive. With the recent release of SAW VI and the success of SAW - The Ride we are delighted that SAW Alive will allow the fans of the franchise to experience fear on a new level. This is an exciting time for SAW fans nationwide."

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Are you ready to FACE YOUR FEARS and enter a new dimension of SAW? Coming Spring 2010 an ALL NEW SAW experience, SAW ALIVE. A brand new walk through horror maze experience for you to enter. Are you ready for SAW ALIVE?

After much speculation regarding the upcoming 2010 season Thorpe Park Mania can confirm that we will see a new horror maze opening in the park in Spring 2010, "SAW - ALIVE HORROR MAZE".

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Fright Nights Return

So you thought the games were over? You were wrong. Fright Nights is back for 2009 and scarier than ever with the all new Saw: The Ride comes alive! Experience Saw like you've never experienced it before, as Jigsaw gets set to take the game to a whole new level. You'll have to face your fears all over again as you enter the new live action horror queue line, the first of its kind. Come face to face with Jigsaw's accomplices, and watch in horror as his sickening traps spring into action.

And in true Saw fashion, just when you thought the games were over, it's time for level 2 with Saw: Movie bite. Get ready to squirm and scream at some of the most gut wrenching and sickening scenes from Saw play to those who dare to watch. Strictly not for the faint hearted, and under 18's.

If that hasn't got your pulse racing then maybe The Aslyum, HellGate, The Curse, and Se7en will, as they return for more. Expect all new twists and turns that are guaranteed to have you running for the door; if you can find it.

It's a whole new park after dark.

Don't forget Thorpe Park Mania will be there this Sunday (18th October) for our Annual Fright Nights meetup. Come along for the ride, if you dare, if not, check back on Thorpe Park Mania for a full review of this years event!

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Stealth ERT Announced For ManiaHub

Join us on the 3rd of October when Thorpe Park Mania goes 'Stealth side'. For a full half hour Stealth will be closed to the public so TPM members can enjoy reduced queuing times on the park's signature ride, Stealth!

If that's not got you firing on all cylinders then maybe the chance to meet new people with the same interests will. People of all ages and size* are welcome, so feel free to come along for the ride.

If you wish to attend this exclusive ride session, then head on over to the Mania Hub forums and post in the trip topic.

*height restrictions apply.

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2009 Fright Nights Prep

Studios North are on park and preparations for the 2009 Fright Nights are already well underway! The walls at The Asylum have been constructed, along with the attractions sign and entrance into the maze, cleaning is also being undertaken throughout

the area. Neptune's Beach has been drained and cleared for The Curse which was new for 2008 with construction also underway with the base being constructed. Hell Gate's entrance has also been erected.

Along with this Thorpe Park have announced important information regarding ticketing for this year's Fright Nights. Following on from trials last year, selected dates of this year's event will be strictly pre book only for all visitors, including Annual Pass holders. As of now, the dates you must pre-book are between October 24th and November 1st, meaning annual pass holders have
the chance to brave Fright Nights without pre booking between October 12th and October 23rd . If you as an annual pass holder and wish to visit during the Pre Book only selection, the following prices apply:*

Book before 14th September: £2
Book from 15th September: £5.*

We recommended you check the official Thorpe Park website at for the latest information, including information regarding Non Annual Pass holders.

Dont forget, the Annual Thorpe Park Mania Fright Nights meetup will be held on Sunday 18th October, meaning this is within the period where pre-booking is not required, for more information Click Here!

Check back soon for more updates regarding Fright Nights!

*Information correct at time of writing (09-09-09)

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Sun Scream Over

Along with the sunny weather, Thorpe Parks new summer event Sun SCREAM is now coming to an end. Sun SCREAM bought to the park a number of additional attractions along with extended park opening hours. Here we will look back at what the event offered...

Moto - X Daredevils
The Extreme Moto-x Stunt show returned to Thorpe Park, the show which was extended for the summer featured a host of new extreme stunts, BMX bikers and a chance for the crowd to get involved with Judges being picked from the audience to help determine the best stunts on the day!

Festival Vibes
Throughout the sunny August weekends, Thorpe Park played host to performances, including tributes to the musical legends such as Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Pink, all held on Neptune's Beach creating a great atmosphere whilst the acts were held.

What's the worst that could happen?
Thorpe Park gave its bravest guests a chance to compete against fellow Thrill Seekers, in a series of exciting and nerve-wracking rounds giving you a chance to claim for fame, and be crowned champion in front of fellow guests.

Along with this, the wacky Fungineers returned, making sure the fun was not lacking across the park, The EA Hub returned as-well as the Play Station PSP bus giving thrill hunters a chance to experience all the latest games on the latest technology.

To celebrate, Thorpe Park Mania held its latest meet up, which was a huge success and fun was had by all!

Heres to Fright Nights!

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No More BO

The summer has finally arrived, and to tackle the hot weather, Thorpe Park have said No to BO!
From tomorrow, THORPE PARK will be banning vistors from riding their star attractions with their hands in the air when temperatures top 25oC in a bid to crack down on summer B.O. complaints as terrified Brits sweat it out in queue lines of the Park's big rides.

The unprecendented ban will kickstart on Wednesday 19th August when temparatures are expected to reach 29oC, making it the hottest recorded day of the month, and will involve the implementation of "Say No to B.O." signs in the queue lines of some of the Park's most terrifying rides including Stealth, Colossus and Nemesis Inferno.

Mike Vallis, Divisional Director at THORPE PARK comments: "It's been a bit of a rollercoaster summer in regards to the weather but we have found that when the temperature gauge tops 25oC the level of unpleasant smells can become unacceptable and we do receive complaints. Coupled with the fact that our rides are really scary and people sweat more than normal due to the fear and anticipate they experience whilst queuing up, it can get really pongy.
"Therefore, we felt a ban in temperatures of 25oC plus would be the best way of ensuring our guests have the most enjoyable experience and aren't exposed to any unsavoury armpits!"

THORPE PARK's dedicated 'thrillologist' Brendan Walker, who uses his uniquely developed 'Thrill Technology' to record the changing physiology of a rider during high-adrenaline forms of entertainment, adds: 'The anticipation and terror felt by people whilst queuing to get on really scary rides will certainly fuel the odour levels at THORPE PARK this summer. 'When people are scared they produce more sweat due to the sympathetic nervous system kicking in. This reaction will bring on what is commonly known as the 'fight or flight response', where humans decide whether to face the threat they are faced with head-on or flee from the scene. Those who don't bottle it and stick out the queue to go on the ride will produce lots of sweat as the skin's pores open up to cool the body down and prepare it for action. 'Because rides like Stealth are so scary - rocketing you 205ft high at speeds of 0-80mph in just 2 seconds - peoples' sweat pores will be working overtime. The other big rides on offer, including Colossus and Nemesis Inferno, are equally terrifying - so there is bound to be lots of fear-induced perspiration in these queues as well!'

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Sun Scream

Thorpe Park has released the latest details of its new summer event for 2009 "Sun SCREAM" sponsored by Dr Pepper.
The event will see a series of attractions, including:

Moto-X Daredevils The extreme Moto-X Show returns to Thorpe Park between the 22nd and 31st August, where you will be blown away by some of the most spectacular deaf defying stunts, which claims to put Thorpe Park's biggest thrill seekers to shame!

Festival Vibes Weekends throughout August Thorpe Park will host performances by a variety of acts, which will be sure to ensure a great atmosphere across the park!

What's the worst that could happen? Thorpe Park will give you the chance to compete against fellow thrill seekers in a series of exciting and nerve-wracking rounds for your claim to fame and be crowned champion!

Along with that, the Fungineers will return to the park throughout August, this crazy team of characters will be around the park, to make sure the maximum fun is had by all! The EA hub will also return to the park, giving you the chance to play the latest games on the latest technology such as PS3's and Xbox 360's. The park will be open till 8:00pm throughout August ensuring you have the maximum time to experience all the park has on offer!

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May Head Rush

Head Rush kicked off for the second time this year, retuning by popular demand for May Half Term. The show includes a host of death defying stunts, including a world record breaking 75ft jump.

Along with this, on Sunday 24th May, THORPE PARK celebrated it's 30th Birthday!
Check our our pictures from May's Head Rush event below.

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Head Rush Returns

Today Thorpe Park have announced that the "Head Rush" event will return to the park for the upcoming May half term. The event features extreme show, featuring a display of aerial acrobatics and thrilling crowds with death-defying 75ft back flips!

Quote from Merlin News Letter:

"Back by popular demand, Head Rush is returning to THORPE PARK for May Half-Term from Saturday 23rd to Sunday 31st May for X-treme stunts and X-treme rides!

