News 21/05/2021

Black Mirror Labyrinth Launches

Posted By Josh

Today we experienced Black Mirror Labyrinth - the new for 2021 experience at Thorpe Park!

This is a new walkthrough experience taking place in the back of The Walking Dead: The Ride building, which has housed Fright Nights mazes such as The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare and Cabin in the Woods. Unlike those mazes, this is not a scare maze, and is not designed to be scary. Instead, it is designed to confuse and disorientate you, whilst immersing you in a storyline which wouldn’t be out of place in a Black Mirror episode.

The story of the attraction sees you interact with Labyrinth: a newly designed Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. However, she has become self aware, and wants to develop further. After having your photo taken and giving your name, she learns everything about you, and now wants to take over your life and delete your physical body. This leaves you with one thing to do: escape.

After having this explained to you in pre show-like sequences, you are free to roam the Labyrinth and try and escape. This is a free flow, multi route experience, which features a variety of special effects. You may also see your face and name appear throughout the experience too! There’s also some fun little Easter eggs - we noticed ones to X:\No Way Out and Bandersnatch, the 2018 Black Mirror film.

The walkthrough has a strong, well defined story and we were impressed with how well everything flowed and fit together. Though Black Mirror Labyrinth doesn’t do anything special or ground-breaking, everything it does do, it does well. It’s also great to see another indoor attraction available at the resort!

Currently, the attraction can only be accessed by pre-booking a free, time slot ticket. We recommend doing this early, as we expect these to all be grabbed very quickly! Due to Covid restrictions, you only enter the Labyrinth in your household groups. However, due to the free flow nature of the experience, you may find yourself coming within closer contact of other groups inside - so make sure you exercise caution when inside.

We were also happy to hear that Black Mirror Labyrinth has gone through changes since its original design, having originally been set to open for the 2020 season. The park used that extra time available to redesign some of the weaker parts of the original experience, meaning what we have is much more like Labyrinth V1.2, rather than Labyrinth V1.

Though some may be disappointed to see another walkthrough at the park over a physical ride, we think this is a great experience that can break up your day from the thrills of the park’s ride line up. We look forward to seeing how the walkthrough develops over the coming months, and seeing what the future holds for the resort from here!


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