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We take a look at Angry Birds Land during its construction. Pre Angry Birds land the areas theme was part Pirates with the old Pirates 4d and Detonator having pirates theming and half Amity Cove since Stealth opened in 2006. The area has been transformed keeping a consistent theme throughout. 


After months of construction Angry Birds Land has now opened to the public. Check out the selection of snaps we got from the areas official open day!


Opening in just 3 days there’s still plenty going on in Angry Birds Land as construction enters its final phase. King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems are now completely constructed with theming elements being added to both the structure and the dodgem cars, the queue line is also mostly complete and painting has begun.  Over the past few days some of the resorts Engineering team have been spotted testing out the dodgems to ensure they are ready for guests this coming Saturday.

With most of the area now cordoned off from the public work is in full swing to ensure everything is ready, more theming elements have been completed including all 3 entrance signs to the area, more theming and speakers have been added to the buildings around the area too. Detonator remains open, which we expect to close any day now for its re-theme to take place.


Angry Birds Land - Thorpe Park Resorts newest addition is set to open in just one weeks time which of course means there is plenty happening across the area to ensure its ready in time.

King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems are now complete and only await the theming elements to be added to the rides structure and the cars. Vertical construction started only last week and has been completed very quickly. Members of Thorpe Park Staff were seen today trying out the Dodgems today - its a hard job but somones got to do it!! Theming elements continue to be added across the area, all 3 entrance signs are now under construction with the main one in Amity Cove looking almost complete.

Further painting has been carried out and further Angry Bird figures have been added to the buildings. Speakers are now going up across the area which this time next week will no doubt be playing the ever so catchy Angry Birds Theme tune!

Responding to a guest's question on their official Facebook page, Thorpe Park have confirmed Detonator will be closed from tomorrow so it can have its new theming elements added to fit in with its new area.

The park have also invited all Annual Pass Holders to a special event on the evening of the areas opening day on Saturday 24th May from 6pm till 8pm giving all a chance to try out the new attractions.


With just over a week till Angry Birds Land opens its doors to the public, work is stepping up a gear to get the land ready for its first guests. The Dodgems, where construction started only 6 days ago have been fully erected with only theming and electrical work to be carried out, there is currently one Dodgem car on the ride with more situated around the ride ready to be installed. The huge main entrance from Amity Cove is now up and had started to be themed, supports for the other 2 entrances at Detonator and Stealth are up and will be completed soon.


The entire base for the Dodgems ride has now been fully laid, the top surface (which the dodgem cars will run on) is well underway and should be completed soon. We expect that the structure around the dodgems will go up over the next few days too.


Parts for the new Dodgems ride are now on site and the pathway between Amity Cove and Stealth has been closed up as construction work moves up a gear. Currently all the metal work for the base of the Dodgems ride is on site and will be laid over the next day or so, after that work will progress to the structure around the ride. Work on the queue line has also progressed with it being fully tarmacked and posts for the fencing installed.  Theming around the area has also continued with Angry Birds features being added to the rear of the 4D Cinema.


Work is continuing on Angry Birds Land which is due to open later this month, King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems future queue has been tarmacked and the queue has started to be erected, we expect the ride to be installed over the next couple of weeks. Angry Birds figures have arrived and are currently in storage and will form as part of the areas theming when the land opens. Detonator is still in operation, currently we are not sure when it will close for its makeover.


Work has continued on the new Angry Birds land, parts of Angry Birds theming are now being added to the newly painted buildings. Work on the future Dodgems site has not seen much change although the old Water Balloon hut has been painted and a new fence has been erected around the old Bashing Beam game


The painting of the buildings around the new Angry Birds Land has  continued over the last few days and looks almost complete. Work on the new Bumper Cars site has progressed in preparation for their arrival and work has been continuing in the 4D cinema


As the resort opens for the 2014 season we get our first glimpse at construction progress so far of Angry Birds Land. The foundation base for the new Dodgems attraction are now laid, the majority of the buildings have been repainted in bright colors to fit in with the new Angry Birds theme. The area is set to open in May 2014.


On the 15th January 2014 the resort submitted a series of plans seeking planning permission for the new area. As many of the buildings already existed the plans consisted of the Dodgems and the new Area Entrance structures we see today. 


Here we take a look at the area before the Angry Birds Land Re-theme. As you can see parts of the pirates theme remains from the old Pirates 4D Cinema Attraction. Parts of the area have been themed to Amity Cove to help Stealth, situated behind Tidal Wave fit in to its area more.

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