Get ready to experience an intense mix of Moto X stunts as three of Britain's top freestyle Moto X riders, Dan Whitby, Jamie Squibb and John Pearson will be performing an awesome display of aerial acrobatics and thrilling crowds with death-defying 75ft back flips!

And if that's not enough, prepare for extreme thrills as you test your nerve on the world's most terrifying rollercoaster SAW - The Ride, as well as the Park's 'Unholy Trinity' of Stealth, Nemesis Inferno and Colossus."

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Head Rush 2009

Yesterday marked the end of 'Head Rush' 2009 and what a spectacular event it was!

Ramped up for 2009 an intense mix of Moto X riders, inline skaters and BMXers performed an awesome display of aerial acrobatics and thrilled crowds with 75ft back flips. The main show was located in the park's arena where five shows were put on throughout the day. Flares, fireworks, flame jets and loud music accompanied the shows adding real excitement! A big screen was also in place for spectators to view the action from every angle including the landing ramp and even on one of the Moto X rider's heads!

THORPE PARK has really raised the bar for next years 'Head Rush' event and we can't wait to see what the park has in store next!

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Tuesday 31st March 2009

Saw - The Ride has been open a few weeks now, and has received raving reviews from those who have rode the ride..

The theming inside the building is incredible, with an exceptionally high attention to detail inside the building. Saw - The Rides advertising campaign is also now under full swing, with TV and Radio adverts being regularly played. Click here to watch the full TV Advert!. We thought for our last update from the following of the ride construction we would treat you to some spectacular images from every aspect of the ride.

We hope you have enjoyed following the construction of Saw - The Ride on Thorpe Park Mania!

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Main Season Begins

On Saturday 14th March 2009 Thorpe Parks full season begun where Saw - The Ride was unleashed to the public. Unfortunately, due to a technical difficulty suffered, Saw - The Ride's opening was short lived and closed on Saturday and remained closed until Monday 16th March 2009 to which THORPE PARK responded with the following:

"THORPE PARK would like to apologise to anyone disappointed by the minor technical faults that have occurred over the opening weekend and would like people to be rest assured that we have a commitment to getting the ride running again as quickly as possibly. Gerstlauer have been onsite all weekend to rectify the problem and SAW - The Ride opened up this morning (Monday 16th March 2009)."

With full season opening, this meant a number of attractions reopened for the year including Rumba Rapids, Samurai and Canada Creek Railway, each with various visible improvements which have been carried out over the closed period.
Stealth, Loggers Leap and Slammer are also still undergoing their annual maintenance and are expected to open soon, Remember to check for the latest availability updates.

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Friday 13th March 2009

Today Saw - The Ride opened to guests for the first time with its Annual Pass event. Theming around the ride is incredible.

Expect a full review and many more high quality pictures from the day later this evening. Many thanks to for the supplied images.

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Thursday 12th March 2009

Thorpe Park opened its gates to coaster clubs from across the world, to try out Saw - The Ride before opening to the public on Saturday 14th March.. Unfortunately all didnt go to plan!

Saw - The Ride, was unfortunately unable to open due to a technical fault it suffered the night before. But, Thorpe Park still opened up the area for us to get a up close for the first time of some of the amazing theming which has been put up around the area. Saw - The Ride is planned to open for Annual Pass day tomorrow on Friday 13th March 2009.

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Open Day Countdown

With the Ultimate thrill chill now over, the countdown has begun to the parks full open day on Saturday 14th March 2009, where Saw - The Ride will open to guests for the first time. Along with Saw - The Ride, we will also from next week see a full selection of rides open, and work is well underway for the final 5 closed days till November!

Slammer has had its tops put back on, Tidal Wave has started to fill up and Stealth has had its cables put back on. Samurai, has been rebuilt, along with its and Colossus's queue lines receiving much needed extensions. Rides such as Nemesis Inferno and Detonator have received new signs keeping presentation around the park top notch ready for opening.

We look forward to full park opening, along with the opening of Saw - The Ride!

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Competition now closed

We would like to thank you all for the over-whelming response received from you for the competition to ride Saw - The Ride on Thursday 12th March 2009. The competition is now closed, and winners will be contacted shortly so make sure you keep an eye on your inbox's! Thanks again for all your entries!

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Sunday 8th March 2009

Today work was being carried out on the theming elements of the ride including the huge Saws above the first drop creating the head chopper effect.

Today we saw a look at some of the rides impressive theming in action, after work being carried out on them throughout the day, Saw's head chopper blades were spinning later in the day, along with the police car's lights and the flickering entrance sign lights.

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Saturday 7th March 2009

We are now in the final stages of construction, the area has been cleared of most machinery and work to clean up for opening has started.

Since our last update a few more themed signs have been put up around the area, the ride was testing, sound effects from the ride could be heard which included a police siren and Jigsaw's Laugh.. We look forward to riding on Thursday!

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Let the games begin

SAW - The Ride, the world's first ever horror movie themed rollercoaster, launches to the public on 14th March 2009 We are delighted to be able to offer you the opportunity to face your fears on Saw - The Ride, and ride it with the mania hub team before the launch on Thursday 12th March 2009 from 2:00pm till 3:00pm.

To be in with a chance to take up this opportunity, we want you to tell us in less than 150 words why we should invite you. Please email all entries to before 6:00pm Sunday evening, including your Name, Contact Email and Age. There are limited spaces available. Winners will be independently chosen. Let the games begin..

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Annual Pass Day

THORPE PARK today released details of an Annual Pass day, giving annual pass holders an exclusive opportunity to face your fears on Saw - The Ride on Friday 13th March, before the official park opening on March 14th 2009.

Along with Saw - The Ride, THORPE PARK will also be opening a selection of additional rides, including Colossus, Rush, Zodiac, Quantum and Vortex.

Pre-Booking is essential, so to guarantee your seat on Saw - The Ride, you must book in advance, Click Here for more information.

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Opening Preparation

With full park opening in less than 2 weeks now, work is well underway on site to prepare the park, getting it ready for open day.

There has been work across the park over the past closed week, with a lot of work going into presentation across the park, work carried out includes Vortex and Detonators platforms being repainted, Tidal Waves splash pool being repainted, along with the recently refurbished bridge being repainted to make sure it still fits in with the Amity Cove theming. Colossus's fountain has also been turned back on and is in the process of being cleaned out. The parks landscaping team have been busy, with many areas around the park being cut back, neatened up in preparation for the new season. The Flying Fish has also now opened to add to the Ultimate Thrill Chill line up.

Don't forget to check out our Saw - The Ride update by Clicking here!

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Sunday 1st March 2009

There has been much progress on the site since our last update, theming has been worked on around the whole area including the rides Shop and Entrance Signage.

Themeing has continued on site, the entrance sign has been put up, aswell as the rides future shop themed. A cage walk though has been erected on the path towards the ride to protect guests from falling objects. Various signs have been put up, and waiting to be put up around the queue line and area.

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Sunday 22nd February 2009

Work has continued on theming elements around the ride, including the plaza area and queue lines.

As you can see from the pictures, there has been much progress in the last few days. Signage has been put up at the entrance, which also reveals that there will be live actors in the queue line, also a Police car has appeared on site. Work on access to the rides island has been worked on. Barbed wire has also been put up on top of the chain link queue line.

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Park Improvements

With THORPE PARK now open, we are able to take a look at some of the smaller improvements which have been carried out on park for this year. It is obvious that much detail has gone into the parks general presentation, with rides around the park receiving work to improve their general presentation.

As you can see from the pictures, X:\ No Way Out entrance has been totally repainted; along with this the queue line and exit have been re-cladded and repainted. Tidal Wave is also currently receiving some work, with its station being repainted and metal work around the ride being blasted and cleaned of rust which has built up over the years. Neptune’s Kingdom has also been worked on with signs repainted and replaced where necercery.

With just under a month left until full park opening, we look forward to seeing what else is in store for us for the new season.

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Tuesday 17th February 2009

With THORPE PARK now open, we are able to see the fast pace of the continuing work on Saw - The Ride

Work is currently being carried out on more of the rides theming, along with the rides future plaza, block paving and brick work is currently being laid across the site, along with fencing around the island. Work on the rides future queue line has also progressed.

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Saturday 14th February

With THORPE PARK opening its gates for the first day of the season, we saw more of what's to come from Saw - The ride..

As you can see from the pictures, the station theming, along with q lines and ride theming has been worked on.

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Open day report

After a long and cold closed season, THORPE PARK today re-opened its gates for the first day of the 2009 season kicking off with the Ultimate Thrill Chill Event!

