Canada Creek Railway



Canada Creek Railway opened with Canada Creek in 1989 and served as a link to Thorpe Farm. The route there was a straight line along what is now a service ride for the park and, in its later years, passed the back of Inferno. On the way back, the ride would loop around Canada Creek, mainly circling around Loggers Leap to return to the main station.

When Thorpe Farm closed, the track was re-routed to just be a loop around Canada Creek, and guests would take part in a bear hunt, and look out for bear statues dotted around the circuit. The ride was closed in 2008 due to construction of Saw - The Ride, and re-routed to accommodate the ride, so that it could open again in 2009.

The ride closed at the end of the 2011 season due to declining popularity, though the majority of the track is still in place, and the trains are still in storage on park.



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