Storm Surge



Storm Surge was new for the 2011 season, and whilst some view it has already outstayed its welcome due to its low capacity, it still offers thrill-seekers a very disorientating spinning water ride into the Amity rapids below! The ride originally operated in the USA at the now-closed Cypress Gardens, but was moved to Thorpe for 2011, given a make-over to make it fit in with the tidal wave-damaged Amity Cove area, and received some additional theming too (keep an eye out for the broken plumbing and water buoys!) A combination of Rumba Rapids and Tidal Wave, Storm Surge offers adventurers the thrills of the heights without the scariness of the speed.

Standing taller than its neighbour ride X, at 64ft, Storm Surge slowly takes lift rafts of up to six escapees from the rising waters of Amity to its peak, offering a great view of the next tidal wave to hit the village, which can be savoured due to the relatively slow lift hill. After reaching the top, its non-stop spinning as you tumble down and down and around and around until the final two drops dunk you down into the stormy water below. But the ride’s not over there – watch out for the water cannons from other spectating guests who’ll be sure to give you another drenching!

Storm Surge’s life rafts do not have any drainage device, so the boats can quite quickly fill up with the raging waters of Amity Cove! Watch out or you may have a rather unpleasant ascent as the water tips to one end of the boat and can soak riders’ feet before the ride as even begun.

ManufacturerWhiteWater West
TypeSpinning Raft Ride
Top SpeedMax 15MPH
Max Height64 FT



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