Despite the cold weather many turned up, but unfortunately the cold weather also brought limited ride availability with few rides available at park opening, but with temperatures steadily rising, ride availability improved with most rides open by 12pm. Queues around the park were minimal, helped with rides running closer to full capacity than previous years such as Nemesis Inferno running 2 train operation.

It was obvious that around the park much effort has been put in to make things look fresh and new for the new season, this included Nemesis Inferno with the trains nicely cleaned up and gleaming again, Tidal Wave, with the station in the middle of being fully repainted and the bridge being blasted and neatened up. X:\ No Way Out was also on the receiving end of some TLC with the Entrance and bag room being repainted, the Q line has also been worked on with the walls being re-built and the floor being repainted making it look much smarter for the new season.

With full park opening fast approaching, work is being carried out on the remaining attractions which are yet to open, along with Saw – The Ride which is looking great Click here for more information .

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Friday 6th February 2009

Today THORPE PARK have gave us more of a peek at whats to come from Saw - The Ride!

In the latest picture from THORPE PARK we are able to see some of the exceptional detail going into the rides theming and surrounding area.

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Monday 2nd February 2009

In our latest Saw - The Ride update we see the latest developments, under 6 inches of snow!

As you can see in the pictures, much progress as been made on the ride Queue Lines, along with the exterior Station theming. We also get a glimpse at the themed test seat waiting to be installed.

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Snow Days

With Thorpe Park's opening now only ten days away, to help whet your appetite, the park has sent Thorpe Park Mania, pictures of a very snowy park.

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Friday 30th January 2009

Saw - The Ride testing is now in full swing, and we are pleased to bring you pictures from that today!

Our latest set of pictures show the highly detailed ride cars around various sections around the track.

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Saw The Ride Testing

Thorpe Park Mania exclusively reveal the very first footage of Saw - The Ride Testing...

Rumoured to be filmed during the rides very first test runs on December 13th 2008, here we exclusively unveil footage of Saw - The Ride testing.

Please remember to Digg it and spread the word.

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Saw - The Ride Testing!

Thorpe Park Mania exclusively reveal the very first footage of Saw - The Ride Testing...

Rumoured to be filmed during the rides very first test runs on December 13th 2008, here we exclusively unveil footage of Saw - The Ride testing.

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Fungle Safari Removal

Speculation regarding the future of Miss Hippos Fungle Safari was today settled, when THORPE PARK confirmed to us that the ride will be removed from the park for the 2009 season.

Opening back in the early 90's the ride is almost 20 years old, what with the parks audience changing dramatically in that time along with rising costs, the decision was made to remove the ride.

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Friday 9th January 2009

Happy New Year from Thorpe Park Mania! In our first update from the year we see an exclusive peak at the new ride cars

Our latest set of pictures from Saw - The Ride construction coverage shows 2 images taken of the rides Cars. You can see in the images the cars will feature both the THORPE PARK logo and Saw - The ride logo, along with blood spats along the side.

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Ultimate Thrill Chill 09

Today Thorpe Park have released the latest information about the returning Ultimate Thrill Chill event in 2009. The park will open on Saturday 14th February.The event is primarily marketed to Thrill Seekers prepared to brave the cold to take on Thorpe Parks most thrilling rides for the first time this year, meaning the majority of rides available are the thrill rides, including Stealth, Colossus, Rush and Vortex.

Tickets will cost just �20 on the day, and �16.50 when booked online in advance. If you manage to book online before the 13th February, one adult ticket will cost just �15.

Current ride lineup:
Nemesis Inferno
X:\No Way Out
Time Voyagers
Mr Monkey's Banana Ride
Chief Rangers Carousel
Octopus Garden

For further information see

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2009 Season

The official Thorpe Park website has been refreshed and re-launched today, giving us the latest information regarding the upcoming 2009 season! The park will open for the annual "Ultimate Thrill Chill" event on Saturday 14th February 2009, remaining open until Sunday 22nd February, and will then remain open weekends leading up to the official season opening on Saturday March 14th 2009.

Along with this Thorpe Park have revealed the latest prices for the season. Entry to the park will cost 35 on the day, and 24 online, meaning a saving of over 30% when booking online. Merlin Annual Pass prices have also increased and will cost 150 for a new pass and 100 for a renewal. A Thorpe Park annual pass is 68.

For further information see

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Tuesday 23rd December 2008

In our latest on-site update, we can see more progress on theming, along with a first look Canada Creek Railway testing..

We are pleased to bring an early Christmas present for Thorpe Park fans, our latest update shows more of Saw's theming, part of the outside queue-line and how CCR re-construction has gone. Enjoy!

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Friday 12th December 2008

For the first time, Today THORPE PARK have shown us just a glimpse of just what we can expect from Saw - The Rides theming

In our latest on-site update we show you the new "Head Chopper" theming element which has recently been installed on the ride, which relates to the concept art released previously.

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The Origin of Dylan

Whilst the enthusiast community and general public awaited the name announcement for the 2009 coaster at THORPE PARK, many speculated on the meaning and relevance of the project name, especially after the last major coaster instalment kept its name, Stealth.

We can now reveal that the name Dylan has no relevance at all, and the project was named after the Marketing Director's cat, Dylan.

Stealth inherited its project name after continuous searching and deliberating of the possibilities, not one suggestion lived up to the name that the Park had all become accustomed to calling the ride. Due to this, the project team wanted to have a name that would be completely random and irrelevant. The first 'off-the-cuff', irreverent thought that came up was of The Magic Roundabout. From there it was decided to name the project after one of the just so happened that the Marketing Director's cat also had the same name as one of them...Dylan, decision made!

Cat Fact File

Name: Dylan
Description: Ginger, stripy cat
Manufacturer: Moggie
Born: 2002
From: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
Max Speed: 30mph
Max Height: 1ft (ish)
Max Drop: Depends how he feels, but he always lands on his feet.

Coaster Fact File

Name: Project Dylan
Description: Euro-Fighter
Manufacturer: Gerstlauer
Born: 2008
From: Munich, Germany
Max Speed: TBC
Max Height: 100ft
Max Drop: 100°

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Saw The Ride Renderings

We are pleased to bring you the very latest from Thorpe Parks new roller-coaster, Saw - The Ride. Here we see renderings of Saw - The Ride's Station, and a Stairwell within the ride's building. As you can see, there has been huge attention paid to every detail for the themeing planned.

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Saw The Ride Update

Thorpe Park Mania are pleased to exclusively unveil the latest pictures from Thorpe Parks latest ride, Saw - The Ride.

In this update, we get our first chance to get a proper look at the fully erected track behind Samurai. Click here to view the update.

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Wednesday 19th November 2008

We are pleased to once again bring you another update, right from Saw - The Ride's construction site!

In our latest on-site update you can see some unique shots of twisting turning track behind Samurai, along with shots from one of the brake runs!

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Thorpe Park Mania are pleased to unveil a feature to TPM "Questions to THORPE PARK"! This will give you an exclusive opportunity to submit your questions, directly, and THORPE PARK endeavour to answer as many as they can!

To make use of this exclusive opportunity, you must first be a member on our Forum, From there, you can submit the questions you have allways wanted to ask to the park in the "Questions to THORPE PARK" forum!

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2008 Season Ends

The Thorpe Park 2008 season drew to an end yesterday hosting its annual Thorpe Blast event. The event consisted of loud party music being pumped out replacing the rides general theme, which created an amazing party atmosphere leading up to the spectacular Firework Display, once again hosted across the lake with fireworks set to this years latest songs, which in many people's opinions, was a better display than last years!

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Thorpe Blast Returns

Thorpe Blast returns with a bang to Thorpe Park! Between Friday 7th November and Sunday 9th November, Thorpe Park will be lighting up the sky's with their annual Firework Display! The display, which is set over the lake features some of this years most popular songs,

Sonny J - Can't Stop Moving
Utah Saints - Something Good is Going to Happen
Take That - Rule the World
Fat Boy Slim - Right Here Right Now
The Prodigy - Firestarter

And if Fireworks are not your thing, rides will be open until 8:00pm so you can enjoy all your favourite rides, in the dark!

Book now at to avoid disappointment!

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Fright Night 2008 Ends

Now Fright Nights 2008 has drawn to a close, Ian and Marc of Thorpe Park Mania take a look back at what has been without a doubt one of the more eventful Fright Nights in recent years.

With the introduction of a new attraction (The Curse), as well the return and improvement of previous attractions, the park didn't fail to meet our expectations.

The Asylum

Returning back to the mental hospital from hell was an interesting experience. With the loud sirens and bright flashing strobe lights it was very disorientating from the moment we stepped in, right the way through to being chased out by an chainsaw yielding madman.

