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Project Exodus: What we Know so Far!

Posted By Josh

Today, a consultation website went live for the park's new roller coaster. Some of the images suggest that the ride is being codenamed Project Exodus. We look at all the details of what we know so far!

Before moving on, we should say: this is only a consultation! Things could change! And the ride is not expected to open for a while yet, this is not something that will open next year!



-The ride will take place in what was Old Town

-It is repalcing Loggers Leap, Rocky Express, Timber Tug Boat and Lumber Jump.


The Ride

-The roller coaster will be 72m (236ft) high, making it the tallest roller coaster in the UK

-The station for the roller coaster is roughly based where the old Canada Creek Railway station was (currently Timber Tug Boat / Platform 15 ending)

-The ride make an outward bank 180 degree turn to the lift hill

-After climbing the lift hill, the ride goes down a steep 180 degree twisted drop

-The ride then makes a series of high elements, which may or may not invert

-Some elements feature outward banking turns

-The ending features an outward banked zero-g roll into an airtime hill to the brakes.


There have not been any other confirmed stats. We do not know length, top speed, number of inversions or the manufacturer.

Parts of the ride will take place over the lake which Loggers Leap turned around. However, the ride itself is very compact, crossing over itself many times. There is also a "splash zone", and appears to be a splashdown element of track.


Noise and Visuals

The park have said that the new ride will not increase the current noise levels in the park. The high points have been carefully chosen to minimise sight pollution in the local area.

The park have said they are looking at options for a colour scheme, and may mimic Stealth's two-tonal colour scheme (where the high points are white, and the other parts of the track are a different colour).


Visitor Numbers

The park have said that following the reduction in visitor numbers over the past decade, plus the issues related to the current pandemic, they need to introduce a new roller coaster to stop the decline in visitor numbers. They do not expect the new ride to significantly increase visitor numbers.



The current timeline for this investment is:

-January 2022: Consultation period ends

-Spring 2022: Plans submitted

-Summer 2022: Plans approved

-Later 2022: Construction starts

-An opening date is not officially confirmed, but it appears to be 2024 according to some visuals.



All of these details can be found on the consultation website:

The park are also being suprisingly open about the new investment, making reference to it on the social media pages already.


At this point, not much else is confirmed. And as mentioned, things could change. However, keep an eye out for some of our speculations over the weekend. And why not join our forums and join the conversation - it's a discussion like no other!

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