News 7/07/2017

June Round Up

Posted By Marc

As the resort gear's up towards its busy summer period (let’s hope the sun makes its appearance this year!) There's been plenty going on across the entire resort and we have a round up right here!

New Summer Activities Announced
The Resort have recently gave a hint at things to come for this summer.  Though not a specific event, over the summer holidays, the Transformers Tour will be stopping off at Thorpe Park, giving guests the opportunity to meet and explore Optimus Prime!  There will also be several 'extreme challenges' taking place, though we don't know what exactly these will entail.

Most interestingly, the resort teased at a "world first attraction dropping" this summer.  With no visible construction happening and no plans online, everyone across the theme park world has no idea what this could be, but we're keeping a close eye on it!

New Lost City music

IMAScore have worked closely with the resort over the past couple of years, producing some of the great audio you hear on park including Derren Brown's Ghost Train, The new "Island Theme" played at the entrance and more. Lost City is the latest area to receive a music refresh with the area around the Lost City flats playing a new IMAScore produced track. The track cleverly incorporates hints to the original Lost City track as well as the ever-recognisable island theme playing across Port and Basecamp. We understand there's more to come so keep your ears pealed!

Queue Line TV's

Those frequent visitors will no doubt be familiar with the Queue line TVs across the resorts major attractions which have mostly sat idle over the past few years. This has changed, with screens being replaced across the resort many of the queue screens have been bought back to life. Currently displaying important safety information, queue time information, ride POV videos and adverts - keep an eye out on your next visit!


Island Security Upgrades
The start of the 2017 season saw upgrades to the resorts security department including the movement of the security searches into the entrance plaza giving the team the ability to search a significantly higher percentage of guests. There have been further changes over the recent weeks with the amount of security search areas being doubled to 4 and them moved forward in front of the main ticket kiosks - giving the ability to keep the queues down for security searches.

X closed in the middle of June, and the surrounding pathway was closed off. Recently, scaffolding has been put up in front of the the building. We're not entirely sure what is happening, but there is a lot of activity going on, so we're expecting that the ride is receiving some essential maintenace and a small spruce up during this time.

Lumber Jump
Lumber Jump opened on 6th July.  The Frog Hopper style ride can seat up to 6 people (a max of 2 adults), and sits next to the other new attraction, Timber Tug Boat.  Though not a major attraction, we're sure this ride will help satisfy the needs of smaller children who still visit Thorpe in their hundreds!


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