Lost City


What wonders behold those who venture into a Lost City? Those who dare could come face to face with a mighty warrior, be given a Rush like no other or be spun and swung until you don't know your up's from your downs. Not forgetting the chance to experience the Power of 10 and have a roller coaster rave!

If one ride was to define the key point in THORPE PARK Resort's history it would be Colossus, its construction showed a thrill park could not only be developed on the site but succeed and grow. By extension the area which includes a large number of the parks thrill ride portfolio shouldn't be underestimated.

Home to two roller coasters Colossusand for younger guests X alongside a variety of flat rides that will spin and swing through all three axis. Including what some thrill seekers like to think of as the UK's largest playground swing Rush.

Themed around a lost Aztec city with luscious vegetation, a variety of idols and statues some including nice water features. Being home to a total of 6 rides, Lost City is the largest area of the park with a key feature being that it shares much of its border with the shoreline of the lake, giving some nice areas to sit and relax.

ToiletsNone (Port and Basecamp & Old Town)
Smoking AreaNone (Nearest Amity)
Cash MachinesNone (Port and Basecamp & Old Town)




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