Archive - Closed Season 2009


A look back as the park prepares to open Saw - Alive new for the 2010 season!


As we rapidly approch the start of the 2010 Season the park is a busy place and Thorpe Park kindly invited us to take a look at whats new for the 2010 season. As you can see in the images, Saw Alive's exterior is now complete with the queue line now in, audio for the area is in the process of bring installed now. As the park rebrands its self the vast majority of the signage across the park has been changed as you can see. 

With opening just a couple of weeks away the vast majority of rides are testing after their closed season strip downs.


With the park opening for the 2010 season in just over a months time Thorpe Park have sent us a small selection of images showing us some of the theming details of Saw Alive giving us our first glimpse inside the new Saw themed attraction.


After a massive flurry of snow overnight the park is covered in it! Here are a selection of images showing a unique side to the park we wouldnt usually see during the open season!

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