Vortex was one of three new rides for the 2001 season at Thorpe Park. Manufactured by KMG, the ride features a rotating gondola that swings to dizzying heights. Its Zodiac meets Rush if you like! The combination of rotation and swinging creates a substantially more forceful ride than Zodiac or Rush, but Vortex is still massively fun. Hidden away in the corner of Thorpe Park right beside The Dome it can often be overlooked as you exit the building and see Thorpe Park’s taller. Don’t be fooled by its modest size though – it’s larger than its fairground cousins. Starting off gently, the ride quickly picks up speed, rotating at 15rpm and swinging at over 40mph!

After taking your seats, the ride restraints automatically lower – watch out though, they often take guests by surprise! – and your ride cycle begins. The floor then lowers as the 32-person gondola starts rotating. The soundtrack’s drums are perfectly-timed as you start to swing and spin simultaneously. Gathering speed until you’re swinging 65ft over the pathways, trees and queues below, Vortex will leave all your sense completely swirled up!

Due to the larger size of Vortex (the typical Afterburner only carries 24 people), the gondola rotates slower than is normal. While this will greatly assist the ability to re-ride it without feeling queasy, it often means that only one ‘arm’ of the eight-point star-shaped gondola continually gets the ‘top swing’. There is no formula to guessing which of these groups of seats gets the top swing on each ride, so experiencing the full disorientating prowess of Vortex is a game of chance.

To Ride Vortex you must be at least 1.4m tall. People approaching a chest measurement of 51 inches should use the test seat at the entrance or speak with a rides host.

ManufacturerKMG Rides
Top Speed15 RPM
Max Height65 FT



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