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Rise of the Demon Launch

Posted By Marc

Last night saw the launch of Derren Browns Ghost Train – Rise of the Demon as the ride was opened to a selection of press and celebrities to try out Rise of the Demon before officially opening today, Friday 31st March.

Following The Ghost Train's launch back in June 2016 the resort found guests wanted a more realistic, more intense experience. Fast forward to 2017 the resort announces Derren Browns Ghost Train- Rise of the Demon - so how does the refined attraction fair up?

*Warning from this point this article may contain spoilers*

Visually from outside the building is almost identical to 2016, the vast majority of guests will fail to notice the extension made for the Rise of the Demon - the queue line has seen alterations too, the removal of the luggage bay and the addition of a secondary batching area is an improvement and should help with keeping the ride as efficient as possible during the resorts busiest times.

Once you enter the building you'll notice some small adjustments to the preshow area, the room has been reduced in size making sure everyone's nice and close to the stage where Derren introduces you to his Ghost Train, the preshow remains the same as in 2016.

As you move on from the preshow you enter a small holding area, here you'll notice new sound effects and a radio report replacing the old anti fracking protests. Entering the main show building and seeing the suspended Victorian Carriage is still as impressive as the first time we rode.

Once you board the train more changes start to become apparent, the first apparent change on the trains was the replacement of Vives cabling, the old long metal arms replaced with a new longer more robust wiring loom. One of the rides biggest criticisms last season was the quality of the audio during the VR Segments, the old Sennheiser headphones have been replaced with new Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones, these significantly improve both the quality and loudness of the audio, drowning out much of the noise coming from other guests and the ride its self which helps improve the experience.

The first VR segment remains the same as the highly rated 2016 content, starting off as a lone rider on the train, your soon joined by a mysterious figure who warns you about the poisonous gas released by the drilling being carried out by Subcore energy. One of those affected then bangs on the window before breaking through begging for help. the train then accelerates towards its next stop where your evacuated into the deep tube tunnels.

The live action scene has seen improvements to the lighting, audio and smoke effects, although during the preview rides the “train crash” effect was not functional.

You’re then evacuated onto another platform back onto the tube train, more improvements have been made here as the trains lights are flickering and a warning announcement plays, really adding to the sense of danger. You’re told to put your Subcore Protective goggles on as quickly as possible. The VR content for this segment has been completely replaced, filmed on the very train you’re sat on, this segment feels considerably realistic and provides plenty of scares. The end of the ride sees added narrative from Derren his self, before you exit the train into the gift shop.

The improvements throughout the attraction significantly add to the experience its self, with the resort addressing many of the criticisms aimed at the attraction during its debut season.

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