The Asylum is one of those mazes that either scares you or doesn't. The performers are supported largely by the disorientating effects which obviously affect people differently.


The parks joint oldest Fright Night attraction came back this year, with a few minor makeovers. Actors seemed to be very well placed compared to previous years which enhanced the experience.

The overall experience seemed to follow really well and effects other than those instigated by the performers worked equally well.


Se7en is one of those attractions where your group really decides how much you enjoy it. If you get into the story and explore the rooms, looking and smelling the finest details you really are able to have a fantastic time.

For this year, some work was done to the attraction including lighting and sound systems. However, certain parts of the attraction that were not effective previously have been removed such as the end section trapping guests in the cage to represent the sin of "Greed".

The Curse

We were invited to jump on board a shipwrecked victim of a previous Tidal Wave and see what happens when sailors turn to zombies.

The Curse, unlike the other attractions (excluding se7en maybe) provided a more detailed scenic experience. The theming was 2nd to none on park, which was perhaps at the expense of performers. Going through the maze with a full contingent of performers provided an exciting experience. The performers, when in larger numbers, were placed in far more interesting positions than when less were in the maze.

Circus of Horrors

Circus of Horrors like in all previous seasons never ceases to amaze and turn our stomachs. The attraction returned back to its home in the Time Voyager's Theatre where 7 different performances were conducted. The many different freakish acts showed the human body pushed to it limits. The performances like always were fully attended and provided a welcome relief to many guests wishing for a break from the rides.

General Park Theming

The park itself this year seemed to have had less attention paid to theming compared to previous years. The rides (that is with the exception of Nemesis Inferno) had less atmosphere which seemed to make the park itself feel more like a late opening event rather than a Fright Night. The exception was Nemesis Inferno which received a "Hell Freezes Over" treatment for this years event.

Fright Night 2008, Q's, Fastrack and Reliability

This year is without a doubt one of the worst years for Q's. Whilst the park didn't hit capacity over multiple days (such as in previous years) guests did flock in their thousands. Combined with some reliability issues this caused some unhappy guests. Crediting the park, gate figures were limited to control the Q's and sales of Fastrack on rides were suspended and only pre-booked Fastrack was taken. It is good to see that as things took a turn for the worse the park was fast to react and in a good way.

Overall I would say Fright Nights 2008 were very successful and hopefully this will once again secure the future of the event for many seasons to come.

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We are Recruiting

Thorpe Park Mania and Maniahub are currently recruiting several new team members. For this we have created a new dedicated mini-site, which will show all current and future team vacancies for Maniahub.

Whilst all our positions are unpaid (we are a non-profit organisation after all) we still seek to employ a strong team, as this is what we think has made Thorpe Park Mania and Maniahub what it is today.

So do you think you have what it takes?

Remember we are one of the leading UK Theme Park websites and we attract literally thousands of users each month. Don't let that put you off though, we all get along and have a laugh along the way too!

We are currently looking for Content Moderators and CSS / Graphic Designers, however if you have got a skill that you think we might need (NoLimits and RCT 3 included) then drop us an email.

We wish you all the best of luck to apply visit See you soon!

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Sunday 2nd November 2008

Saw - The Ride's huge station framework is now complete, only now are we able to see the huge scale of the rides Station Building

Work is now continuing on the Stations cladding work, along with electrical installations at the ride.

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SAW The Ride

Today, in the latest instalment of Project Dylan videos , THORPE PARK have unveiled Saw - The Ride, claimed to be the worlds scariest ride yet!

Press Release:

The UK's thrill-capital, THORPE PARK, leading next generation film studio LIONSGATE (NYSE: LGF) and TWISTED PICTURES today announced that they will launch SAW - The Ride, the world's first ever horror movie-themed rollercoaster, in Spring 2009. Based on Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures "Saw" franchise, the most profitable horror franchise in movie history, SAW - The Ride is the scariest ride in the world. The latest installment in the series, 'Saw V,' premieres on Friday 24th October, and THORPE PARK will be inviting visitors to 'Face Your Fears' on their new terrifying attraction next year.

Like the films, THORPE PARK's new rollercoaster will test the nerve of all who dare ride it and visitors will be at the mercy of the series' master manipulator, Jigsaw. The ultimate test of SAW - The Ride will be a 'beyond vertical' drop of 100 degrees from a height of 100ft, making it the steepest freefall drop in the world. Riders will also endure three inversions that will add another dimension to a whole new experience of adrenaline-fuelled fun for thrill seekers.

SAW - The Ride continues the growth of the 'Saw' franchise as an international cultural touchstone. The original 2004 'Saw' launched a new wave in horror films and introduced a bona fide icon of terror: Jigsaw, the philosophically inclined psychopath with an exacting moral agenda and a genius for gruesome games of survival, 'played' with those he believes have ceased to value and appreciate the gift of life. Ratcheting up tension and invention with each successive film, the 'Saw' franchise has become a part of the zeitgeist while jangling nerves around the world. To date, the four 'Saw' titles have taken in over $550 million in worldwide theatrical box office and their combined gross DVD sales are nearly 24 million units.
Candy Holland, Creative Director for Merlin Entertainments Resort Theme Parks, is the woman behind the ride and arguably has Britain's scariest and most exciting job. She is an extreme thrill enthusiast and will draw on her extensive background in theme park and theatre set design, working with the project team to make it the scariest ride in the world. Candy was also responsible for the creative development of THORPE PARK's Stealth ride, Se7en maze, and Oblivion and Air at Alton Towers Resort.

Candy Holland comments, "I'm a huge fan of horror films and am utterly relishing creating the scariest ride in the world. Anybody who has sat through a 'Saw' film scared and terrified beyond belief will have some idea of what's in store for them at THORPE PARK. SAW - The Ride is going to be shocking and intense..both physically and psychologically..and is sure to give you nightmares.

"We have worked in close collaboration with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures on this project to ensure total accuracy of the key elements of the 'Saw' films, which when combined with the latest rollercoaster technology will create a phenomenal ride experience."

Marketing Director of THORPE PARK Carolyn London says, "SAW - The Ride is definitely only for the brave, and will add an element of edge to an already adrenaline packed breadth of thrills on offer. We're certain the 'Saw' theme will set pulses racing and will satisfy the appetite of those in search of the ultimate exhilarating experience."

'Saw' producers and Twisted Pictures principals Mark Burg and Oren Koules remark, "We love scaring people, and SAW - The Ride is a whole new way to do it. The team at THORPE PARK have really impressed us with their grasp of the 'Saw' universe and with their dedication to creating a truly edgy attraction."

Guy Avshalom, Lionsgate COO, and Aubrey McClure, Lionsgate Vice President of Promotions, Licensing & Merchandising, add, "SAW - The Ride is a reflection of how thoroughly the 'Saw' franchise has crossed over into pop culture at large. We are delighted to be working with THORPE PARK to continue that expansion with the scariest ride in the world."

The new ride will be the Park's fourth major rollercoaster, joining an already impressive portfolio of extreme ride experiences, including Stealth - Europe's fastest rollercoaster, Colossus - the world's first ten looping rollercoaster and Nemesis Inferno - the 4.5 G-force experience.

THORPE PARK will open for the full 2009 season on Saturday 14th March but to preview the ride visit For further information please log onto

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Thursday 9th October 2008

The Project Dylan track has now been completed. In our latest update you can see the rides exciting layout which features many tight twists and turns.

Now work will focus on the rides electrical systems, as well as the station building, which a lot of the frame work has already been constructed. Many thanks to THORPE PARK for the update.

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Monday 29th September 2008 - Onsite!

This update shows the completed Vertical lift hill and 100 degree beyond vertical drop in all its glory.

Many thanks to THORPE PARK for the update.

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TPM Official

Thorpe Park Mania is happy to announce that we are now the 'Official THORPE PARK Fansite'. This is an excellent opportunity for the Park to reach out to its fans of which they have a shown a strong interest in doing so as of late, with events such as 'Behind the Loops' for its most dedicated fans.

Partnering with THORPE PARK means we're able to bring you great new content, such as on-site Project Dylan construction updates, as well as the Park's views on the latest news and issues.

Peter Ronchetti, THORPE PARK Divisional Director, comments: "We are delighted to confirm that we have given Thorpe Park Mania the title of 'Official THORPE PARK Fansite'. The team have created a fresh and exciting website that fits well with our brand. The dedication and creativity they have shown in creating the site caught our attention and we just couldn't ignore it! We hope this will provide a fruitful relationship and the information sharing channels can help us communicate easily to our most enthusiastic fans."

