News 3/09/2019

Creak Freak Massacre Coming to Fright Nights!

Posted By Josh

Today, Thorpe Park have announced Creek Freak Massacre, in what they are calling their most intense maze ever.


Housed in the old Loggers Leap queue line and station building, the maze is themed around a saw mill that was abandoned afterlumberjacks went on a killing spree. We are exploring the abandoned Saw Mill, but of course, but  all goes to plan, and we expect we'll come across several chainsaw-weilding lumberjacks along the way..




More experiences are set to be announced soon, although we do . ot expect them to be scare mazes. Instead, we have a 'challenge' and a 'show' to look forward to; watch this space for more details.

And of course, 2019 sees the return of Platform 15, which we believe will receive a new ending, Blair Witch, which will see the return of its full route, and The


Walking Dead duo of Living Nightmare and Do or Die.

Are you looking forward to this year's Fright Nights? What maze are you looking forward to most? Why not check out our forums and join the discussion like no other!

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