NEW 2016 Attraction


THORPE PARK have recently submitted plans for an indoor attraction set to open in 2016. The plans feature a large building which will take up a total of 2,438 square meters and will be a total of 10.7 meters in height.

The attraction will be situated in the centre of the park; replacing the arena as well as Chief Rangers Carousel and various buildings around the current Ranger County Area. Whilst no details on how much the park are investing in this attraction have been released to the public, it is expected to be not only one of the most expensive single development from Thorpe Park Resort, but from any Merlin theme park!

There are very few details about what to expect from the attraction included in the planning documents. All of the associated machinery for the ride will be hidden away and there is no indication as to what the ride hardware will be. The ride building itself is very large, taking up the majority of the old arena space and will be a unique themed attraction. The ride will have an associated welcome plaza, with further themed structures accompanying it, as well as a covered queue line. The building itself will not exceed 11m in height, fitting within the current constraints the park are under. The building will also contain a preshow area as well as a shop post-ride.

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The Plans

November 2014

Work for the 2016 attraction started almost immediately after the plans where submitted with mass clearing of the arena and the neighbouring shrubbery. All the seats and the handrails have been removed from the arena with clearence expected to commence all immediately on the rest of the arena and the project site.

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