As well as all this, we're pleased to present our new Project Dylan construction site, with improved organisation of updates, and an improved RSS you'll never miss an update.

We hope you continue to enjoy and visit the No.1, and now 'Official THORPE PARK Fansite': Thorpe Park Mania.

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Tower Complete

Today the most iconic part of Thorpes new thrill machine was completed, the beyond vertical drop.

The final parts were lifted into place this afternoon, transforming Thorpes skyline once again. The 97 degree drop is expected to allow the cars to reach speeds of over 50mph.

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Friday 26th September 2008

We are pleased to bring you some more shots right from the Project Dylan construction site this afternoon.

This time we see the progress on the main vertical lift hill and the 100 degree beyond vertical drop! Thank-you to Thorpe Park for this update.

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Back on the Dylan Site

We're very pleased to bring you another update, from the Project Dylan construction site. As we can see, the loop is now completed, as well as half the lift hill tower. Thanks to Thorpe Park for the photos.

Disclaimer: It's very dangerous to enter construction sites, these pictures have been supplied by Thorpe Park.

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Tuesday 23rd September 2008

In todays update you can see more progress on the rides 2nd Inversion, which now is almost completed and will shortly be disappearing out of view into Canada Creek behind Samurai.

Along with this, more track has been completed leading out of the inline twist which will be in the main building. Also visible in pictures, is what looks like the start of the huge station framework is being constructed.

Many thanks to SilPho for the update.

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More Loop Action

You're spoilt, yet another update! Martin has sent in some more pictures of the loop that went up today, in ultra Hi Res, wallpaper size.Enjoy, and thanks Martin!

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Dylan Loop

Today the Immelman loop was completed. The ride is now really starting to take shape, pictures below.

Thanks to Matt for the update!

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Dylan On Site

Today Thorpe Park Mania is very happy to present some exclusive on site photographs, supplied by Thorpe Park! The photos show the track up close and personal as well as in depth look onto the construction site. We can see what will eventually be the bottom of the lift hill, lifting pieces into place, the lift hill motor, and an assortment of other track goodness. Take a look below, or on our Project Dylan Mini Site.

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Today Thorpe Park Mania is very happy to present some exclusive on site photographs, supplied by Thorpe Park!

The photos show the track up close and personal as well as in depth look onto the construction site. We can see what will eventually be the bottom of the lift hill, lifting pieces into place, the lift hill motor, and an assortment of other track goodness. Take a look below.

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The Curse

After a long wait Thorpe Park have unveiled their new scare attraction for this years Fright Nights. The new maze is titled "The Curse" and will be positioned on Neptune's Kingdom. The maze will be accessed via Amity Cove, as the ride is based around a ship wrecked on the isles of Amity.

In an interview with Laura Sinclair, the entertainments manager of Fright Nights, she said:

The Curse is going to be a brand new maze attraction telling the chilling story of a cursed ship that has recently washed up on Amity beach. Years ago a fishing vessel went to sea and the Captains daughter who was in love with a lowly crewman, secretly stowed away. Through a cruel twist of fate the pair of them got washed over board and an evil curse fell upon the ship.

Now 50 years later, the Spirit of Amity has mysteriously sailed back to Amity beach and a crack team of forensic experts are investigating the remains of the ship to find out what happened to everyone on board!

Fright Nights begins on the 13th of October and lasts until the 2nd of November.

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2009 Statement

On the 13th of August, a shocking development was made on the development site of Thorpes new roller coaster, involving a metallic box, and the disappearance of blue prints for the ride. The source and the contents of the box is currently unknown, but an internal investigation was immediately implemented. We cannot disclose details of the device activated when the box was opened, however a number of items were found inside, a key, a photo of an unknown individual, and this note:

You have until the 13th of October to prepare yourself until I pull back the curtain and reveal the nightmare. Your time is running out.

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2009 - Statement

It's that time of the month once again, the 13th, meaning THORPE PARK has once again released a new, rather cryptic, video. The whole video is centered around a statement issued by Peter Ronchetti, the parks Divisional Director. The statement reads as follows:

On the 13th of August, a shocking development was made on the development site of Thorpes new roller coaster, involving a metallic box, and the disappearance of blue prints for the ride. The source and the contents of the box is currently unknown, but an internal investigation was immediately implemented. We cannot disclose details of the device activated when the box was opened, however a number of items were found inside, a key, a photo of an unknown individual, and this note:

You have until the 13th of October to prepare yourself until I pull back the curtain and reveal the nightmare. Your time is running out.

See the video for yourself on the parks official YouTube account

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Zero G Complete

Today the Zero G section of Project Dylan has been completed. It's taken only 3 days to erect what you see so far.

Next up, the loop! Thanks James for the pictures!

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Fright Night Update

More work is visible around the park as they prepare for Fright Nights starting on the 13th October 2008! Since our last update, showing the fully cleared smaller side of the beach, the floor has been laid and planked out for the attraction, covering almost the whole of the small beach. There was also work being carried out on Hell Gate, with a Studios North van parked out side the attraction.

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Thursday 11th September 2008

Construction has really stepped up a gear now with track being put up and delivered at a rapid rate!

The rides first drop is in place which is an almost vertical plunge into a huge trench round a bend into a break run. Station track is also being erected.

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Fright Night Preparation

Preparation is now well under way for Thorpe Parks annual Fright Night event. One side of the beach has been cleared of sand and the slides removed from the pool, for what we understand to be the new attraction for this year, a 4th horror maze. The Asylum exit has been constructed with a new themed exit for the attraction. It has also been confirmed that the event will once again be sponsored by Fanta.

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Sunday 19th September 2008

The huge slab foundation for the station has made alot of progress since our last update, and as you can tell from pictures, its going to be one huge station. There is also a deep underground part to the foundation but its not clear what this will be for yet. Other foundations have also started to be constructed, around the station area and behind Samurai.

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Behind the Loops

Thorpe Park today emailed the winners of its "Behind the loops" competition. The latest competition from the park was an opportunity for fan boys and girls alike to be taken 'behind the loops' and see backstage of the park. Winners also have the opportunity for a question and answers session with the management. All you had to do was describe in under 200 words or less, why you should be taken 'behind the loops'.

TPM was invited, however photography will not be permitted on the tour. For those of you unlucky enough not to be invited, we want to know what were you planning to ask the management? Sound off in the forum and have your say!

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Mobile Zone

This week Thorpe Park unveiled their new 'Mobile Phone' service in association with EA Games, titled "THORPE PARK MOBILE ZONE". The Mobile Phone application is a full park guide, reviewing the vast majority of the parks rides, along with information on park photography, eating and shopping and tickets. The application also sell's some of the latest chart ringtones, games and other content which is not directly associated with the park.The application also contains an instant messenger supporting the most popular messenger clients such as MSN and Google Talk, which the park say is for "to chat with your friends at the park". To download this application on your phone Thorpe Park have posted instructions on their website.
Charges apply for select content apply. Normal operator charges will also apply for connection to the service via GPRS/Edge.

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Sunday 17th August 2008

Progress continues on the Dylan site, pile drivers are on-site which will be used to create the deep foundations required for the ride. Work has also been ongoing on the future station for the ride, and a future access route from the Colossus area.

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Video Series: Discovery

Today Thorpe Park released a new video, in what appears to be the first of many to come.

The video is titled "Discovery" and starts with a wide shot of the park skyline, before sharply flicking to what appears to be a man covered in blood stains. The video then proceeds to construction site workers going about there day, until one of them discovers a red box buried in the ground, with 13 scratched into the lid. The construction worker opens the box, only to yelp and jump back, which the screen then cuts out. The date 13.09.08 appears, whilst in the background screams can be heard "Jim!", etc.

To see the video yourself check it out below, or head over to the official Thorpe Park YouTube.

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Saturday 9th August 2008

Work has progressed on the huge foundations for the rides station, which is also currently being filled with concrete, Along with this, there has been a steady stream of new materials arriving on the site.

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2009: Discovery

Today was the big day in many fans eyes, the 13.08.08, which Thorpe Park in a previous video posted had stated something would occur. Today they released a new video, in what appears to be the first of many to come.

The video is titled "Discovery" and starts with a wide shot of the park skyline, before sharply flicking to what appears to be a man covered in blood stains. The video then proceeds to construction site workers going about there day, until one of them discovers a red box buried in the ground, with 13 scratched into the lid. The construction worker opens the box, only to yelp and jump back, which the screen then cuts out. The date 13.09.08 appears, whilst in the background screams can be heard "Jim!", etc.

To see the video yourself check it out below, or head over to the official Thorpe Park YouTube.

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August Action

This summer Thorpe Park is holding a feast of events between the dates of the 8th and the 24th of August. Read below for a breakdown of the summer festivities.

