News 9/07/2017

X Reopens

Posted By Marc

X reopened today with a fresh lick of paint, new audio and more following its closure last month. Back in June the resort announced X would close for approximately a month whilst essential maintenance was carried out on the attraction. 

There was plenty of speculation as to what this maintenance involved - there was very little to see from the outside during most of this period. Over the last week or so members noticed scaffolding out the front of the attraction, along with painters around the area painting the surrounding walls and external queue line.

X Re-opened today and we are pleased to report on a host of positive changes throughout the ride. As soon as you enter the rides queue you’ll notice the entire queue line has been repainted, including all walls, floors and walls. New features appear throughout the queue line including X’s across the long corridor and in the ramps section new disco lights giving the entire queue a nice freshened up feel. The station has also seen new coloured lighting installed. 

As the ride begins, the first and most obvious change you’ll notice is the ride area’s music volume is significantly louder, with new speakers installed throughout the ride area, these are playing an new audio track, produced by IMAScore is a new dance mix variation of the island theme we are growing familiar with across the resort. The light show within the ride area has also changed and is actually in synchronisation with the music track.

Make sure you get on down to check out the changes to X and let us know what you think in our dedicated X topic over on the Thorpe Park Mania Forums!



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