Archive - Closed Season 2005


Here is a collection of pictures we bought to you in the 2005 Closed Season, including the first pictures on the new Coaster Track entrance, along with the new Zodiac and Stealth Testing!


The last update of this closed season! You can see the coaster track entrance is now fully complete, along with all the new signanage and is looking very impressive! Slammer is also testing in this update.


The supports for the new coaster track entrance are now up and ready for the track to be constructed, you can also see the "new" Zodiac being tested in this update.


We have a delivery of coaster track! No, don't get to excited! The track which will form the new Thorpe Park entrance today arrived on site and is expected to be erected soon.


In this update you can see Ivor, the train used to shift material around the park using the Canada Creek Railway, there are also various shots of Stealth testing and the Burger King work.


More work going on around the park, including work on Nemesis Inferno (Spot the main sitting at the top!) and Rush.


In this update you can see more general maintenance around the park. Samurai has now been lifted back into the correct position following it being on its side on the 15th, There has also been further progress on the Burger King extension.


A large update showing various things around the park! You can see the new Burger King extension is well under way, along with many rides under going yearly maintenance. The crane in Lost City was removing the previous Zodiac.


This update shows abit more work going on around the park, you can see Burger King in Canada Creek is getting a rather large extension, this update also confirms the removal of the free Fastrack System. You can see more yearly work being carried out on Loggers Leap, Samurai and Canada Creek Railway. The new entrance is well under way and has new pillars.


In the latest update there is some work being carried out at the Bush BBQ, there has also been some more work carried out at the entrance creating a new cycle lane.


In this update you can see some more theming work around the new rollercoster Stealth. You can also see yearly work being carried out on Samurai and Canada Creek Railway.


The first update of this Closed Season! Unfortunately Monks Walk is closed so we are unable to get any pictures from that side of the park! But work on the parks new entrance has started, the entrance is to be completely redesigned featuring an impressive looking coaster track design.

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