Streetball Extreme From the 8th to the 10th of August why not go see Streetball Extreme, who have created "a new style of basketball with their high octane version of the infamous Harlem Globetrotters."

Chupa Chubs 50th Birthday! Got a sweet tooth? Head down to Thorpe Park between the 19th and 22th August and help Chupa Chubs celebrate their 50th birthday at Stealth featuring the "Rock n Roll Roadshow" featuring the Chupa Chicks!

Freestyle Moto-X Between the 23rd and the 25th of August, "Freestyle Moto-X" will be showing of some awesome tricks, featuring "some of the best riders from all over the world including Jamie Squibb, Thomas Alves & Danny Veale." They'll also be performing a show titled "RUN!", which Thorpe Park describes as an "adrenaline pumping show where Moto-X riders will launch themselves off metal take-off ramps to death defying 40 feet in the air".

EA Hub Returns! Computer games more your thing? Then head down to the park between the 28th and 31st August and check out the return of the EA Hub, showing of all the latest EA games for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii!

Wacky Fungineers! If all thats not enough for you, the wacky Thorpe Park Fungineers will be making a return this summer from the 2nd August to the 2nd September, "a crazy team of characters who will be roaming the Park to measure guests' fun-levels, creating madness and mayhem wherever they go with interactive games and activities!"

And for the little ones! For the not so big kids, Thorpe Park are hosting a Kids Beach Club! From the 2nd August till the 2nd September there will be fun activity's on the beach for the smaller ones! This includes a chance to learn ow to be a pirate, and hunt for treasure using a secret pirate treasure map!

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Saturday 26th July 2008

Little has changed since the last update, ground work is continuing on the future station area of the ride including the huge foundations being buried into the ground. Work is also continuing on the new access routes to the ride. More material has arrived on site for future foundation construction.

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Sunday 20th July 2008

Ground work continues on the Project Dylan site, much focus is around the area of the future station with the early stages of footers and huge foundations being created. Infilling is also continuing near colossus, which will be a future access route to the ride. See the pictures below for all the latest from today.

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Official trailer

Today Thorpe Park released a sneak preview of their upcomming roller-coaster on their official YouTube account. The video has a very dark feel to it. "You survived Stealth. Conquered Colossus. Defeated Nemesis Inferno. But nothing can prepare you. In spring 2009 everything is going to change. The countdown has begun. 13.08.08." So looks like we have an opening, spring 2009. What will happen on 13.08.08? Time will tell. Stay tuned.

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High activity

Work continues with lots of activity happening on the site. Huge trenches have appeared in the area, which we assume is to house cabling for the ride. Holes are also being drilled into the ground, in preparation for the ride footers. More posters adverting the ride have also appeared since our last update.

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Colossal Nets

Colossus opened to the public once again today after it remained closed for 2 weeks for work to be carried out around the area. Fine mesh nets have been added everywhere that the train passes over, in an attempt to catch, or slow down falling objects from the ride.

Many feel the new nets are a visual eyesore, and ruin the area completely by blocking views of the ride. It also raises questions whether they'll have to be taken down at times to allow cherry pickers to pass through, etc.

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Rush Opens

After being closed for a period of over 6 weeks, today Thorpe Park opened Rush once again to the public. The ride remained closed under investigation and repair after a large part of the ride itself fell onto the swing whilst in motion. Although no guests were injured, Thorpe Park immediately ceased operation of the ride and put it under investigation, issuing a statement that "guest safety is our priority concern".

Now almost a month and half later, the ride is now back in operation. The ride has received platforms at the top of each swing, where the part fell, so it can be inspected more regularly to try and avoid the issue again. S&S, the ride manufacture visited the park to oversee and approve the modifications. The ride is operating at half capacity at this time, only the swing that received the impact of the part is running. It is unknown why.

Colossus remains closed after an apparent incident involving falling items from the ride. The area is now receiving modifications, such as nets added around the ride. Nets are being added under the Cobra Roll, first drop, corkscrew, and any part of the ride that pass over a path, to protect guests from possible falling objects. Nemesis Inferno has similar nets under its loop and corkscrews. New signs have also appeared in the queue-line reminding guests that "Cameras and other loose items are forbidden whilst riding Colossus, if you're caught you will be ejected from the park".

Also this week sees some minor improvements around the park, such as the return of the Stealth smoke, and Nemesis Inferno geysers. Whilst two effects have been repaired, many still remain broken, such as the Tidal Wave leaking tower, X Misters, and the Tidal Flame ball, which was removed after the installation of Stealth. It's unknown whether Thorpe Park have any plans to re-instate these effects to improve guest experience. This week also sees the introduction of Fastrack on Rumbas Rapids, which is now part of the new Hydra ticket, which also includes Loggers Leap and Tidal Wave. Images of this weeks update may be found below

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Dylan - Ground work continues...

The 2009 Coaster area is a busy place as ground work continues making progress since our last update, in particular notice work continuing on one of the soon to be new access routes to the ride from the Colossus area. There have also now been adverts placed up for the new ride, in time for the busy summer to come.

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Merlin Blame Government

Signs have started appearing around all UK based Merlin Attractions apologizing to guests about the high prices. The sign outlines that Merlin have to pay a 17.5% VAT rate on admission to all it's UK based attractions, opposed to 5% it pays in other EU countries.

However this tax has applied for over 20 years, and it's not clear why they've started to do this now. It's apparently a campaign for all British based attractions, to have the rate lowered.

The full sign reads

We are sorry to inform you that your visit to this attraction is costing more than almost all of our fellow attractions in the European Union

This is because unlike most EU stats the British Government insists on charging the public a VAT rate of 17.5% on all admissions to visitor attractions in the UK. VAT rates in other EU countries are as low as 5% on visitor days out and are therefore cheaper and more affordable

We are working with other attractions get our Government to reduce the VAT rate for admission to attractions and welcome your comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this notice and we hope you have a fantastic day

This comes as the parks start to experience one of there busiest times of the year as thousands of school trippers descend on the park for their end of year trips.

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Dylan - Work Starts!

Today Thorpe Park Mania took a trip down to Thorpe Park to bring you the latest updates from the 2009 coaster construction site, the first of many updates to come! Offices have moved onto the site as well as new diggers moving land.

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Rush Part Falls

Today THORPE PARK have announced their S&S Screaming Swing, Rush will remain closed after a part fell from the 70ft ride during operation. It happened Tuesday whilst the ride was full of guests, but fortunately no one was hurt. A THORPE PARK spokesman said "All guests safely disembarked. We are investigating.�

A ride spectator caught the incident on his mobile phone, which clearly shows a large curved piece of metal fall from the top of the ride. It hit off one of the swings, and hit into the fence causing it to crack, where it finally came to rest on the paths in between Rush and Zodiac.

Incidents such as this at THORPE PARK are rare, rides go through tough and regular maintenance to combat such incidents as this. THORPE PARK also emphasize numerous times to secure loose belongings, so mobile phones and cameras aren't of risk of falling to. Slammer also remains unavailable at this time.

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Stealth Stuck

Today THORPE PARK's signature roller-coaster, Stealth stalled at its peak height of 205ft during testing. Guest arrived at the park to see the 10 ton train stranded at the top of Stealth's top hat. Engineers were called to the ride and the area was cornered off to make way for a large crane. Three engineers were taken up in the crane to the platform, where they then positioned themselves to push the train. The train was successfully pushed, where it then rolled back down the tower coming to a complete stop.

The ride remained closed until 4:00PM, when it was then brought back into operation. A video may be found on our YouTube account.

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Now that Easter is over, Thorpe Park has introduced a 30% discount to all online bookings before the 31st May! All individual adult tickets with this offer are only 22. A great bargain if youre looking to take a trip to Thorpe Park before the busy summer months kick in! Head to to book now!

With an excellent line up of attractions now available, we here at Thorpe Park Mania certainly recommend a visit!

For guidance on how to get to Thorpe Park, please take a look at our Travel advice.

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Head Rush Kicks Off

Thorpe Parks Easter Event, Head Rush kicked off for the first time today which people flocked to see. There were various shows on around the park, including the use of the lake for the first time for Jet Ski shows. The arena was the host to "Bolddog Extreme Action", but unfortunately due to the weather conditions some shows were canceled when Thorpe Park Mania visited, but we were able to get some pictures of the goings on around the park none the less.

Check out the gallery below for all the pictures for the day.

