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Fright Nights 2020 Review

Posted By Josh

Thorpe Park kicked off their Fright Nights event this year last night with the VIP Preview Event. Despite Covid-19 creating many obstacles for the park to overcome, this year the island has been turned into a ‘Fearstival’ of screams, featuring 2 scare mazes, 5 scare zones, a cinema experience and roaming actors! A pretty full-on event really!

All actors did a great job at social distancing, whilst still keeping up with the scares. It’s certainly not easy for them to keep up intensity with these restrictions, and whilst wearing a mask, so it’s great to see them doing well!

Roots of Evil
New for 2020 is Roots of Evil. Replacing Blair Witch, this maze sees you join up with a secret military operation taking place deep within the forest. What’s been kept secret from you, though, is that the forest is what you should be most afraid, as well as the victims it has already claimed.

Much like with Blair Witch, the outdoor setting can be genuinely nerve-wracking, and it’s very easy to lose your way. Many of the actors blend into the environment so well that it’s impossible to see when the scares are coming. So whilst it’s not the most intense maze, you will always be second guessing yourself and constantly on edge, right from the moment you enter the forest!


Platform 15
Returning for its 5th year, Platform 15 has had its route reversed. After queueing in the tunnel, you embark on a journey with Creek Tours to discover what happened to the Conductor of the train that crashed at Platform 15.

Unfortunately, your tour guide doesn’t stick around for long, leaving you to venture through a village of souls, dead from the train crash.

The maze still features lots of jump scares, with plenty of spaces for the actors to hide. And thanks to the reversed route, a new surprise ending which we’re confident will get some people running for the exit!


The Fearstival Arena
Located in the Dockyard, The Fearstival Arena is really at the heart of the park. Lots of carnival-like acts roam the area - some may try to convince you to join their group, whilst others may only see you (or rather, parts of you!) as props they can use.

Thanks to the story, this scare zone has the opportunity to be both scary and funny. Each actor has been given their own individual story and character, so be sure to spend your time interacting with as many of them as you can. That way, if one doesn’t scare you, you’ll still be sure to be left with something you may find funny, or perhaps a little unnerving.

On top of that, shows can also take place on the Fearstival stage and unannounced times, and these will include lights and fire!


Creek Freaks: Unchained
Last year, the Buckwheat family overtook the Old Town Sawmill, and were on the hunt for new recruits. This year, they’ve expanded their search to the whole of Old Town! Though marketed as a scare zone, this is much more like a short, outdoor scare maze - being a winding, one-route experience.

The zone features Buckwheats with axes and, of course, chainsaws, to make sure you’re up for the job. There’s also scenes not featured in the maze, such as a moonshine making area and the health and safety desk. All of this comes together to create a frantic scare zone which flows through and is a ton of fun!


Terror at Amity High vs The Howling of LycanThorpe Highcelebrate prom. And when they’re ready, they’ll break out into a flashmob dance show, very similar to last year. But there’s a twist…

The vampire high school Amity High is back for its 3rd season, and once again the actors roam around the Stealth plaza, getting ready to celebrate prom. And when they’re ready, they’ll break out into a flashmob dance show, very similar to last year. But there’s a twist…

There’s a new school on the block - LycanThorpe High! This werewolf high school crashes the party, trying to out-dance the vampires to show who’s best. This was again a really fun show, and the addition of a rival school keeps things fresh.

LycanThorpe High is based in Lost City, where Do or Die was situated last year. They have a similar set up to Amity High, and will also see some students dancing and convincing you that they are the kings and queens of Thorpe Park


The Swarm: Invasion
The final new scare zone for 2020 is The Swarm: Invasion. When The Swarm was being constructed in 2011, a crazed conspiracy theorist by the name of Lez Cougan roamed the park, warning people that the end was coming, and an invasion was imminent. Now, disciples of him are back, and warning guests of what The Swarm can do now that they’re here. Military personal also roam the area, but are they here to protect us, or protect themselves?

The area features a new, creepier, soundtrack, including the You Me at Six song written for the ride, which works really well within the area, especially during the night. The conspiracy theorists have stages to spread their word, and even have microphones that can cut across the audio to announce when they’ll be performing. Everything works well to really compliment the theme and style round The Swarm island.


Screamplexx Cinema
Screamplexx returns for a 3rd year, showcasing a selection of short films from Bloody Cuts. Unfortunately, the shorts remain the same as in previous years, but to our surprise, the experience now has actors. The Director and accompanying staff roam outside the cinema between shows, and also give the crowd some acting advice before the films start, and they may even pick on someone from the audience to showcase what they truly mean. Our advice - steer clear of the make up brushes..!

The Crows
A new set of roaming actors has taken over the resort for the Fearstival. A set of scare crows, who have several places they can specifically set up and hide in, or just wander through the island freely.
The costumes are particularly brilliant and in the darkness are very creepy. These are one of the best groups of roamers we’ve seen around the park in recent years, and we can’t wait to see how many people will run away screaming at the sight of them!


We really enjoy this year’s Fright Nights Fearstival. Covid-19 has been a huge blow to theme parks and to scare attractions, of course, but Thorpe Park have dealt with these challenges extremely well. The park have created a park-wide atmosphere that has never been seen before at any previous Fright Nights, and have created an event we’re confident everyone will be able to enjoy.

Whilst some may be disappointed in the uncharges for mazes this year (£10 per maze, or £9 for Annual Passholders), we think this is necessary to ensure everyone can have a safe experience. We hope that in future years the park is able to run mazes for free again, but we also wouldn’t complain at see other uncharge experiences - especially if it means we can continue to experience mazes in much smaller groups!

Fright Nights is completely Covid secure and a lot of fun - so we’d thoroughly recommend getting down there this year!

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