News 18/03/2017

2017 Friends and Family Day

Posted By Marc

Today we got our first peak of what’s coming up for the 2017 season as THORPE PARK Resort opened its doors for its annual Friends and Family event. As always there’s plenty of changes to see across the resort and we highlight these below

The entrance area of the resort has been transformed over the closed season period, the turnstyles entrance has been given a fresh modern look, the walls have all had wooden cladding added along with theming, with special emphasis on the resorts themed lands. A new soundtrack plays across the entrance and bridge replacing the Chart Music previously playing.

The Dome has also seen attention, now part of “Port and Basecamp”, The Coffee Shack has been extended and now serves a selection of Costa Coffee which was proving popular with guests! Sweets and Souvenirs has been replaced by “The Island Shop”, seeing a full Island Style retheme and a selection of new merchandise (yes there are new resins too!) New speakers have been installed around the perimeter of the Dome also featuring a new soundtrack, again replacing chart music which previously played here.


Last year the resort submitted a planning application to slightly extend Derren Brown’s Ghost Train’s building as part of the new destination of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train – Rise of the Demon. The entire shop has been shifted down into the new extension retaining the great shop from last season. Set to open on 31st March, little more is known about Rise of the Demon, small changes have been made to the building’s exterior including “Ride of the Demon” signage, new pipework theming and a small outer building has been constructed in the old batch area, the purpose of this is yet to be revealed. 


Revealed earlier this week on the 2017 park map the resort are currently installing a new family ride over in Old Town known as “Timber Tug Boat” a small Zamperla Rock n Tug ride adding to the resorts family line up, a Frog Hopper ride has also been installed but is not currently featured on the park map.

Rumba Rapids has also received a small spruse up over the winter period, the remaining theming from the old Ribena sponsorship has been fully removed and the old green and purple colour scheme replaced with a neutral brown to help it fit in with “The Jungle”. The tunnel has new lighting and sound effects representing a volcano eruption and scorched trees can be seen around the ride. The ride has also received a new sound-track fitting in with its new theme.


 Moving away from rides, an all-new Merlin franchise known as The Donut Factory has opened in Amity located close to Storm Surge, selling the classic THORPE PARK donuts, along with a selection of new donut sundaes made in front of your eyes. 

The resort has also made efforts to reaffirm the themed lands across the island, including new signage in each area with the areas respective logos. Over in Amity construction was on-going on some huts, its unknown what these will be used for just yet. New bins have also been placed across the resort 



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