News 19/05/2020

Merlin Publish Covid 19 Measures

Posted By Marc

Merlin Entertainments have set out a series of new Health and Safety guidelines in line with government guidance to help reduce the risk associated with Covid-19 for when its attractions are able to reopen. Current UK Government guidelines mean attractions in the UK are not set to open until at least July, this could be pushed back further depending on the transmission rate of the virus at the time in the UK.

When the attractions do re-open, Merlin have published several safety measures to keep you safe during your visit, whilst these may change in line with UK government advice, we’ve highlighted a number of these here.

Before arriving, it is recommended you book online wherever possible, check Social Media and the attractions official websites before you start your journey. Contactless bank payments are recommended wherever possible, in the UK this limit has been raised to £45. Face coverings are set to be available at attractions where the local health authorities recommend their use.

On arrival you will see new information signage with information of key safety messages, staff will undergo non-invasive temperature checks and guests may also be required to participate in checks before entry. Capacity will be reduced to ensure social distancing can be followed.

Within the park expect to see a number of changes to allow social distancing, signage and markers will be in place within queue lines to ensure a safe distance is kept between groups. On rides empty seats or rows between groups will be in place minimizing contact between different parties.

Within restaurants tables and chairs will be re-configured to ensure a suitable distance between parties, new menu options are in place across many food outlets with an emphasis on “Grab and Go” options, self service buffets / salad bars have been re-configured or maybe closed.

Hand Sanitizer stations will be available across the attractions for guests, whilst PPE will be available for staff to help protect both the staff members and guests. Enhanced cleaning measures throughout the day will also be introduced to disinfect high-frequency touch points such as tables, chairs, and ride restraints.

Full details of all these measures can be found on the Merlin Entertainments website at

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