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The Walking Dead Invade Thorpe Park

Posted By Marc

Using the worlds first living (dead) billboard, Thorpe Park have today revealed that they are bringing The Walking Dead franchise to Fright Nights, with two new attractions!  Following a successful 4 year association with Lionsgate IPs such as Cabin in the Woods, Blair Witch and My Bloody Valentine, the resort have decided to bring a new IP to help drive forward one of the UK's largest Halloween events.

Thorpe Park are introducing two attractions based on The Walking Dead - one indoor attraction, and one outdoor attraction.  The indoor attraction will be called The Walking Dead:  Living Nightmare will see visitors experience terrifying iconic scenes of the global phenomenon, including the world’s first live attraction featuring of season 7.   They will join other survivors on the brink of death at the mercy of the notorious Negan.

In the outdoor attraction, called The Walking Dead:  Sanctum guests will experience a live-action outdoor maze like no other. Following in the footsteps of survivors, they have to navigate their way past the roaming walkers or risk being captured.

We believe that the indoor maze will be based in back of the X pyramid, which itself has housed 4 mazes in the past - Freakshow 3D, Hellgate, The Passing and Cabin in the Woods.  We believe that the outdoor attraction will be located behind The Swarm, which is an entirely new location for a Fright Nights attraction and had seen recent construction works around the area.


Dominic Jones, Divisional Director, at Thorpe Park Resort said, "Fright Nights is THORPE PARK Resort’s biggest event of the year, and we’re hugely excited to bring the worldwide phenomenon that is The Walking Dead to our visitors. Each of the two specially built mazes are absolutely terrifying and are definitely not for the faint hearted.”

The rest of last year's attractions - Saw Alive, The Big Top, Platform 15 and Containment - are confirmed to return to the 2017 line up.

The Walking Dead is an American TV show set in a post-apocalyptic world filled by zombies, called 'Walkers'.  The show started in 2010, and has maintained a high level of popularity since, recently airing its 7th season, with plenty more planned for the future.  Given the story, this gives the resort an opportunity to try a different direction for a Fright Nights attraction.

The Walking Dead has partnered with theme parks before to create scare mazes, notably with Universal Studios Hollywood and Movie Park Germany.  Both of these attractions are known for their highly detailed sets, which reflect various scenes from the show.  Both attractions started off as Halloween event only mazes at their respective parks, before becoming permanent attractions due to their popularity. 

This year’s Fright Nights at Thorpe Park Resort  run between:

 Friday 29th September – Sunday 1st October
Friday 6th October – Sunday 8th October
Friday 13th October – Monday 16th October
Friday 20th October – Tuesday 31st October.

The park will be open on these dates between 10am – 10pm. Fright Nights starts from 3pm on most days and half-term mazes will be open from 12 noon.

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