Medium Term Development Plan
Looking Into The Future

Every so many years, usually 5 or 6, the Thorpe Park Resort development team issue a Medium Term Development plan or MDTP for short. This highlight's what the resort hope to install over the upcoming years, whether it being a small ride such as King Pig's Wild Hog's Dodgems or the recently installed winged coaster, The SWARM.

The Current Plans

Our present MDTP is active and is running from 2010 to 2016. The plans highlight several installations some of which have already been built see below for further information.

What we know...

2010 was a small investment year, which brought us SAW Alive. SAW Alive is a live action horror maze which originally opened all season. However due to declining demand the attraction now only operates through the parks Halloween event, Fright Nights.

2011 was a medium investment year, which brought us Storm Surge. Storm Surge is a spinning raft ride which pulls riders 68 feet into the air and allows them to freely cascade down a water chute. 2012 was a large investment year, which was the parks second tallest roller coaster, The Swarm. Standing at almost 40 meters (127ft) in the air the park had originally highlighted the coaster in the MTDP before following in-depth plans in 2011.

2013 was a very small investment year. With no new attractions the park instead, opted for two new changes. The first was released as, The Swarm – Brave It Backwards, a reversal of rows 6 and 7 of the trains. The Second was a massive change to one of the oldest attraction's on park, X:/ No Way Out. Now branded as X, the ride changed from a "computer malfunction" themed ride to a techno rave ride which features multiple lasers, lights and loud music.

2014, although not specified as a small or medium investment, the Resort has taken a very large change into the branding of the park. Now being branded as a family attraction, the resorts first new family attraction was confirmed as Angry Birds Land featuring two small investments, King Pig's Wild Hog's Dodgem's and Angry Birds 4D, as well as a rebrand of Detonator, to be Detonator - Bombs Away.

Other Highlights

Thorpe Park plans a visitor increase from visitor numbers of 2 million in 2009 to 2.2 million in 2016. It is expected the increased visitor numbers will be spread over the quieter times of season, not adding to peak day numbers.

Thorpe Park has written into their plan that they wish to either re-vamp or rebuild the admissions area. This could mean a whole new look for the current entrance. The entrance was repainted in 2009 to fit the new brand changes; however this was before the new MTDP was released.

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