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Time Voyagers Review

The much anticipated replacement for Pirates 4D opened today as planed. The film from Gardaland, another Merlin Park, starts off with an introduction from two robots, which fly you around and into a pyramid, telling the tale of a lost space ship. You then fly into a scene similar to that of Pirates 4D where bats come swooping down. After some more robot antics you are attacked by snakes, but are promptly rescued by a swarm of fish. The film climaxes with a speech from a man warning you not to speak to anyone about the place you have visited.

After the film had finished, we spoke to some people and asked for their thoughts. Some loved it, some others weren't so keen. The film still had the original Gardaland logo at the end. Much of the previous Pirates 4D theming has been removed, but not replaced. Pictures of the attraction can be found below.

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Time Voyagers Open!

Thorpe Parks new attraction for 2008, Time Voyagers is set to open tomorrow (Friday 20th March), Right in time for the busy Easter period! The film, which is also shown at Gardaland has been translated from Italian to English, and replaces the ever ageing Pirates 4D, which was Tussaud's first installation at the park opening 9 years ago in 1999. Check back soon for what we think about the new attraction!

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2009: Latest

We are pleased to bring you another update from the Project Dylan construction site! As you can see from the pictures, its still very much all about the infilling of the area and ground work preparations for the ride. Construction fences have been erected around the area at Loggers Leap, Samurai and the Colossus Queue line. The Colossus queue line has also been slightly shortened, for preparations of one of the acces routes for the public to the new ride as seen in the plans. Click Here to go to the construction archive!

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Officially Open!

Thorpe Park has now officially opened for the 2008 season and Thorpe Park Mania has taken a visit to bring you all the latest updates from the park! The park opened with limited ride availability on the 17th February.

Now the park is officially open, that means we have a near full line up of rides, the only exceptions to this are Canada Creek Railway, Tidal Wave, Rush and Time Voyagers. Thorpe Park have stated that Canada Creek Railway will remain unavailable for the entire of the 2008 season, this is due to the construction work on the new roller coaster for 2009. Work is still being carried out on the remaining rides and are hoped to be available soon.

The Half term openings mean we have already seen the majority of changes for the new season, but there are some more such as the repainting of many rides and theming bits such as Rumba Rapids, Storm in a Teacup and Stealth's tyre entrance. Along with that many of the parks facility's have been upgraded and refurbished for the new year. You may also like to know that Detonator now has its countdown playing once again, along with the old playlist of Doly Parton and Co in the Canada Creek area.

As we saw with the revealing of the new map, Canada Creek has a new Noodle Bar which is now open in place of the Back Drop Studio which has moved next to Nemesis Inferno's shop. The seasons advertising campaign has also kicked off, click here to view the new television advert for the season.

EA Sports are also currently on park, showing off all the latest technology during the official Fifa Interactive World Cup, Click here for more information. Preparations are also under way for the Easter Event, "Head Rush", for full information on the event, Click here.

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Time Voyagers Update

Time Voyagers, the all-new film replacing Pirates 4D is starting to take shape. Most of the old pirate theming from within has been removed, and the attraction is nearing completion. The Pirates 4D sail is gone, and has been replaced with a new one sporting the new Time Voyagers logo.

An opening date has yet to be released from the park, however we can assume to see the attraction open within the next month or so.

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New Map for 2008!

Today Thorpe Park released their all new park map for 2008. After many years of the old computer generated style, it has finally been replaced with a hand drawn look and feel, much like pre 2000 park maps.

Some interesting things of note, Pirates 4D has been replaced with Time Voyager, as confirmed in other news posts. Additionally the map shows of a new Noodle Bar opening in Canada Creek, replacing the The Back Drop Studio, which has moved to a new home behind the Nemesis Inferno shop. However the lack of area borders have some concerned over the future of themed areas.

Click Here to see the new map in all its JPEG glory.

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Easter Event

Replacing the "Be Discovered" easter events of previous years, Head Rush is Thorpe Park's Easter offering for the 2008 season. From Friday 21st to Monday 24th March 2008 the lineup of normal rides will be supported by a variety of extreme sport events.

Bolddog Extreme Action; a display of aerial acrobatics on a specially constructed halfpipe by a mix of skateboarders, BMXers and inline skaters. For those Dirty Sanchez fans Friday is the best day as the Welsh pranksters will also be performing their tricks in the arena.

As well as this a series of jet ski events will also be performed presumingly on the lakes surrounding the park however the exact location is as yet unknown.

Finishing off the action will be MotoX performances again in arena where American daredevils will be performing 75ft back flips!

All we can hope is that this new offering from the park can live up to the previous events of "Be Discovered" and not like the failures that were "Sprite Summer Sessions".

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Opening Day: Reviewed

Well, after much wait and anticipation Thorpe Park is open, but what did you make of it? We�re going to break the day down into the good and the bad, and the really bad, in the case of the entrance queue.

The Good

Let�s kick things off with what was good to see. Starting with�

Colossus 'Medusa' Fountain

It was great to see the Colossus Medusa Fountain cleaned up and running once again. Something small, but has had an impact on the area, it sounds and looks fantastic.

Nemesis Station Music

The Nemesis Inferno Station music has returned, which adds so much atmosphere to the station and is a welcome change.

Ride Avaliabilty

With some exceptions, ride availability on the whole was pretty good, the engineering team did a great job

Tidal Wave Paint Job, park clean up

Tidal Wave has received some love this closed season and has received a fresh lick of paint, to turn that misty yellow into bright aqua blue.

In addition to this, the park has had a big tidy up, and looked really clean. Also they have added new bins made of wood, which look much better then the metal ones of old.

The Bad

It was bound to happen, the bad bits about the day�

One train operation

Probably one of the most single annoying things of the day was that they where running one train operation on all the coasters, bar X which had 2 (out of the usual four). This meant longer queues, which could have easily been avoided with more trains.

All in all

We where pleased with how Thorpe handled ride availability especially after last years failure to keep rides open. Additionally the park looked much more presentable than the previous year, but then being the first day, it ought to be. Also, most of the 'Good' is stuff that should have worked anyway, and there is nothing new added to enhance guest experience. They should strive to achieve more than just the bare minimum, of what guests should expect. To view all photos from the day, Check out our Flickr page.

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Thorpe Now Open

For what has seemed an eternity for fanboys and coaster enthusiasts alike, Thorpe Park finally opened its gates to an all-new season. Opening on February 16th, Thorpe managed to draw in large crowds with queues spanning the length of the car park. Thorpe Park Mania was there, and will be posting an in depth review shortly.

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Pirates 4D: Re-Theme Back On?

A few weeks ago we received an email from THORPE PARK revealing the possibility of a Pirates 4D re-theme. However we since learnt that email was a fake, but it could hold some truth.

Another rumour is flying around that the re-theme is back on, but will not be the Haunted Light House as suggested before. Several sources believe an entirely animated 4D film will replace Pirates 4D.

This hasnt been confirmed by THORPE PARK.

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Merlin Re-Brand Thorpe

It looks like Merlin has made the decision to re-brand Thorpe Park, or should we say, THORPE PARK. The name has actually been changed to THORPE PARK, all uppercase, as it is now used on their site, press releases and emails. Why? We don't know, but to accompany their grammar defying new name they also gave THORPE PARK a new logo, as seen below. In unrelated news, welcome to THORPE PARK MANIA. Oh snap.

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Thorpe Launches New Site

Another year, another new website from Thorpe Park, however this time they have made the (odd) choice to leave Semantic. The new website is plastered with flash, and causes some users browsers to crash unexpectedly. If that wasn't bad enough you're now greeted with a Welcome splash, and have to wait for that to load, play, then click enter to actually get on the site. What if you don't have flash? Then you're out of luck, as Thorpe currently don't offer a flash free version, despite them saying they do. On top of all that the site launched with spelling mistakes everywhere, even ride names spelt wrong such as "Nemisis" and "X:\\\NO way out", but most spelling mistakes have been corrected since.

You either love the new site or you hate it, but we know what most people think.

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Canada Creek Coaster: Confirmed

After months of debate and discussion Thorpe have finally unveiled their new coaster for 2009, a Gerstlauer Euro Fighter just as predicted. From what we have seen in the plans so far we know the ride will have following layout:

  • On load
  • Zero-G Roll
  • Vertical Lift Hill
  • 97 Degree Drop
  • Immelmann Loop
  • Immelmann Turn
  • Block Breaks
  • Over banked Turn
  • Block Breaks
  • Dive Loop
  • Break Run
  • Offload
Full plans and details can be seen on our new 2009 mini site at

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Now Showing: Thorpe Blast

Thorpe Blast has now begun at Thorpe Park. It will be the first firework display at the park for over 3 years. The display will be featuring tracks from Mika, The Scissor Sisters, Robyn, and the Chemical Brothers. This display will not feature a theme, like 2003s Nemesis Inferno volcano theme. The event starts today (2nd November) and finishes on the last day of season, 4th November. Thorpe are expecting a huge turn out, so to avoid disappointment book your places online.

