Loggers Leap



Loggers’ Leap is one of Thorpe Park’s oldest water rides, but that also means it’s a veteran member of the Thorpe Park ride line-up and is still one of the best log flumes in the UK. Do you think you can jump aboard the logs and ride the white waters of Canada Creek without screaming or ducking behind the person in front of you on the tallest log flume in the UK? Not even the toughest of loggers can do that! Riders can really treasure the peace on Loggers’ Leap, as it’s like going through a time-warp once you pass the first drop and disappear into a tunnel. Suddenly you’re in 1870’s Canada, winding through the forest with the sound of only the water and the birds. Keep an eye out for the mischievous bears hiding in the trees as you go past!

After your journey through Canada Creek you’ve gotten completely lost in the woods! What’s that in the distance? The sound of splashing water getting louder and louder… You turn round to corner and the drop is awaiting you. You’ve gone far too far downstream and now you’re going to go over the drop! A brilliantly fun drop creating a great end to a great ride. It may not be as tall or as thrilling as its younger brother Tidal Wave, but Loggers Leap more than earns its cosy little spot at the back of Thorpe Park.

Non riders can still join in the fun with coin operated water guns to squirt at the passing riders, just to the right of the entrance.

To Ride Loggers Leap you must be at least 1m tall. Anyone under 1.3m must be accompanied by an adult 16+

TypeLog Flume
Top Speed20 MPH
Max Height53 FT



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