News 19/02/2017

February 2017 Update

Posted By Marc

In just one month today, Thorpe Park resort will open its gates to Annual Pass holders for the resorts Pre-Season Day. We headed over to the resort to spot any changes in preparation for the 2017 season.

Over in Old Town a new junior ride has been installed, The Zamperla Rocking Tug seems to have found its new home after being removed from the Merlin owned Sealife Weymouth last year. Whilst the resort has made no official announcement, we expect the ride to open for 2017 adding to the resorts line up of rides for younger guests.


Late last year Thorpe Park Resort applied for planning permission to slightly extend the Derren Brown’s Ghost Train building, advertising an all new destination for 2017. Last month “Rise of the Demon” was announced further hinting at what we would see at the attraction for 2017. Whilst little can be seen from outside the resorts boundaries we could see some work being done to the building.


Rumba Rapids has seen a lot of work over this closed season, we can see multiple trees have been removed from around the ride, the ride also seems to be receiving a fresh lick of paint with old theming props being removed from the console.


Remember to check back soon for further updates from Thorpe Park Resort!

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