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Canada Creek Coaster: EuroFighter?

We have had numerous reports from separate sources all saying the same thing; the 2009 coaster we have all been waiting anxiously for will be a Gerstlauer Eurofighter. Its planned to be on the newly created land behind Samurai, as well as venturing out to surrounding areas. Planning applications are expected to be submitted to Runnymede Borough Council soon.

According to several sources the layout will feature over four inversions, one being an inline twist directly out of the station, similar to Hydra. Plans apparently show heavy theming, giving it the potential to be one of Thorpes best themed rides yet. The ride was originally planned for Alton Towers inside the Black Hole tent, but the park opted for the water soak battle ride instead.

Thorpe are allegedly planning the coaster to be a mixture of Family and Thrills to cater for the entire family. A typicall Eurofighter configuration features a vertical lift hill climb, followed by a first drop of 97 degrees. Eurofighters generally consist of a mixture of elements such as, over banked turns, vertical loops, inline twists (heart line rolls), and zero-g hills. The cars have over the shoulder harnesses and seat a maximum of 8 people.

Of course, while none of this has been officially confirmed, we have very strong reason to believe its true. It also fits with recent posts made on various Thorpe based boards. But until you see planning permission submitted, it's still a rumour folks!

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Fright Nights are here

It's that time of the year again, and darkness falls on Thorpe Park as Fright Nights return. Experience the Asylum as disturbing mental patience break free and chaos ensues. Hell deepens as the forgotten souls of Hell Gate awaken for more. Seven Sins, seven chances to survive as each room is more horrifying than the last. The freak show that is The Circus of Horrors returns once again. So, will you make it through the night?

Please be aware Fright Nights isn't suitable for children under the age of 12

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Fright Night Press Images

Today Thorpe Park have released new press imagery for the up coming Halloween event, Fright Nights. There are 8 new press images of actors from the Asylum in various poses, complete with blood and gore. You can check out the new press images in the TPM gallery or visiting Thorpe Parks image bank. Fright Night Press Gallery.

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Features Galore

The move to a new server not only brings backend benefits, oh no! There are now several new features around the site that you may have already spotted. If not, here's a brief rundown.

Firstly and most significantly is Mania Hub. Thorpe Park Mania is expanding, and to accommodate this we felt a central Hub was needed for all the different areas of the site. Currently we are still focusing on Thorpe Park, but there are now tonnes of ways for you to get to know Thorpe fans through the site, and other theme parks will be coming soon!

As well as the good ol' Forums, which can now be found at and have a swish new look, there is also Spaces. Spaces is a new part of the site which allows you to connect with your friends and make new ones. Send messages to individual people or the whole site, manage and show off your ride count or stay up to date with all our RSS Feeds in one place. If you're signed up to the Forum there's no need to register again, just shove your normal Username and Password into the relevant boxes on the Mania Hub homepage. If you're not registered, what are you waiting for?! Head over here now and sign up for access to the Forum and all the great new features on Spaces!

You may also notice some other minor design changes to the main site, just to make sure everything keeps looking sleek. Rest assured, this is not all, we have many more ideas in the pipeline, so make sure you keep checking back to find out more!

As always please do let us know if you spot any errors around the site so we can get everything perfect as soon as possible!

Thanks and enjoy!

The Mania Team

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Summer Sizzler

Dispite the summer being a wash out, Thorpe Park are 'rasing the temperature' with another offer. Simply book in advance to visit between 21st July and 2nd September, and you can save nearly 40% off entry as an individual or up to 50% off entry by booking as a group of 5 or more people. But that’s not all! Come along from 4th August and you can use this offer to join the Campaign for Real Fun! Get ready for 30 days of summer madness as the ‘Fungineers’ take control, spreading mayhem across the Park!

For more information and T&C visit Thorpe Park's website at

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Linked Problems?

'Project Link' is the new Bose powered park wide audio project which connects all the park's speakers and ride PAs to one central system, enabling park-wide announcements to be made with ease. It's been six months in the making and came with a hefty price tag, but has it really been worth it? With reports flooding in of the park's audio being a mess with WWTP radio playing in the Nemesis Inferno queue line, speaker volumes way to loud, or not loud enough, an annoyingly short WWTP Radio loop, and many, many others. Is it then right to assume at this point that it was a mistake to undertake such a colossal project, and that it has been a failure? Since the link is in its early days, glitches are understandable, but to some Project Links' extensive list of issues are not. What are your thoughts on the state of Thorpe Park's audio? Have your say in the Mania Forums.

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Thorpe Park Freedom Pass

The Thorpe Park Freedom Pass has now launched in time for summer break! The pass offers you 30 days of summer madness for just ?30! The pass is valid for 30 days from when bought, meaning it will cost the equivalent to just ?1 per visit! To buy your pass you have to have bought a day ticket, and present this when you buy the pass. Additionally there are now new Bounce Back prices, these are: Normal time: ?10 Fright Nights: ?18 Fireworks: ?20. The park is currently in the middle of Schools Weeks, meaning if you plan a visit any time soon, be prepared for queues!

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Fireworks Confirmed!

Thorpe Park have confirmed that they once again will be lighting up the November skys with Fireworks this season! The park will be open between 10:00 and 20:00 for the event which will be held from Friday 2nd November untill the last day of the 2007 season on Sunday 4th November. Thorpe Park will also be hosting a number of other events throughout the year, including the EA Hub visiting the park showing off all the latest games from EA and EA Sports on next-gen consoles such as the Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and XBox 360. There are still many events coming over the current season including a summer kids club and of course Thorpe Park are inviting you all to join the campaign for real fun this summer as the park opens with extended hours. Remember to keep checking TPM for all the latest from Thorpe Park!

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Project Link

The new park wide audio system is now online. After 6 months in the works the parks speakers are now powered from one central location. This is useful for park wide anouncments, in cases such as power cuts, evacuations, etc. There has also been many ride audio changes, some rides to be changed are Colossus Station, Nemesis Inferno Loading, Rush, Vortex, Detonator, Samurai, Slammer and we can expect more to be changed soon. To hear the latest park music, TPM has a great colection of it all, visit our audio section.

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Thorpe Park Loves Friends!

This weeks your last chance to head down to Thorpe Park with a group of your friends at reduced prices! So if you and your friends are off down to Thorpe Park, maybe to celebrate a birthday or the end of your exams, remember to book online at!

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Screamsaver Deals!

If your planning to visit Thorpe Park soon why not book on-line and save 44% of the normal gate price? From just ?18 per person or ?55 per family there has never been a better time to visit the park. For more information on this promotion and T&Cs visit the official site.

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Concrete Stylez

Starting from today, Thorpe Park will host a 'spectacular Battle Royale' featuring the Urban Free Runners against the Funkstylerz! Both famous, the two groups have been part of numerous shows; the Urban Free Runners featured in the opening chase scene in the last 007 movie, Casino Royale and the Funkstylerz have just finished a their show with Madonna on her world tour. Concrete Stylez will be performing from the 26th of May until the 3rd of June, so make sure you don't miss out!

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An all new Mania

After months of hard work and planning, the TPM Team are proud to present an all new Thorpe Park Mania. Completly re-designed from the ground up, Version 5 offers a whole new level of user interactivity with My Mania and Ride Count. We have also improved the Park Guides with a tabbed interface, making it easier to separate and find information. An all new feature section with more ride audio, video and goodies than ever. In addition to all this the whole site is now database powered, which means you can expect to see some more exciting changes coming soon! Let us know what you think by getting in touch with us, either on the forum on the contact page. Enjoy!

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Flying Fish Open

Today, Thorpe Park's returning attraction for 2007, Flying Fish opened to the public! Check back on Thorpe Park Mania soon for the latest pictures and videos from the ride!

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Flying Fish Update

Work continues on the returning attraction for 2007, The Flying Fish and Thorpe Park Mania is pleased to be able to bring you an update, Click Here for the latest pictures! As you will be able to see the train is now on the tracks and has started testing. Keep checking back on Thorpe Park Mania for the latest news from Thorpe Park!

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Updated Park Map

Thorpe Park have updated there park map for the 2007 season. Some interesting things to note: The flying fish is now on the map, with "Returning This Year" beside it. Rumba Rapids no longer has the Ribena sponsorship. The farm has been removed and The Canada Creek Railway disappears into the trees. But more interestingly the Flying Fish now appears to be part of Amity Cove, even though it was originally intended to part of Neptune's Kingdom. You can download the new park map here.

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