The Dock Yard


Enjoy a trip on the wild side in this tropical paradise, but watch out it can be dangerous too with an active volcano and river rapids.

Sitting in the original home of the Magic Mill , Nemesis Inferno is considered by many to be the parks second major investment in a rollercoaster. Developed by the park under Tussauds management and opened the following year to Colossus it formed one the early stepping stones which have honed the parks offering to that which we see today.

In order to support this development an entirely new area of the park was developed, based around the concept of a bay on a volcanic island such as Hawaii. The theme fitted well with the already existing Thunder River which received a re-theme to bring it in to the new area and renamed to Rumba Rapids .

ToiletsYes (Opposite The Walking Dead: The Ride entrance)
Smoking AreaNo
Cash MachinesNo
EntertainmentSide Games


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